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Magic, the Fundamentals

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Magic, the Fundamentals Empty Magic, the Fundamentals

Post by Nanaomi Sugowara on Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:14 pm

Magic is something that permeates all of existence. It does not hold bias towards any race, blood, nor abilities. It is, a fundamental aspect of life. Not everyone will realize, or even want to touch this aspect. But it is open to every living creature in the Multiverse.


Protections are passive spells which a person can complete a quest to achieve.

Intermediate Protections

The Divine Protection of Shinigami (死神の加護 Shinigami no Kago, "Divine Protection of Death God") was formerly used by Thearesia van Astrea. Slashes imbued with the Divine Protection's power leave wounds that are unable to be healed. The power of the Divine Protection increases the closer they are to the target, and the user can even reopen wounds others have if they are close enough and were originally inflicted by them.

The Divine Protection of Earth Spirits (地霊の加護 Chirei no Kago) is used by Garfiel Tinsel. As long as the user has their feet on the ground, their body is covered in a tough guard of earth. The user can cause the earth to cave in with a single step, reduce the effects of Earth Magic, and accelerate the recovery of wounds and stamina.

The Divine Protection of Arrow Evasion (矢避けの加護 Yayoke no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. It makes thrown weapons such as knives change their trajectory, effectively making it impossible for them to hit the user.

The Divine Protection of First Sight (初見の加護 Hatsumi no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. It enables the user to dodge attacks that they experience for the first time including ambushes and surprise attacks.

The Divine Protection of Advent (再臨の加護 Sairin no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. It enables the user to dodge attacks that that they experience twice or more including ambushes and surprise attacks.

The Divine Protection of Phoenix (不死鳥の加護 Fushichō no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. It enables the user to come back to life immediately only once if they die.

Basic Protections

The Divine Protection of Clairvoyance (千里眼の加護 Senrigan no Kago) is used by Ram. It enables the user to synchronize with the vision of those who have the same wavelength, allowing them to see off into the distance. Although the user is unable to defend themselves while using it, it allows the user to continuously switch between people, making the user actually able to see past one thousand ri. However, the side effect of the Divine Protection causes the user's veins to become prominent, bleed tears of blood from one eye, and legs to shake uncontrollably.

The Divine Protection of Salt Reasoning (塩の理の加護 Shio no Ri no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. It enables the user to never mistake salt with sugar.

The Divine Protection of Evaluation (目利きの加護 Mekiki no Kago) is used by Russell Fellow. It enables the user to determine if an item is of good or bad quality, and if the item is in front of them, they can evaluate its condition and quality with perfect accuracy. However, if the user is evaluating an item they've never seen before, they only know if its of good or bad quality, and gain no knowledge of how it's used or how much it's worth.

The Divine Protection of Sword Saint (剣聖の加護 Kensei no Kago) was formerly used by Reid Astrea, Fribal van Astrea, and Thearesia van Astrea and currently used by Reinhard van Astrea. Whoever holds this Divine Protection becomes the Sword Saint and inherits its powers. Unlike the other Divine Protection, this one is passed down from user to user, and the inheritor doesn't need to be near the holder when it is transferred.

Enhancement Protections

The Divine Protection of Wind Indication (風見の加護 Kazami no Kago) is used by Crusch Karsten. It enables her to read the wind and to see invisible things just like the wind. Crusch can also use it to read the situation of others' emotions, making her able to tell if someone has lied.

The Divine Protection of Wind Evasion (風避けの加護 Kazeyoke no Kago) is used by Earth Dragons such as Patrasche. It enables them to be unaffected by the wind and not encounter any wind resistance while running. The effect also applies to the Dragon Carriage that they pull. After activation, there is a cool down period before the user can use it again.

The Divine Protection of Sorcery (魔導の加護 Madō no Kago) is used by Roswaal L Mathers. It makes the user compatible with all six magic elements, enabling them to use the magic perfectly. Using this Divine Protection, Roswaal is considered to be the best in the kingdom in terms of mana usage, power, and speed, and is recognized to be as strong as one army.

The Divine Protection of Telepathy (伝心の加護 Denshin no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea and Liliana Masquerade. It enables the user to tell other people their thoughts telepathically. While it's normally used to tell close friends certain thoughts, it can be combined with singing to increase the strength and effect range

The Divine Protection of Blue Skies (蒼天の加護 Sōten no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. The user becomes stronger when under blue skies.

The Divine Protection of Teary Skies (涙天の加護 Ruiten no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. The user becomes stronger when under rainy skies.

The Divine Protection of Night Skies (夜天の加護 Yozora no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. The user becomes stronger when under the night sky

The Divine Protection of Judgement (審判の加護 Shinpan no Kago) is used by Reinhard van Astrea. It enables the user to know of any Divine Protections their opponents have.

The Divine Protection of Water (水の加護 Mizu no Kago) is used by Ferris. It makes the user highly skilled in Water Magic.

The Divine Protection of Trisection (三分の加護 Sanbun no Kago) is used by Mimi Pearlbaton, Hetaro Pearlbaton, and Tivey Pearlbaton. It enables the users to bear each other's physical and emotional burdens and can also be used to split damage between all users such as to block death blows. However, as Mimi is the strongest out of the three, her brothers are often stuck with bearing her burdens. In addition, Tivey can launch a destructive interference wave using the Divine Protection and his siblings, though Mimi is limited to five times and Hetaro and Tivey are limited to two times, so the maximum usage per day is four times

The Divine Protection of the Sun (太陽の加護 Taiyō no Kago) is used by Priscilla Barielle. The user becomes stronger during the day.
Nanaomi Sugowara
Nanaomi Sugowara

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Magic, the Fundamentals Empty Magic, the Fundamentals

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:35 am


Magic is made up of six elements; Fire (火 Hi), Water (水 Mizu), Wind (風 Kaze), Earth (土 Tsuchi), Yin (陰 In), and Yang (陽 Yō). It is further classified into four categories; Fire Mana that covers heat, Water Mana that covers life and healing, Wind Mana that covers outside Divine Protections, and Earth Mana that covers inside Divine Protections. Some incantations for each element are Goa for fire, Huma for water, Fura for wind, Dona for earth, and Shamak for Yin.

The strength of spells starts from the original incantation and increases by adding El, Ur, or Al (example: Goa, El Goa, Ur Goa, and Al Goa for fire). Yin spells cover debuffs while Yang spells cover buffs. An ordinary person is considered to be well off if they are compatible with either fire, water, wind, or earth. Although incantations are generally used to cast spells, if the user is experience enough they can cast them without saying anything.

Learning the Magic:

There are all different elements and levels you can learn of the magic Plus there are some spells that can be learned as well. Each Character may choose two elemenst of their choice, one of which will be primary, and the other secondary.

Basic Element: 500 wc
El Spell: 1,000 wc
Ur Spell: 2,000 wc
Al Spell: 3,000 wc



Goa: A basic flame spell that conjures a menial amount of fire. Melee range

El Goa: Same as goa in concept, but the flames can now expand outwards of a few meters in total size. 10M range

Ur Goa: Can now conjure flames outside of general location, and these flames can become denser and more potent that generic fire. These can spontaneously combust, or create explosions. This is where you start to see blue flames, or conjuring flames several meters away. -Can not conjure flames on persons- 30M range

Al Goa: Can now completely control flames to their fullest extent, density , heat, etc. These are governed by energy of course, with a max range of 75 meters.


Fura: A basic wind spell which creates a gust of wind from the user. Melee Range

El Fura: A more refined wind spell, capable of maintaining a constant gust of wind. 10M range

Ur Fura: Allows the user to create massive gusts and small tornadoes, their cutting power increasing significantly. 30M Range

Al Fura: Can create constant violent winds on par with tornadoes withing ranges, but not further control them upon said creation. Of course previous effects as well. 70M range


Huma: A basic water spell that allows the user to create and control small amounts of water/ice

El Huma: Creates a more refined water spell capable of branching outwards, as well as ice. simpler constructs still. 10M

Ur Huma: Allows the user to create several constructs of ice/water at once, with increased range -up to 30 m- or larger constructs as opposed to several.

Al Huma: The user can now create amass amounts of water/ice, similar to a river or large pond. range increased to 75M. These forces can be on par with large tidal waves -not a full on tsunami-

Dona: A basic earth spell that allows the user to create earth similar to large boulders. Melee Range

El Dona: Can create and manipulate large portions of earth similar to a small mountain. 10M

Ur Dona: Can now create and manipulate earth into very specific objects, as well as accumulative size of buildings. 30M range

Al Dona: Creates create life-like objects and constructs, massive in size, with full control from even a distance. 75M range

Yin: WIP


El Shamak:

Ur Shamak:

Al Shamak:

Yang: W.I.P


El Jiwald:

Ur Jiwald:

Al Jiwald:
Kirito Gekko
Kirito Gekko

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