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One Piece 'Meito' Swords

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One Piece 'Meito' Swords

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:01 am

Meito Swords (One Piece):

These 'Meito' or Named Swords, are weapons that are sought after by many but only the greatest of swordsmen are capable of truly wielding their power. They are known for their strength, durability, sharpness, or sometimes being a moody little piece of work. One thing is a definite though, those who wield them either march to greatness, or die trying.

To acquire one of these majestic pieces of artwork requires 1,000 WC.


Current Owner:

Nothing is known about Kashu's capabilities, aside from it being one of the Ryo Wazamono grade swords.


Current Owner: Kirito Gekko

Yubashiri was an extremely light, strong, sword and Zoro remarked that it was a "nice katana" after seeing how easy it was to use. Its light weight allowed fast actions and reflexes, while maintaining its sharpness for cutting power.

Current Owner:

Yamaoroshi's capabilities are still unknown, but under Billy's usage, he boasted that he was able to chop through a killer whale with it.


Current Owner:

- Kiri Shigure: Tashigi swings her sword and cuts her enemy holding her Shigure with two hands over her back.

Sandai Kitetsu:

Current Owner: Kirito Gekko

Like all of the swords crafted by Kitetsu, this one is said to be cursed, and will supposedly bring a horrible death to all of its owners.

Sandai Kitetsu has a sharp edge, making it easier to use for cutting. When it was used by Zoro to test his luck against its curse, its previous owner tried to warn Zoro it would cut off his arm. When the blade passed by without harming Zoro, it cut deep into the floor point first, leaving only one fourth of the blade sticking out of the floor. However, Zoro has commented that the sword appears to have a mind of its own, mentioning that it seemed bloodthirsty, making it a "problem child". It can also be noted that Zoro can "feel" this sword's presence without even seeing it. He also felt that it was cursed from the moment he touched it.

Soul Solid:

Current Owner:

Not much is known about the quality of this sword itself, except that Brook mentioned the Longarm Tribe sharpened the sword.
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