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Kido Corps

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Kido Corps

Post by Ino Miyuraki on Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:54 pm

The young Shinigami walked with mixed emotions, he was upset to see the Academy go and to have left under such circumstances despite the fact he was happy to be moving on to better things with his mysterious companion. When their conversation had come to an end, the headmaster had ordered his things to be brought to their destination by other members of the Academy, while both Renoka and his entourage reached their destination by foot.

Upon arrival, Renoka's eyes grew to the size of eggs, gazing in wonder at the scene before him. A gravel path led through the perimeters entry point, a painted white archway with the crest painted in black on either side, greeting newcomers with both welcome and caution. Beyond lay a small gathering of six or so cherry blossom trees leading from the archway to the main door, while partially covering that which lay beyond. Entering the building, it was almost the same as the Academy, with the exception to the walls being wooden slates from floor to ceiling, a marble white flooring spread throughout while from above, wooden beams crossed, draping lights from their sturdy structure.

Stepping through, the young Shinigami was put through his most trying test yet; paperwork. Files upon files on his Academy life, contacts, training and for the most part his life in the Rukongai. When his task was finally complete, Renoka handed in the many files to the main desk, and waited for the stranger he had arrived with.

"All finished up? Good, as far as life goes here since there is no Captain or even Vice Captain, it's pretty lax. I have a book here for you on Kido, learn at you own pace, we shall, once we have a tutor lined up, teach you in the other areas that are required to be a funcional Shinigami. Until then we have decided to focus on your strengths. We'll be checking in from time to time, next time we do will be with a test of sorts for you to complete. You're new uniform will be in your room, the receptionist will show you the way there now. Welcome, officially, to the Kido Corps."

Grinning from ear to ear, Renoka nodded and followed the young lady whom had suddenly appeared at his shoulder. She led him down several long hallways which caused his head to spin attempting to keep up. Arriving at his new room, the receptionist left him after handing him his key, unlocking the door and stepping through, his room was plain but welcoming, white walls, white sheets with a stone grey floor. Wooden wardrobe and end table with a white lamp. It wasn't much, but it was to be his new home and he couldn't have asked for more. Stripping out of his Academy uniform, he donned his new clothing, wrapped his red scarf around his neck, fixed his hair and stepped out of the door, Kido manual clenched in his right fist with sheer excitement.

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Ino Miyuraki
Ino Miyuraki

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