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Shinobi Skill sets

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Shinobi Skill sets

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:12 pm

Shinobi Skill sets

This new system is basically gonna level the skill you have as a shinobi. This basically shows talents within certain fields of skill in the world of Naruto. Ranging from Hand signs, Shuriken Jutsu, Stealth, Tracking, and Medical jutsu. With each skill level you will be either ranked as complete trash at something or be godlike in that field. It all depends on how you create your characters and level them up in the role play.
Now how things are done shall be as follow:

Level Training:
Basically how you level up the skill is you do the wc listed and yes if it says 200wc it is 200wc per level.
Levels 1-3: 200wc
Levels 4-6: 300wc (Need to be Chunin for these levels)
Levels 7-9: 400wc (Need to be Jonin for these levels)
Level 10: 500wc

Here are details on each level of the skills so you can figure out how to gauge your characters as you progress in the world of Shinobi.

For this one it is going to be different for certain things. Here they are:
- Level 1-2: Basic hunting skills are learned at this point.

- Level 3: Tracking skills are enhanced to be able to track by foot prints.

- Level 4-6: Tracking skills are enhanced to make you into a pro tracker. This is the stepping stones to becoming the Captain of an Anbu Unit.

- Level 7: At this level you gain the proper amount of skill to become an Anbu Captain.

- Level 8-10: Basically just you improving your skills to the level of being a professional tracker. Basically the level of the best bounty hunter in the world.

Medical Ninja are the most important type of shinobi to each squad and in the villages as well. Here are the rank descriptions for each class:

- Level 1-2: Entry level into Medical tactics. You are not an official Medical Ninja yet and you can learn up to D-Rank Medical Ninjutsu.

- Level 3: You may register at the Hospitals to become a nurse there and become a back up Medical Ninja in the squads in the field. May learn C-Rank Medical Ninjutsu. (Genin Rank cannot go farther than this rank)

- Level 4-5: At this point you are a pretty good Doctor and serve a good purpose to each squad you are a part of. During these levels you may become an entry level Surgeon.

- Level 6: At this Level are can now serve as one of the head Doctors of the Hospitals and also be a leading Medical Ninja out in the field. May Learn B-Rank Medical Ninjutsu. (Chunin Rank cannot go farther than this rank)

- Level 7: Once reaching this level you can begin the master study of cures for poisons and creating your own style of Medical Ninjutsu if you wish to do so.

- Level 8: Upon Reaching this level you can match the medical power of the best Doctors in the world. May learn A-Rank Medical Ninjutsu.

- Level 9: You are basically one of the top medical ninja in your village now. Do remember that all knowledge is not obtained just by being high ranked. You must continue to grow in your skills to truly be the best. May Learn S-Rank Medical Ninjutsu.

- Level 10: You can now be considered on par with Tsunade the Sannin. With your medical skills you can now basically handle any situation and even be Head Medical Ninja of your village. May Learn Forbidden Medical Ninjutsu now.

Hand signs:
Hand signs are the bare basics of using Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and many more skills in the shinobi world. However not everyone is perfect at weaving the signs. May it be in the field or just sitting on the toilet practicing. So here is how we shall be ranking the skill with Hand signs.

- Rank 1-2: You are bare basic as if you were in the Academy. You can weave signs decently but not with much speed so you are slower at completing your jutsu. Keep working at it you might be able to get better at it.

- Rank 3: You have finally peaked at the level of a Genin. Most shinobi at this level tend to be able to match most Chunin at using ninjutsu in a timely manner. Hand signs are still readable but are able to be used at a much greater speed than before making counter for most difficult. (Genin Cap at this level)

- Rank 4-5: You are base level Chunin, essentially your hand sign speed is decent at this level and you are getting better at concealing it.

Rest to be added later

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