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Custom Created Magic

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Custom Created Magic Empty Custom Created Magic

Post by Shinoji on Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:12 pm

So you want to create your own magic? Good, it is very good that you show interest in creating your own magic spells. Now onto the main subject of this post. In the Fairy tail part of the rp it shows just lists of different pre-created magic spells that we can use. After much hard work with Kirito Gekko I was able to create something that will work within this rp and keep it fair.

Different types of Magic:

The types of magic are as follow:

- Caster Magic: is Magic that is expelled from the body as opposed to Magic done through the use of a weapon or outside source.

- Holder Magic: is Magic that requires a Mage to use an external source to produce the Magic. It usually requires the use of Magic Power, though there are some exceptions such as Edolas Items that are powered by Lacrima.

- Ancient Spell: as its name implies, is Magic from ancient times. It includes all forms of Lost Magic, Nirvana, Memory-Make, Ars Magia as well as all of the Black Arts.

- Lost Magic: is a type of Magic that has been obliterated from the history of the world due to their immense power and the sheer gravity of their side effects on the users. However, users of such Magic still exist, though the Magic itself is believed to be extremely rare. (Must be randomized to create this type)

What next?:

With all types of magic once you pick the type of magic you want then you move onto creating the spells. Taking the steps of choosing the type then you move onto using the application, It will be placed in the spoiler below.

Magic name:

Abilities (Release 1):
5 abilities in this section with name and description of each spell.

Abilities (Release 2):
5 abilities in this section with name and description of each spell.

Once you finish filling out the template post it here: https://animeunitedoneworld.forumotion.com/f211-custom-techniques

After you finish doing that all you have to do is wait until your magic is approved and after that follow the rules in the creation section to master it. Enjoy.

[Created by: Shinoji, Edited by: Kirito Gekko]

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