Naruto Universe Ranks

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Naruto Universe Ranks

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:44 pm

The progression of ranks will all be listed on this page for all ninja including how to progress to specific ranks and the benefits there in.

Academy Student: The automatic rank of anyone who is wanting to train to become a ninja. It doesn't give any benefit other then allowing you to take the test to move up to Genin. The test will be administered by a moderator or admin. If you can not pass the test before you reach 15,000 Chakra you will get an auto pass and move up to Genin.

Genin: At this rank you are a basic shinobi and are just now starting your career as a ninja. You do not gain any special perks of abilities but when you reach 20,000 Chakra you can advance to the rank of Chunnin by RPing a mock battle with no less then 1,500wc.

Chunnin: The rank of Chunnin is the first real rank that you get some semblance of individuality and prestige. Upon attaining it you get a permanent boost of 4,000 Chakra and +4 added to each stat. It is the equivalent to your races release so you will also gain access to your first 5 abilities too. Once you hit 30,000 Chakra you can also attempt to join the Anbu as a member and be one of the secret ninja of your village or go rogue and become an outlaw. At 45,000 Chakra you can become one of the elders of your village that are pillars of the village and assist in selecting the next Kage. Once you reach 60,000 Chakra you will be able to advance to the rank of Jounin. (Anbu Members/Elders receive a temporary +3 rank boost to all stats as long as you hold the position.)

Outlaw: The outlaw is a rank separate from any village and represents those ninja that have fled from their home to seek out a life of their own for a variety of reasons. As an outlaw you can become one of the ten leaders adjutants or once you hit 75,000 Chakra you can become one of the ten commanders themselves if all of the positions are not filled. If they are, you can simply challenge one of them for one and hope you win. (Outlaw Adjutants receive a temporary +3 boost to all stats and Outlaw Leaders receive a permanent 5,000 Chakra boost (you receive the standard amount of points for the boost that you may distribute to your stats as you like), and a temporary +6 to all stats as long as you are in that position.)

Jounin: At 60,000 Chakra you have advanced from Chunnin and have become a staple of your village and have reached the peak of your standard Shinobi career. Once you reach this rank you will get a permanent 12,000 boost and +12 to each of your stats as the equivalent of your second release. You will also gain access to the last five abilities that your character possess' for use. Once you hit 75,000 that is when you can advance your career further. You can attempt to move to the rank of Anbu Leader, Jounin Commander, or even the prestigious Kage of your respective village, the sky is the limit.

Jounin Commander/Anbu Leader: These two position require a chakra level of 75,000 and are sub leaders of a village. These positions are appointed by the Kage themselves or if there is no Kage you can ask an administrator/moderator if you can assert the role to your respective village. Both ranks grant a permanent one time boost of 5,000 Chakra (you receive the standard amount of points for the boost that you may distribute to your stats as you like), and a temporary +6 to all stats as long as you are in that position.

Outlaw Leader: The leader of the Outlaws is equivalent in rank to the Kage of a village. They are the leader of their respective faction and typically the strongest of such as well. They are required to have at least 100,000 Chakra to be elligible for the position. Those in this position receive a 5,000 permanent Chakra boost and +10 temporary boost to all stats while in the position.

Kage: Kage is arguably the most prestigious rank in the Naruto universe as they are the leaders of the respective villages and as such are the strongest ninja of their village. The position itself requires 100,000 Chakra to be eligible for consideration. The three elders, Jounin Commander, and Anbu Leader are the ones who select who will be the next Kage of their village. The Kage is always chosen from their own village and typically from among the Jounin but as long as they meet the requirements their rank is not too important. A Kage receives a 5,000 Chakra boost and temporary boost to +10 to all stats as long as they hold the position.

Ninja Alliance Commander: This is the most prestigious position in the Naruto Universe and is the De Facto leader of their entire world. They are the most powerful ninja from any and all of the villages and command the respect and power of their universe. To become the NAC one must first have at least 120,000 Chakra and be the strongest of all shinobi. The NAC receives a +15 temporary boost to all stats as long as they hold the position and a permanent 5,000 Chakra boost.

Any position that grants a permanent boost cannot stack with a boost from a position in the same tier. For example, someone could not become the Jounin Commander and then become the Anbu Leader and receive another 5,000 boost. The best way to establish which ranks are in different tiers are based off of the requirements to achieve said position. Temporary bonuses attributed to positions do not stack in any manner. You can have one single temporary boost at a time based off of your position. If there are any questions for clarification feel free to ask an admin/moderator.
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