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Ren's Odyssey

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Ren's Odyssey

Post by Rensaku Hozukoku on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:36 pm

"I'm still trying to piece this together. I'm dead, right?" He was still very much confused as the thought of once being human was both foreign and puzzling. To him he'd been a spirit all of his life, but there was still the the nagging issue of how the records only had him as a recent resident. That should have been enough to clue him in and it mostly did however, he was too stubborn to accept a past that couldn't be remembered.

"Oh yes, you're dead dear, just not like you'd expect." His mother, Tanukana, said with a blissful smile on her face. She knew that it must have been hard on him to accept what he's just learning for the first time as she too was in his shoes. It's been nearly fifty years since the time of her arrival so it's nearly been long enough for her to forget. Ren simply sighed as he scratched his head before scanning the living room.

"I need to think on this. I'll be back in a few days." He says, looking around the house for a bag that could be used to hold his gear. The house seemed to be made of one material, and whatever it was made the place sand grey. Ren quickly finds what he's looking for, a green travel bag that could strap diagonally across his chest. The gear was quickly packed: two bottles of water, some dehydrated beef and a camping kit with a sleeping bag if he decided to extend his stay.

There was a rumored training field rumored to teach those who wanted to become a shinigami but were't strong enough to participate in the academy. He had to participate as there was no other way for him to get stronger otherwise, not mentioning some pretend solo training. "How exactly do I go about finding them?" It wasn't made clear how to find the place; no hint, no general direction, just their existence. There had to be more information regarding the training field however it wasn't clear where to look. The only thing he could do was look until the location was found.

Not wasting anymore time thinking, Ren started walking South, looking to find unused land as that was a good starting point. The place would be completely out of view from the public, and all he'd have to do is search where there were no building but instead was crowded with trees. Keeping an eye out as he entered the first forest that was found, the thought of finding the place caused a great deal of anxiousness. There's no telling what to keep on the lookout for; it easily could be a trap door, an actual training ground or it may not even be in the forest.

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Rensaku Hozukoku

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