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Kumokagure Academy Arc - This is my Ninja Way

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Kumokagure Academy Arc - This is my Ninja Way

Post by ChaosKaiz on Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:57 am

000 | Head in the Clouds - Flashback Sequence
"Keep moving forward...

3 Days before the Academy Entrance Exams
Elevation brings air too thin for many people to handle, but in the Village Hidden in the Clouds it is a breath of delightful fresh air. The denizens of Kumogakure, a village place high in the mountains within the Land of Lightning. A flash of light is seen in the nearby distance from the village followed by the sharp crack of lightning snapping like a whip in the thin air. This was part of the life living in this country, a beautiful collision of destructive nature and graceful construction developed naturally by the mountains. More so, this is where great Shinobi are developed and the chance for Regashi has arrived to make his attempt to join the academy - again.
"Toku." The strong stern, but yet gentle, voice of Rosuto falls on the ears of a snoring Regashi who laid in what could only be assumed as an unbelievably uncomfortable manner. Rosuto Hyuga, father of the roaring beast in the bed and a self-exiled member of the Village Hidden in the Leaf, Konohagakure - moreover a wanted individual of the Hyuga Clan he escaped from (although they would claim he abandoned them). He held a blank stare at his son, although it is important to understand that his blank stare was a feature of his unique pale lavender eyes with but the slightest detail of what might have been iris. Though, Rosuto was not one to show emotion on his face in most moments throughout his life. 
Still he remained patient for almost ten seconds as he listened to the beast continue to create inhumane noises before speaking once more with volume and authority, "Toku." These words came with a slight burst of his Chakra, which was enough to disturb Regashi who launched himself up and locked eyes with his father, a small difference in their eyes being that Regashi had more color saturation having a more solid lavender eye color. There was a moment where silence was the only thing that remained between them as Rosuto prepared for his son to rise out of bed. 
Though that was not the case, as Regashi would simply deliver a smile, fall back, and allow but a few seconds to pass before he would unleash another burst of snoring. Perhaps not even three seconds went by before the obvious vein on the temple of Rosuto would pulse rapidly giving the only obvious sign of him being bothered by the events that transpired. Slowly he would lift up from the bed and turn to face the entrance to his room, "Toku..." His words came with a whisper, and drawn out slowly from his lips before a sharp turn on the heel of his left foot and gracefully pressed his right index in the rib cage of Regashi between the second and third rib. 
It would be a light tap, but the technique used in that moment cause Regashi to go into a coughing fit before leaping up in a panic as his eyes darted quickly around the room before laying his eyes on his father who was resetting his stance to a neutral posture. There was the obvious look of annoyance on the face of Regashi, but it was that moment that he was able to recall why his father was so aggressive in attempting to wake him up.
“Oh yeah!” Regashi quickly shouted as he launched himself from the bed, an excited young nine year old rushing to get ready for the day. His father would simply nod, not towards him specifically but still providing the approval for finally having Regashi prepare for the day as he desired.
With that taken care of, Rosuto would make his way out of the room even out of the house leaving Regashi to gather his items. In a few days Regashi was going to attempt to join the Shinobi Academy for the Village Hidden in the Clouds for the second time in as many years and the entrance exams were but a few days away. Today, he was going to train with his father to further develop his Chakra control in order set up the base line for the rest of his training.
The reason that he was unable to join the previous year was for the fact that he could manage not even an ounce of chakra control, which means that he was not fit to be a Ninja as they suggested he attempt to attend the traditional academy and work towards becoming a standard citizen of the Village. That did not sit well with Regashi who was known for his pride, even at a young age, and promised that he would come back the following Entrance Exams better than everyone.
It has been an entire year of training endlessly on harnessing his body and mind, which was impressive for such a young individual to some people but for the Shinobi, this was a standard that must be met. So once he gathered his training equipment into his bag, he made his way out of his room. As he left through the main living area, he took note that his mother was not home which meant that she probably had yet to arrive from her mission which added to the fact that his father was going to train him today.

Regashi rushed out of his house and took a moment to enjoy the view that was the Village Hidden in the Clouds, notably for the fact that the village was so high in the mountains that clouds would congregate and migrate through the village that was actually constructed into the mountains themselves. The slightly damp floors created by the moisture of the clouds that created a gentle fog and at time brought light showers.
He ran his hand through his short blonde like hair for a moment as he pulled out his black headband from his pocket with his right hand. Quickly he would fix it to his head, a place holder for when he finally receives his actual head guard from the Academy. He took a moment to stretch by performing a few squats enjoying the comfortable fitted pants with the drop crotch.
A few steps got him in a good stride as he felt the ground touch his bare feet as his skin tight long sleeve shirt kept him warm with the cool air. Quickly the gentle stride evolved into a heavy run and eventually gathered into a rapid sprint through the mountain valley as he would pass by the people departing their homes for the morning routines.
His movements were smooth as he continued to flow through the traffic of the village before he realized that he made it to the carved clearing towards the edge of the village perimeter. The problem was that he was so focused on the run that his destination kind of escaped him as he collided with one of the wooden constructs in the area with a hard smack.
“Holy!” Was all he could manage as he held his hand up to his face feeling some of the blood flow from his nose, a feeling he was not prepared to deal with at this time. Still, it was his fault for not paying attention which was one of his many attributed flaws. At least that is what other people would tell him, but even with the evidence literally falling into his hands that was not something that he would agree with.
He took a moment to sit on the floor and reach into his bag to get some bandages and attempt to stop the bleeding, thinking back to what his mother had taught him but all he could think of was to cram some of his bandages up his nose and call it complete.
After doing just that, he left his bag on the ground and lifted himself from the ground with that same childlike enthusiastic smile. He scanned the area and noticed the lone individual that was standing but a few yards off to his side and recognized his father based on his attire and ran up to him.
“Father!” He shouted as he made his approach to his father, unsure of how the day was supposed to go because any training session with his father always ended up with him feeling exhausted, bruised, and honestly a bit agitated but all the same excited about the results that is made from the experience even though his mother has had to be the medic a few times.
His mother was not always too fond of having to help patch up her son because it meant that Rosuto went a little aggressive with his training, but Regashi would always have a smile full of pride after a session of intense and rigorous training and the hope would be that today would be the same.
Regashi started to approach his father with a wide smile on face, the childish enthusiasm obvious to see literally radiating from him. Rosuto slowly rotated to face his sun and was met with a sight that threw him off. His eyes, now showing a strange detail to the features and veins throbbing around his eyes due to the amount of focus that is required to use his Dojutsu, observed the chakra that he always seen inside of his son.
Though now it was different, because in all of his observations of his son there would be nothing more than a glowing white flame that would be settling within his chest that would occasionally expand attempting to expand. Now he would see a black flame consuming his body and as he pulled back on his vision there would be a noticeable heat wave emanating from his body. ‘How… How is this possible?
Regashi held that smile as he entered a combat stance, “So, father…” Slowly his stance would shift as he lowered his posture allowing his body to flow gently into the form. This was the stance for Baguazhang, less of a combat focus as much as it is a personal focus that can translate into many other forms martial arts. This is a form of movement taught by his father in his attempt to learn the Gentle Fist of the Hyuga clan using the stories that he heard. “Shall we proceed?”
Still, it was incomplete for him to utilize in the more experienced forms in order to use the full effects on the Tenken but one can still use it to impact muscles and nerves when done properly. This was due to the lessons that both Regashi and Rosuto shared with Eko, Regashi’s mother. Her understanding of Medical Ninjutsu, which included extensive studies of human anatomy, lead to an efficient copy of the Hiden of the Hyuga clan.
Rosuto decided to push the darker chakra color out of his mind for the moment, assuming that perhaps his own personal exhaustion could be causing his eyes to strain. “Right.” There was a slight hesitation in his words as he realized that he was transfixed on the Chakra and proceeded to remove a ball from his pocket. It was just large enough to fit into the palm of his hand without too much difficulty.
“First, form.” He stated plainly as he tossed the ball towards Regshi who kept his eye on it. This was a standard test that he had gone through with his father, the base for his Taijutsu training that he would explore further once he entered the academy. Granted, out of all of the skills that the Academy would develop it would be Taijutsu that stood as his strongest innate talent.
As the ball come into his immediate range, Regashi would shift his position clockwise rotating around the ball while inclosing it and extending his lower hand as the ball would touch the back of his extended fingers. He would arch his hand, arm, and body to allow the ball to roll along his arm and move in such a way to allow the ball to roll along his shoulders, back, and along to his other arm. His movements were meant to flow gently and smooth to ensure that the ball would roll unimpeded and maintain contact with his body while never stopping.
This was the best way to condition the form of Baguazhang, and after several minutes of doing this Regashi started to feel the muscle fatigue of his upper body keeping such a focused posture for an extended period of time coupled with the constant motion.
It was when Regashi started to feel the strain in his body that Rosuto would proceed to perform several hand signs, “Earth Style: Earth Totem Jutsu!” With those words multiple columns of earth would rise from the ground around Regashi with small rods sticking out from them. “Now Forward.”
This is where the deviation from the Gentle Fist starts, but also were both Rosuto’s developed style and Regashi’s developing style begin to diverge. Rosuto remembers using his circular movements and removing him from the center instead focusing on a new target placing them on the center. This would allow him to create a perimeter to attack from multiple angles rapidly.
Instead, Regashi maintained the idea of keeping himself at the core and pushing forward to a new target so that they are both contained in the center. This close quarters allowed him to utilize the Eight Point combat style of Muy Thai in conjunction with the counter style developed by Wing Chun. Each target eliminated would allow him to use Baguazhang to alter his position and prepare for a new target before. “Forward.”
Regashi repeated to himself each time that he would perform the forward burst movement on the next target using his lower body while focusing on keeping the ball on the roll and rotation along his upper body. This would develop his defensive upper body technique from a distance with Baguazhang. “Release.” Rosuto shouted the words meaning that Regashi could allow the ball to drop and go full force on the totems.
Each time he rushed a new target he had access to his upper body and was capable of quick short burst combos using the full Eight Points before resetting once more. Wing Chun and Baguazhang allowed a perfect defense from any physical confrontation while his Muy Thai allowed a devastating assault when necessary. A combination of an elevation change style of combat.
“Maintain the transition from High to Low and flow properly from one to the other without losing the base form.” Rosuto spoke out to his son, coaching him on the most effective way to perform the movements. It may not be his preferred style to do things, but he knew that his Gentle Fist was an amateur imitation at best and would be open to reinterpretation.
Regashi would come close to each totem, strike each of the extended rods as fast as possible with more than half force, and proceeded to the next one that he decided to target. This was training him to be efficient at handling multiple targets in a focused area. “Earth Style: Shifting Sands.”
With that, Rosuto caused the base where each of the Totems stood to turn soft like sand so that they could move around freely. Now he was attempting to focus on altering the ranges that targets would be at and even have some close in while others would retreat back, create a focus of priority when engaging in combat.
The totems become harder to manage the constant attack upon as Regashi’s limbs become sore from striking stone with his hands, feet, knees, elbows, shins, and forearms. Still he persisted even though he could feel skin breaking with every strike and the warmth of blood flowing from his impacts being chilled by the cold air.
“Earth Style: Living Stone” Suddenly all of the totems rushed towards a singular location and began to mold together becoming a larger Golem made of stone. The large fragment of stone was generated with minimal Chakra meant to be at the match of Regashi at his current level.
The golem launched forward attempting to smash down on Regashi, who used the size of the hand to create a focus as he moved out of the way. The moment that the fist made contact with the ground, he launched forward engaging with a few strikes before leaping up on the arm to run up the length of the arm.
His movements were quick as he leaped forward towards the head of the Golem, “The boy truly thinks that a single strike could defeat an enemy so easily.” Rosuto watched as Regashi performed a front flip in order to do an axe kick with increased momentum, and it was in that moment that he saw that heat wave generate from the body of Regashi. Immediately he used his Byakugan and saw the black flame of chakra generate from the core of his body, but this time it was clearer and the flame was more of a ball of electricity preparing to burst.
"Forward!" In a burst of speed and power Regashi connected the heel of his foot with the head of the golem and for a moment Rosuto watched as a strange field of static was generated and watched as it actually consumed some of the Chakra that was in the Golem weakening the stone and the power that held it together so that the axe kick was enough to shatter the bonds causing the golem to explode.
The dust was thin but enough to obscure Regashi from standard view, but Rosuto could see the static coming from Regashi who immediately fell over, probably from exhaustion due to the over exertion. “His Chakra is almost as if it is alive… A being with an actual hunger to consume the Chakra within others…” Rosuto spoke as approached his son only to be interupted by the roar of the slumbering child.
Rosuto could not resist releasing a soft chuckle.
Word Count: 3,030
Achieved Tormenting Chakra Mastery - Overwhelming Aura | 3k Word Count

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Re: Kumokagure Academy Arc - This is my Ninja Way

Post by ChaosKaiz on Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:09 am

001 | Departing from Dawn – Flashback Sequence
Never lose your focus…
3 Days before the Academy Entrance Exams
Rosuto took the time to squat down next to his son and check on him, seeing the bruises that were on his body. "You push yourself so hard, being so young and being determined to push your limits..." He could not help but smile at the thought as he spoke to his exhausted son, "You remind me of tales of the Shinobi during the Third Shinobi World War..." Slowly he would lift his son into his arms and attempt to elevate himself gently to allow his son to take the time to recover, sensing the amount of Chakra that was exerted by the small child showing that there was great potential for the next generation Hokori and the criminal child of the Hyuga Clan. "If only you would focus on improving your motivations."

Once in his father's arms, Regashi would start to stir and open his eyes to look at his father. Regashi always admired the calm expression that his father held, but at the same time there was always the concern brought on by the deeper feeling of the pressures brought on by the world. Regashi has been lucky enough to be living after the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi World were the Allied Shinobi Forces defeated the Akatsuki and successfully sealed away the Ten Tails. "Father..." The tales of how Rosuto and Eko, his mother, were involved in what was a deciding war for the future of the world itself. The rogue Hyuga and the Village Hidden in the Clouds lost legacy teaming up. 

"Rest my son." Rosuto responded. 

His gaze did not falter from in front of him as he continued to walk although aware of the pressing statement that his son was potentially dying to speak. Regashi needed to rest and recover before they would be able to resume and almost as if his thoughts became words on a page to be read, Regashi spoke up, "We need to push forward." The words sincerely caught Rosuto off guard who actually finally ceased walking and turned his eyes towards his son in his arms who held a wide grin on his face. Regashi took the moment to free himself from the grasp of his father and land on the ground, although with a bit of a struggle. The adrenaline from the training earlier seems to have finally faded from his system forcing him to both feel and acknowledge the amount of pain that he was in. "Once we have made the decision to begin-"

"We must keep moving forward." Each of them completed the statement at the same time, one of the phrases they have developed from their time training together. A promise to never allow themselves to slow down from achieving progress due to any inconvenience. It was more a promise that Regashi forced Rosuto to make so that his father would never consider easing on training because of the challenge that it presented. This was the difficulty that he want, the chance to see what he was capable of and how he could exceed those limits breaking into new expectations. 

"Yes, I am aware of the promise but-"

"But nothing father." Regashi spoke with a tone sharper than he had all day, still with the charming child like energy and smile that he held throughout the day. This was that strange type of optimism that he had in most situations, the ability to determine the light of any given moment and force it to be the fore focus for those that were around him. "As we keep moving forward-"

"We must never lose focus." Again, as Rosuto was fully aware of the mantra developed between the two of them it was synchronized showing that they were both on the same page at this point. There was that hidden look of concern through the stoic expression that Regashi could always see on his father's face especially when he focused using his Dojutsu. 

Though there would not be a moment for them to push further as one of the Jounin of the Village appeared next to Rosuto, almost out of thin air. Though the only way that Regashi was able to realize the rank of the Shinobi that appeared before him was the unique mask that the individual wore. This white mask of a feline with black whisker marks and golden designs upon it revealed that they were part of the revived Kinkaku force. This was a group of special Shinobi for the Village that were meant to handle delicate and dangerous tasks but, from what his father informed him, secret duties. 

The fact that this Shinobi stood next to his father, Regashi knew that once more he would have to watch his father leave him. Regashi stood bothered by the fact that the Kinkaku member kept his mask on, because it meant that he would be unable to read his lips and determine the information being provided and his father reverting to his stoic nature did not help provide any context clues. 

After a few moments had transpired, both the Kinkaku Shinobi and Rosuto nodded to one another before turning their attention to Regashi as the Kinkaku Shinobi motioned towards him. Rosuto slowly approached the small distance and would kneel next to his son, but before he could speak Regashi decided to voice his acknowledgement, "I understand father." He held a smile as he spoke that, fully aware that his father was being called away for another delicate task that required his special skill set. "Mother too?" Regashi added, sure of the answer. 

Rosuto would gently nod, "Yes, your mother has already been dispatched but we both shall return before dusk tomorrow." Regashi would respond with a soft nod and a gentle smile.

"I will be fine father." Regashi let out a small laugh, "Now go. The Village needs you." He placed his hand on the shoulder of his father patting him lightly, "So keep moving forward.

Rosuto could not help but laugh at the way his son was acting, "You know, you are a delightful child." They would share in a moment of light laughter before Rosuto stood up and began to walk away, "Never lose focus." He said with a smile before he seemingly vanished, moving at a speed faster than Regashi could register.

There Regashi stood by himself and decidedly took the time to consider what he was going to do, seeing that he would not see his parents until at least tomorrow and potentially not until tomorrow night. It was not too often that both of his parents would be away on missions, but them both being members of the Kinkaku force for the Village Hidden in the Clouds meant that they were necessary to complete special tasks being unique in their abilities. Regashi knew, in the depth of his bones, that he would one day join the ranks of the Kinkaku force and even surpass both his mother and his father in the unique skills they have passed on through to him. 

Though now that his father was not around, Regashi found himself having trouble maintaining the fact that he was not bothered by the injuries that he sustained during the training session. His body was not holding up too well and he was sure that his father noticed it, so he decided that he would make his way home with most of the day completed. Slowly he made his way home prepared to rest and repeat again on his road to Kinkaku.

"Keep moving forward... Never lose focus..."
Word Count: 1,308
Total Word Count: 4,338
1.308 / 7,700 Words for Mastered Range of Vision – Byakugan Stage 1
160 / 800 Meters of Vision

Race : Human (Ninja)
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Strength : 5
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