Find the Nine Tails, Powerhouse of the Hidden Leaf

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Find the Nine Tails, Powerhouse of the Hidden Leaf

Post by Koga Senju on Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:19 am

As we had made some ground away from the Hidden Leaf, we all decided to sit down and stop for a break. The journey has taken us about half a day at least and now we are in the mountain regions of the Land of Fire. Even though they had traveled a long way, they had yet to see Kurama or hear of him.

"Shikahara, are you sure we have the right intel? We have been traveling for a whole day already." I just looked the other way as if I kinda wanted to know as well without saying it. However Shikahara just pulled out a scroll and began to read it and then looked at Risa. "The data here states that Kurama preferred mountain regions. It is also the same region Madara Uchiha found him to attack the First Hokage. However, since that day Kurama remained sealed in a jinchuuriki until Naruto Uzumaki vanished." The last part was what caught my ear's interest and got me involved. "Is it true that they are considered dead at this point? I mean they just went poof, right? Not even a corpse was found." Risa just looked shocked at this information as if she didn't like hearing it. However it needed to be said between Shikahara and myself. He remained calm and then took a deep breath. "Yes, they are all considered dead. Kurama being sighted without Naruto is proof of this as Kurama would be sealed within him if he was still alive. Since he is reborn without Naruto, we must now confirm, that everyone is dead." This was a lot to take in at this time however I sucked it up and kept calm. This also meant the Uchiha clan was completely gone now, as far as we knew. An art of jutsu lost forever unless they were able to have their DNA cloned, it would be impossible for a Sharingan to appear again. Despite the shock to this Shikahara spoke once again. "However, if we were able to reunite the other villages again, we might be able to find out what had caused this." Risa just looked away with tears in her eyes over everyone's death. She placed her face into my chest as I just placed my hand on her head and held her. "So tell me, Shikahara, how can we possibly find out what had happened? It's not like we can talk to the dead." He just looked away and did not answer. There was a way and Shikahara knew it but didn't want to tell it to Risa or myself. Especially since he knew I would strongly oppose it. "Either way we have to keep going. We can't afford to stop here." Risa sat up and wiped the tears from her face and picked up her bag. I just sat there for a moment longer before doing the same.

The journey continued on, however everyone was now more quiet than before. No one had anything to say after the news was broke. I couldn't help but wonder what Shikahara was thinking about. There was something I did not know about and I had to find out. Perhaps I could find out after I get Kurama to team up with me and I could find the answers for myself. It was a matter of finding Kurama first.

Sometime had passed while we were walking and the sun began to set. Without saying a word we all just stopped at the same time and began to set up camp. This silence was since I suspected Shikahara of something dark and Risa was just too hurt to talk. When Shikahara walked off to get water for dinner, Risa then began to talk for the first time but her voice seemed raspy from crying so much. "Koga, can we catch the guy who caused them to die and get justice? I mean they just died without even a fight. It's not fair for that to happen. Please promise me when you become Hokage, you must find out who did this." She then wrapped her arms around me and I did the same to her. Hearing those words, I knew she felt the same as Shikahara and was willing to go to the ends of the earth to stop who ever did this. I knew that even if it was evil I had to do it to find out. "I promise, Risa. I will deal with them myself." Clenching my fist I knew this was gonna go against my morals but in the end it was to protect everyone in the world. Shikahara then returned from getting water and Risa began to prepare the food. After a short while of thinking about it I just stand up and I walk away a little before signaling to Shikahara. He followed me for a short while before we stopped at a large cave. I looked him dead in the eye and began to prod him for what he knew. "Tell me Shikahara, what is the way you have to talk to the dead. And be honest with me! I want to know how dark it is before I even consider it. However if it is our only way then I will go along with it." Shikahara then stood there surprised then looked away for a minute. Closing his eyes and sighing before speaking, it was made evident he was a Nara. "How did I know this was going to turn into a drag. Fine, I'll tell you. Just don't blame me when you don't like it. There is a jutsu from the past that was developed by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju." My eyes got wide as my great great grandfather was brought up into this and I just knew what it was. "No need to say anymore, Shikahara." He then got a confused look on his face. He then proceeded anyway as he had to finish what his theory was. "Either way, the jutsu he developed is our key. All we need his DNA of either Naruto Uzumaki or Sasuke Uchiha. If we summon one of them back then we can get answers. However it will come at the cost of a live person." I then clench my fist and just threw my arm into the air. I was frustrated at the thought my grandfather's jutsu was going to be used. Especially after its role in the Fourth Great Ninja War. However I knew it was the more humane type of jutsu to use compared to the many out there. "Fine, we will use that jutsu. However, I will be the one to cast the jutsu and it must wait until I am Hokage. This way I can find a proper candidate to serve as the sacrifice. No need to start civil war for kidnapping someone. It will be one of my first acts as Hokage!"

Just then a loud breathing noise emerged from the cave with a loud growl. Just then a blinding red light began to appear from within the cave. Both Shikahara and myself jumped back to get some distance. The pressure coming out of that cave was so great, it was almost overwhelming. Just then two large hands appeared from within the cave with large claws on them. Then large red eyes began to appear from within the cave. "Just who dares to interrupt slumber! I will kill you for waking me up from my one hundred year slumber!" It then came out of the cave with a loud bang and nine tails then appeared from inside the cave. We knew from the number of tails and the fact it was a fox it was Kurama. I then decided to try and use reason to get Kurama to come with us. "Kurama! I am Koga Senju, I am from the Hidden Leaf Village. I came to find you, we need your help more than ever! As you know Naruto Uzumaki is dead! We need your strength so we can secure not only the Hidden Leaf but also the shinobi world! So please come with us!" Kurama then turned his attention to me without any hesitation he then laughed. "Ya know, I might have liked that kid and all but I also enjoy my freedom as well! You want me to help the Hidden Leaf once again? Then try and seal me with all of your strength and prove you are worthy of having my help in the first place!" Just then Kurama tried to launch an attack as Shikahara then used his shadow possession jutsu to stop Kurama.

This jutsu was easily broken and Shikahara was thrown a few feet away. Quickly realizing that I couldn't beat Kurama like this I had to level the playing field a little, no matter how much it was. Biting my thumb, I then swiped the blood on my other hand and began to form some hand signs. Quickly planting my hand onto the ground I then yelled out the name of the jutsu, "Summoning Jutsu!" Then a large toad then appeared under my feet and I was standing on top of its head. It was a silent toad as it was very shy, however I knew it was strong. "Kurama, you best keep your focus on me. I am the one who seeks your power. Not them. Let's us fight until I seal you away inside of me!" The toad then lunged at Kurama and managed to hold him back while I made some hand signs. "Both of you are no match against Kurama, so please stay back and safe! Earth Style; Earth Wall!" Then some walls appeared around Shikahara and Risa. Knowing when they both were safe I turned my full attention to Kurama. Who in turn locked eyes with me and we both knew this was going to be a good fight. The toad then pinned Kurama down and began to form some chakra. I knew it was a water style so I formed my own chakra and launched Water Style: Water Shockwave. The water jutsus both combined and hit Kurama hard causing him to flinch in pain. As I then formed some hand signs for another jutsu. "Sorry Kurama, I am not like Naruto who can use the Rasengan, yet. But I do know a jutsu that you will remember." I then activated Chidori in my right hand and then launched it from my hand at Kurama which caused a large shock of electricity to appear causing Kurama to scream out in pain as I then Pinned him down with the toad. "Sorry, I had to get a little rough. However, we needed you more than anything. I couldn't allow myself to fail here. Hope you understand."

I then jumped down from the toad, who in turn went back to his world, and landed on Kurama's chest. It was now time to launch the sealing jutsu. Forming the hand signs I then placed my hand on Kurama and the sealing jutsu then began to activate and Kurama was pulled inside of me. Just before he fully vanished, he let out a short laugh and then spoke one last time. "Congratulations kid, you have proven your worth and resolve to me! Fine, I'll work with you. However you must earn my power. We shall speak some more inside your mind." Kurama then vanished and a symbol then appeared on my stomach. I then began to gasp for air as I had used everything I had and was now out of breath. This was no easy task, no matter how it looked to everyone around. Kurama did put up a good fight without doing so. It was as if he was testing me after all. It did seem too easy since he was known as a powerful beast of chakra. I then close my eyes and focus on my inner mind to try and find Kurama, I needed answers as to what just happened. Appearing inside a world with water on the ground I then look around and saw Kurama sitting there looking at me.

"So I see you figured it out already? Didn't take you long. You are definitely brighter than Naruto in the thinking department. So What do you want to know, kid?"

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