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The Revolutionaries

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The Revolutionaries  Empty The Revolutionaries

Post by Hitsuyona on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:45 pm

Description l As many who follow the world of one piece would know, these individuals are at the core fighting to relinquish the corrupt tendancies of the world Gov. At the current time it is unclear to the public if they seeks to eliminate the system of Marines as a whole, or force them into a situation where Revs would assume control of what the World Gov. currently attempts to decide.

Hierarchy l Revolutionary Commander
Description l You are the leader of this group as a whole, and the whole known world most likely knows of you, if even not your name itself. IT goes without saying you are the, if not at least one of, most wanted men/women alive. This title has nothing to do with you bounty, but intentions of bringing down the world Gov.
[Perks l Similar to that of a Captain Commander, also, this obviously gives you the ability to send off a multiplitude of NPC to do your bidding as the pos. should.]

Revolutionary General l You are directly under the commander, and answer only to him. This position holder(s) [3 generals] are notorious among the Grandline and/or the new world, and the position alone makes you highly wanted by the gov. regardless of previous bounties or actions.
[Perks l This is the equivalent of a Captain in bleach-terms, and they receive the same bonuses, with the added perk of being able to command any npc in their 1/3 of the branch.]

Rev. Captains/Lieutenants l While these two are further down the hierarchy, they are still well known, and very well might be as powerful as a general. It is their intentions or incapabilities outside that of combat that may hold them in this position, or a lack to want to 'lead' as opposed to 'join the cause'. The members of this group do not 'have' to answer to the the generals, other than their assigned one. Lieutenants only answer to their particular captain. There are 3 of each of these ranks.
[Perks l Similar to a Vice-Captain, and can control any npc members of their ship/group]

Goals l This organization as a whole seeks to rid the World Gov. of most if not all of their corrupt control over the world, and go about reclaiming various islands during the meantime, as to free people from their life-sucking grasp. Anyone who enters a island under their wing knows to be weary of their actions while present, both marines and pirates alike, lest they seek retaliation on a destructive scale.

Claimed lands l TBA: Assume that any island not claimed by any, whose population is significant, to be under their domain.


Race : Human [Variant]
Class : Genius
Rank : Rev. Capt.
Power : 37
Strength : 24
Stamina : 59
Speed : 62
Energy : 103
Perception : 62
Reputation : 0
Location : Rev. HQ

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