The Beginning Of The End

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The Beginning Of The End

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:35 pm

Travel through the Senkaimon was quick and the light shining through the entrance to Soul Society was just ahead. Tenjinsai stepped through the large doors of the main senkaimon of the Seireitei and was greeted by quite the entourage. It was not entirely surprising how many people had come to 'welcome' him home; though it was always unsettling how quickly they could organize when they needed to. Standing before him were of course the members of the Kidou Corps which watched the gate, always posted in shifts to maintain and operate it. Beyond those few members though were countless other shinigami, many without recognizable names and faces, but a few that did. Among those that Tenjinsai knew were Taisa, his brother in law, Mikoto, his cousin, Captain Setsune, and in the rear being as stoic as ever, his father Tenkai.

There eyes met and locked in on one another, not blinking for even a moment as if to try and peer deep into the others soul and force them to stand down with pure willpower alone. Of course it was a futile effort, both having an endless amount of ambition to achieve their hard fought objective. The moments felt like an eternity, passing in silence as no one dared to speak, only staring at one another with a ferocity to try holding off the inevitable. "Tenjinsai." The silence was broken, his father spoke his name and strode forward a few steps, now standing next to Sansuka who certainly did not look like his usual self. "Hayashi sent word ahead as soon as you and Mikoto left, but I want to hear it directly from you to confirm your intentions. Just what do you plan on doing here?" Tenjinsai sighed deeply and his eyes gazed across the various faces in the crowd.

Some of them were nervous, others angry, many were simply confused as well. The myriad of emotions that were bouncing around the area were reasonable though considering all that was happening. Many of the stand outs that were here were members of his own family in some shape or form. For Tenjinsai to raise a blade against his father was the same as rebelling against the clan and perhaps even the Seireitei. Though he knew in his heart that he did all of this for the sake of Soul Society. With that simple notion deep in his mind, he could rest easy knowing that what he did was justified. "I have come to end the chaos that has kept hold of our world since the disappearance many years ago. It is time for blood to stop being shed and lives to cease being lost. So many have died for what little progress has been made." Tenjinsai's right arm swept to his left side and gripped the hilt of his zanpaktou; then drawing the weapon from its resting place.

He drew the weapon up, not directly pointing it at the crowd but making it more then clear that he was not here to have a discussion. Tenjinsai fully meant to follow through on what he had said, even if it meant possibly losing his own life. "I will put an end to this madness that started, and will end, with you." Tenkai's facial expression changed little, his eyes remaining locked on his son while gesturing to everything around him with his arms. "Do you truly believe that to be an option Tenjinsai? Look around you and recognize the overwhelming odds you are facing." His father paused for a moment and then stepped forward once more, making his way slowly through the small crowd of shinigami that had gathered together. The eldest Bushinji strode toward the head of the crowd, now standing only a few yards from where Tenjinsai had emerged from the Senkaimon.

"If battle cannot be avoided I will oblige your wishes, but I would prefer to avoid raising a blade against one of my children. What would your mother think if she could see what act you are about to commit." Something in the back of Tenjinsai's head snapped when he heard that sentence. It was the same darkness that had seeped into his mind during the fight against the Marine's that brought his inner hollow out. His eyes went wide, pupils narrowed, and Tenjinsai lurched forward toward Tenkai as his reiatsu exploded outward. Small white particles began to slowly gather around his face as they slowly formed into a mask. It only took a few moments before the powers of the hollow he had subjugated surfaced. The stark white shell of what looked like the face of a demon manifested itself on his visage. Four fanged and curved teeth from the corners of the mouth were the most prominent feature.

Two long horns extended from the top left and right sides of the mask as well as distinctive black markings that spotted the forehead in various places. Fogged breath emerged from the nose and mouth of mask as Tenjinsai exhaled, his now black and gold eyes drawn wide with rage. The reiatsu around the young Captain became darker and mixed with his new hollow powers; heavier and much more sinister. He lifted his right arm up and pointed the tip of his zanpaktou directly at his father. "How dare you even speak her name in my presence. You may have forgotten but I have not, what I saw over one hundred years ago in that basement." As Tenjinsai spoke his voice was garbled, as though he spoke through a film of liquid. Many of the shinigami around began to back away, creating additional distance between themselves and the Shinigami turned Vaizard.

The only one who did not move an inch was his father, standing at the front of the entire group. Though his eyes had gone wide with shock for just a moment, the man had returned to his normal stoic and calm nature. "To be honest I had indeed forgotten about that day so long ago. Never did I expect you to fall into depravity because of it. I suppose at this point, regardless of what your intentions may be, I am responsible for dealing with what you have become." Despite the words that he spoke, Tenkai's next action was counter to what it seemed he was about to do. The man turned around and began to walk toward the back of the crowd and stopped next to Captain Setsune. "San, would you please take care of this for me. We cannot leave ourselves vulnerable for too long or Captain Sakurako will attempt to take advantage of our being distracted.

I'll head back to the barracks with a handful of men to make sure we remain safe. You can keep Taisa and Mikoto here with you just in case things get out of hand."
A simple nod was the only response that came from Sansuka; though that was all that was needed. Within moments of the acceptance of the task, Tenkai had vanished in addition to about half of the rank and file shinigami that had gathered. Now Tenjinsai was left standing before about twenty various squad members, Taisa and Mikoto, and of course Captain Setsune. The young Captain did not expect to have to play cat and mouse with his father, but he did at least have counter measures to deal with such a thing. The man standing before him was the very reason that he knew they would need Captain Taro's assistance in this fight. Tenjinsai was strong enough to stand against his fathers blade now, but not against the pair of them together.

Tenkai and Sansuka's fighting prowess was top tier individually, but together they were a nigh-unstoppable pair. When the two of them performed together in battle they were compared to that of when Jyuushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyoraku would battle as pairs. Against the two of them Tenjinsai would be cut down before the fight could ever really begin, but with them separated he had a chance. Moving forward, the young Captain turned his head back to look at Saki and Mikoto, nodding lightly. "I will leave these here for you to deal with and move on to deal with my father. May the King grant you victory." Taking a single moment before leaving, the young Captain reached into the sleeve of his haori and tossed something to Mikoto. It was a small placard of wood with cloth fastened around it to tie off on ones body. Though it was not just any simple piece of wood, it was a badge with which authority was denoted. Upon Mikoto receiving that small object he had been instated as Tenjinsai's Vice Captain.

With that Tenjinsai burst off using shunpou in pursuit of his father. Sansuka moved to intercept his path, drawing his zanpaktou to try and attack him before having the opportunity to leave. His advance was stopped short by Captain Taro meeting his zanpaktou with her own, the two locking eyes. "You have plenty to deal with here Captain, show me a good time!!" The two Captains would then delve into combat with one another and presumably Mikoto fighting against the other two. He could not see the squad members stepping into such a battle, not if they wanted to continue living at the very least. Looking forward into the depths of Soul Society, Tenjinsai knew where his father was heading and would meet him there. The barracks of the Thirteenth Division is where the final showdown would be. The winner of that fight would determine who the next Captain Commander would be, and effectively, the new leader of the Soul Society.

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Re: The Beginning Of The End

Post by Nanaomi Sugowara on Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:15 pm

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Nanaomi Sugowara


An island. An average sized island with beaches, an inner area of lush grass and fertile lands, and of course one can not forget the beautiful trees. At least, that's what this island would look like. Instead, one could see the scarred lands as a dystopian future from a battle long past. Perhaps, not so long ago. The sands were partially glassed over by an extreme heat that had originated close by. There were obvious signs of a massive battle with debris, ash, and destruction littering the area. But alas, this was all already known by everyone present. It was then, the people came into view. Several robed figures stood on the beach head of the former war zone. Some of them, extremely powerful yet some not so much. Above average strength, yes, however there were a couple that seemed to tower over others in strength and it is all but disconcerting. As a soft breeze flew in so to, did a figure in the distance.

This woman was barreling towards the group with great speeds. The marvel that was her hat seemed to stay planted upon her head even though she was moving relatively fast. The woman had stopped off to change her clothes and cut her hair slightly, as she needed the fresh outlook, and look, considering how droll this had been until this point. The woman adjusted her uniform slightly as her speed increased to make sure she got to the area before anything was to happen with out her. She sure didn't want to miss what she felt was looming on the horizon. If the weight of the air was any consolation, it would be an amazing war that any Saiyan would be stupid not to interject into.

The woman's lips parted once more to begin a wickedly innocent smile, the idea of being able to fight in a war was thrilling for any full blooded Saiyan warrior like herself. Even more so, that she was General to the Saiyan Imperial Army. A tittle that was not begotten by pushing papers or kissing ass. It was fought for, and killed for. No General was ever taken lightly in the Imperial Command chain. No, for every Saiyan knew if one were to rise to General it was through shear will of power, strength, and cunning. Something new Saiyans were able to grasp but understood when push came to shove. Nanaomi had but one regret, and that was her lack of assisting soldiers. She could order up a full battalion easily, but they might not arrive here in time. It all depended upon the situation looming overhead. The woman's eyes were now bright with a joy that she hadn't felt since engaging in the war with Rota, the other Champion of the Saiyan Imperial Army. The woman's blood boiled at the thought of engaging in combat with highly talented and large strengthen individuals. Even more so than her love of science and energy. Perhaps this was her downfall as a Saiyan.

The lust for battle may never be quelled, to the point that she may one day become bored with the life she is living. Perhaps that day will come, but it was not this day. As she grew closer, the woman could feel the pressures of the two largest energies wash over her. Their natural presence was overwhelmingly orgasmic in the sense of their shear ability. She could almost not contain herself, the joy was almost escaping her lips in a most innocent and unwarranted smile of devious pleasure. Perhaps, being a Saiyan was both a gift, and a curse. For one such as Nanaomi it aided in her research and allowed her to travel to new worlds in search of different technologies forgotten to time. Or even find ways to create new technologies. But it was also a curse, as when the imminent looming of battle crossed the horizon, the poor woman was unable to help her intense pleasure and want to partake in such an act. It was arguably, a Saiyans natural gimp, to be a battle ridden brute. The pride they hold is so strong, that it often times wills them to do things that are insanely stupid. However, it's also to be said that a Saiyan's pride is a wondrous thing as it pushes the individual to keep going forward against all odds. Even if those odds would otherwise kill them. For a Saiyan is nothing with out his Pride. Or so they are taught at an early age.

Nanaomi was unlucky enough to catch the very end of the situation. Seeing the doorway, she sped through with great force, making sure to catch up as quickly as possible. Luckily, she made it just in time to feel a two massive pressures roaring against each other. Just before reaching the exit, the woman set foot upon the ground with a the soft click of her boot signifying she was beginning to walk. With out hesitation, a blade was drawn forth and suddenly engulfed in a purple energy. With her left hand resting upon the tip of the Saya, her right gripping the tsuka of her blade tightly, the woman's visage had finally appeared before the group of Shinigami. The two warring captains seemingly locked in an endless battle that had only just begun. A joy to think of at least. It was then that the tall, six foot two woman spoke up from behind the Senkaimon. "Yare yare, Anata-tachi wa haya sugimasu. Sukunakutomo watashi wa koko de sore o tsukutta." The woman said before running her left hand through her hair after having picked up her cap for a small moment.

Upon resting the cap back on her head, the woman came full view of the group surrounding the senkaimon. She stood six foot two in height. Her clothes were marginally different from before when she appeared last. Her tight uniform top, black in color with silver ornate, intricate details ranging form a small pendant upon the tip of her tie all the way down her coat and even past, across her skirt and boots. She bore a somewhat shorter skirt now, reaching only to the top middle of her thighs. Atop her skirt, she bore a rather large belt with a firm silver buckle that bore the signature design of the Saiyan Empire Elite. Below her skirt, she sported long stockings that would reach up just above her knee, leaving a most attractive Grade A Zettai Ryouki. her feet, were adorned with long black boots which, could, be zipped to the full height of her stockings however she instead liked to leave a small overhang at the top. The clacking of her heels stopped as she caught some of what had happened. It was then she spoke up once more.

"So, about that out numbered thing. After being here and feeling your energies, I can assuredly say I can wipe ninety percent of you out in a single instant. But, I have a feeling bloodshed is something demon boy doesn't want. So, come at me all at once. That is, if you don't want to be wiped out in an instant."

She said with a wicked smile, her Saiyan blood now boiling hot with a rage of a thousand suns. Her very energy began to spike while staying in base form. She was thrilled to see a fight other than Saiyan versus Saiyan. It was so disgustingly boring to fight one's own kind. They all seemed to do the same things over and over. It was like fighting a child. But this, this was enjoyable for sure. She could spend one instant, wiping out every Shinigami except the three that posed a real threat. And that, is exactly what she did. A large portion of them charged toward her with reckless abandon. The fools. It was almost like an old Japanese samurai movie as they all fell in seemingly an instant behind her, after what appeared as though she didn't move. In reality, she had sliced each and every one across the chest just deep enough to cause a debilitating wound but not strong enough to outright murder them. Most of the rest seemed to have fled from her onslaught. A sad thing to see, for sure. But the final three remained.

With the power house occupied a small distance away, it left these two young Shinigami to face off against Mikoto and herself. She knew nothing of these two save for their meek appearance. But she could feel their power was much stronger than their appearance let on. That was easily discernible. And because of that, she let actions do the talking. Well, save for the next sentence she was about to speak. "Well, with the small fry all but taken care of, how about we deal with the real warriors of the situation. I'll let you choose which one you want Mikoto-san. I'll take the other one. Preferably the stronger one. But if you want to take your chances, be my guest."

She said, her blade hand almost twitching for a fight. Her eyes narrowing upon the two shinigami before her, as if to challenge them outright for a fight two versus one. Except, she knew that wouldn't be fair to Mikoto. So, she'd allow him the chance to war along side her. A privilege many Saiyans would dream of having. Almost on instinct, the woman's left hand reached to her visor where she clicked the button, giving her an overlay of the land, and all energies present on the field. She increased the range until she saw Tenjinsai's signature. But what's more, it seemed she found something even more enticing than what she was already thrusting herself into. A battle so intense, so, bewitchingly enjoyable, this could very easily be where she wanted to be. With out hesitation the woman spoke up, the scanner still active as she crouched slightly, never letting her blade touch the ground.

"On second thought, I see something really fun up ahead. I'll let you have this one Mikoto-san. I'm sure you can easily wipe the floor with these two. Sanimasen."

She said, as her body instantly bolted through the air towards the location of the strong powers. She might end up slightly late, or perhaps slightly early. She wasn't sure. But she knew she had to reach there. Too much fun would be had with out her. And boy did her Saiyan Blood fuel her passions right now.


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