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Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure

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Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure Empty Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure

Post by Shinoji on Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:04 pm

After leaving the captain behind and taking the crew with him Shinoji finally made landfall on Sabaody Archipelago. It was here he was to get the ship coated and head down to the sea floor.

"Everyone prepare for landfall!"

Shinoji made this order quick and swift. The men scrambled to get the ship tied off to the island as Shinoji jumped to land. "Everyone remain here. I will continue into the island alone." The men remained silent as he made his way deeper into the island. The place was filled with bubbles coming up from the ground that rose to the top of the trees and would just pop. That made this land very strange to Shinoji as there was nothing like this where he was from. Magic reigned supreme in the land of Fiore where Shinoji was born. Everything to do with Captain Kirito's world was very strange.

Taking some steps up to a building that had ship coating written on a sign Shinoji stopped. Pausing for a short while he then spoke to the person at the counter.

"Hello can I please get a ship coated? I have money so do not worry." The man pulled down his news paper and looked at Shinoji. Without even asking another question he just stood up. "Very well, your ship will be finished as soon as possible. That will be forty thousand Belis please." Without even batting an eye and handed it to the man. Just as he was turning to leave to go shopping a rebellious man slammed open the door behind the old man. He smelled of booze and caught Shinoji's interest instantly. He had long dark hair and was wearing some kind of leather jacket with torn pants. This must have been the person Kirito was speaking about when he said recruit a coater. This guy seemed right for the job.

"Hey old man! Do we got a job or what?"

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Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure Empty Re: Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure

Post by Shinoji on Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:52 am

"You there speak your name?"

Both Shinoji and this person locked eyes for a short while. With either of them moving the old man stepped up and grabbed some gear.

"Let's go, Homaru. We have work to do."

Hearing the person's name Shinoji quickly jumped forward and looked directly at the person. Getting in close to Homaru, Shinoji asked the question.

"Homaru, join the pirate crew im part of. Our Captain Kirito Gekko will be looking forward to meeting you especially since you are a ship coater."

The old man just looked over at Shinoji with a snear. "He will not be joining you pirates. I said I am willing to coat your ship but that is as far as that goes. After that is done you will be on your way without Hamaru." Just out of no where Hamaru punched the old man straight between the eyes and sent him flying into the wall. Standing there with a blank expression on his face he then looked over at Shinoji. "I will get the ship coated and then we will set sail with the equipment as well. I hated that old man so much. I am accepting your offer so long as I can do what ever I want in my down time."

Shinoji just nodded at him. Hamaru just grinned and grabbed all of the equipment and went off to get to work. This left Shinoji alone to do something to pass the time. Getting ready to leave some figure appeared in front of Shinoji with a mark on their forehead. It was the mark of Fairy Tail, the guild Shinoji belonged to before joining Motion 66.

"Good to see you Shinoji, It is time to take your exam."

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Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure Empty Re: Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure

Post by Shinoji on Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:21 pm

"Exam, what do you mean?"

Shinoji turned to face the man with little hesitation. Activating his thunder god magic, black lightning began to spark on Shinoji's hands. The man laughed then held both his hands out at him.

"Your S-class mage exam of course. You have been selected as part of Fairy Tail to take part."

Building up more lightning around his hands Shinoji got a stern tone to him. "Leave now, I have no intention on being on the radar. I am part of the Motion 66 pirates and you will not change that!"

"I refuse." The man stood there and had some fire sparks appear around him. He looked serious as he pulled his cloak off and flames emerged around him. "If you wish to live, I suggest you fight me seriously. If you fail, I will kill you." He then threw a punch with fire all over it that then turned into a flamethrower.

"Very well, it is your death wish." Jumping into the air and fully charging his lightning Shinoji charged in full speed and went to throw a punch. The stranger then ducked and punched Shinoji directly in the rib cage. The punch sent Shinoji flying for several yards into a giant tree. Struggling to pull himself out of the tree, Shinoji just looked at the guy with an annoyed look on his face. "Now I am angry." Pulling himself free Shinoji transformed into his demon form and charged in full speed and punched the ground in front of the guy which caused the ground to crumble. Lifting his fist near the guy, Shinoji said a few words to him before sending him flying. "Never come around me or Motion 66 ever again!" Finally throwing the punch the guy went flying out into the ocean and disappeared below the waves. Reverting back to his normal form Shinoji began to walk away before the ground began to rumble below his feet. Looking down, it looked as if the land itself was on fire.

Jumping back Shinoji took on his demon form once again to see the guy reappear through the fire in the ground covered in water. "You really are a pest you know that? You never even said your name and yet you want to give me a test. Get over yourself and leave." The guy refused to leave and only got a serious look on his face. "Just give up Shinoji, I admit you are decently strong. Much like those mages of the past. But they are long since dead and gone. Your strength is that of the relics! Just disappear like they did!" Feeling the guy was going to launch an attack Shinoji decided to attack first with both clashing in the center. Both of their powers pushing the other back.

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Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure Empty Re: Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure

Post by Shinoji on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:18 am

The shock wave shook the whole area and even began to destroy the island. Both of them jumped back and stood there facing each other.

"What does the guild want from me? I defected a while ago to explore the world. Now I am a pirate, what more would you want from me?" Shinoji began to get shaky on his feet as he had used up a lot of his power at this point. Seeing this as a weakness, the guy lunged in at Shinoji and threw a punch. Being hit directly under the chin, Shinoji was sent back a little ways almost into the ocean. Grabbing onto a root really fast Shinoji was able to save himself. "It is not a matter of what they want from you. Its a matter of making you strong and use your name to make us stronger!" The guy then got close to Shinoji and began to charge his fire spells to launch an attack.

"I am not your tool!" Shinoji then charged up his lightning and launched a large black and yellow electric ball that hit the guy full force and sent him into a tree. The tree then broke at the roots and fell over. The whole island shoot and began to creak under Shinoji. Clenching his fist at the guy, Shinoji stood firm. "I am the first mate of the Motion 66 Pirates, don't you dare even think for a second that you can use me as your tool! I will kill every last one of you!"

Just then a small spark of a fire came at Shinoji, who just reflected it away from him with just one hand. The guy then poked his head out from the tree but was badly hurt at this point and could barely move without puking out blood. "Who would have thought that the traitor would have learned Lightning God Slayer Magic. Either way Fairy Tail shall live on without having to do anything!" Shinoji just charged up his Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon to fire it at the guy. Noticing the charging attack, the guy just sat there in a give up type of position. "Go ahead, fry me up if you want. Either way our Guild will live!" The guy then lifted his hand in the air and formed a backwards "L" with his fingers and held that position. Feeling no remorse Shinoji fired his cannon at the guy and completely destroyed his existence. The only thing left of him was a blood stain on the tree.

Grabbing his ribs on the right side Shinoji struggled to stay on his feet. That guy was rather strong despite being someone from the guild. Shinoji had left that life behind including the guild and members. Either way it was a problem that they knew he was still alive and this strong. Struggling to make his way to the ship, Shinoji slammed himself onto the decks. The crew members ran to his aid quickly and began to perform first aid treatment.

After several minutes the first aid treatment was done and Shinoji's cuts and damaged bones were now back in place and bandaged. The ship had finished being coated and started to make its way below the waves for the first time. Their course was set for Fishman island where Shinoji's first mission was given. All of the men carried themselves around without even being issued a single order as some stayed near Shinoji and kept a close eye on him.

Soon Hamaru walked up to the crew members gathered around Shinoji and couldn't help but look curious. "Is everyone in your crew this powerful or is it just him?" Everyone shook their heads, some even smiled. One of them finally stood up and spoke to Hamaru. "No way, there is only one other person in this crew who can fight Shinoji and even defeat him, that's our captain, Kirito Gekko." Everyone cheered when Kirito's name was brought up. He was their symbol of peace and was soon to be their leader in the new world order. Shinoji just laid there asleep, he had used up his magic, for now.

It wouldn't be long now until everyone reached Fishman Island. However they needed Shinoji to recover before they made land fall. He was the one to make the deal with the island folk to try and take on the island as a territory. No one panicked, nor said a word. They were however worried if Shinoji would wake up in time.

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Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure Empty Re: Following Captain's Orders, Shinoji's Adventure

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