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Haki Information (One Piece)

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Haki Information (One Piece)

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:52 am


Haki is separated into three categories, or "colors": Kenbunshoku Haki, which grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and limited precognitive abilities; Busoshoku Haki, which allows the user to use their spirit as armor to defend against attacks or to make their own attacks more potent; and Haoshoku Haki, a rare type of Haki only one in a million can use which grants the user the ability to overpower the will of others. Most people who can use Haki tend to have a type they are better at and as a result focus on that type. However, a person can improve their abilities with all the types of Haki, it just requires more work. Furthermore, at least two types of Haki can also be used simultaneously.

Training Haki:
Basic: Unlocked at 50,000 Haki

Half Power: Unlocked at 60,000 Haki, 1,500wc to master.

Full power: Unlocked at 75,000 Haki 2,000wc to master.

[Yes you must do all of these for each Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku, and Haoshoku. Just because you have half power for Kenbunshoku does not mean you have it for Busoshoku. You must do all 3 separately.]

Achieving the Haki:
Kenbunshoku Haki: You must be 50,000 Haki to use Kenbunshoku Haki which you must do 1,500wc to achieve this, Once achieved you can dodge some attacks but if the person's speed is greater than your perception then you cannot dodge but can know its coming. Increases Speed and Perception by 10, decreases Stamina by -10 for 5 posts. 5 post cooldown after used. Can be used in conjunction with Busoshoku and Haoshoku.

There are more additions to this Haki that allow you to have special features to the base form of it. They may not offer massive boosts to your character much like the base stuff does but it offers useful things. Here they are:

- Emotion/Intent sensing: It is as this states, you can sense the emotion of those around you and even their intent. Like those in the series they were able to sense if someone was lying or even just plotting to kill people in cold blood. This will grant your character the ability to sense ahead a bit and prepare for either a battle or to let their guard down and just chill. No stat boosts and you cannot see any moves from your opponents if this ability is active. 800wc to learn this. Must have Half Power mastered to learn this ability.

- Future sight: This is basically something that was stated in the series by Charlotte Katakuri that if you train enough with Haki you can achieve this level. It basically grants the user the ability to see a move coming in the next post after the one that activates this ability. This ability works really well for those that have Devil fruits that allow intangibility like Logia type fruits and many others. This ability has a cooldown of 4 posts and can only be used a total of 3 times per battle. 1,500wc to learn this. Must have full power mastered to learn this ability.

Busoshoku Haki: can be learned at 50,000 Haki and do 1,500wc to learn this ability, once you learn this ability you will be able to touch Logia users without worry. Increases Strength/Energy and Stamina by 10, decreased Speed by -10 for 5 posts. 5 post cooldown after used. Can be used in conjuction with Kenbunshoku and Haoshoku.

- Busoshoku: Koka: This technique somehow uses Busoshoku Haki to harden the body (or parts of it) and objects which the user is holding. When a body, body part, or object is hardened, it becomes black and has the same or stronger effect than the invisible application of Color of Armaments. It is implied that Hardening is stronger than the invisible application as the characters who are able to use Hardening are not seen utilizing the invisible application. Increases Strength/Energy and Stamina by 20, decreased Speed by -15 for 8 posts. 6 post cooldown after used. Can be used in conjuction with Kenbunshoku and Haoshoku. Once you achieve this one the regular Busoshoku effects no longer take effect and this becomes the main form of the Haki. See Stages of Busoshoku for learning. Must have half power to master any stages at minimum.

Stages of Busoshoku Koka:

- Two limbs: This is the basic starter of the Busoshoku Koka, You can only cover 2 limbs at a time and if an opponent aims at the two that aren't covered then well good luck to ya. Once you mater this you can start working on getting everything covered. No special stat boost, 800wc to master.

- Weapons: Once you master the two limbs you can now begin extending this haki to your weapons. As Dracule Mihawk explained it to Roronoa Zoro when training him it basically coats the weapon preventing it from getting nicks and broken. Basically adding shields to your swords while allowing you to keep your slashing power. 800wc to master this, Boost to strength by 5 points when used. Can only last 3 posts.

- Full body: After some time training this haki you can now coat your entire body in it like Vergo did on Punk Hazard. With this you can basically become a one man army unless you try and fight someone stronger than you, then well you are dumb, but either way it will put you apart from the rest around you. Once master this you gain +10 to strength and stamina and -10 to speed. Yes this stacks with Busoshoku Koka but only lasts for half of Busoshoku Koka and has a cooldown that is double that of Busoshoku Koka. So basically lasts 4 posts and has a 12 post cooldown. 1,500wc to master.
Haoshoku Haki: you must take a randomized test to get this form but when you pass the test this ability will be marked incomplete and cannot be used properly until 50,000 Haki after training for 2,000wc. If you use this ability while it is incomplete it will affect allies and foes who ever has a Energy stat lower than your own. So careful using it until you master this ability. Once master this ability only affects foes who have a lower Energy stat than the user. Decreases opponents stats by -5. Opponents stats are decreased by a further -3 for each 5,000 gap in Power up to a total of -20. Lasts for 5 posts with a 5 post cooldown. E.G: Someone with 90,000 vs 65,000 would decreased their opponents stats by -20 while in use. Can be used in conjuction with Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku.
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