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Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu

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Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Empty Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu

Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:03 pm

Tailed Beasts:
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20110408194315

Some of the Bijuu have elements that are not one of the five common natures. If you become the jinchurriki one of these bijuu, you gain access to their unique chakra natures. If a shinobi wants a Tailed beast they must find them in a quest while on the Land of Shinobi, they cannot be found anywhere else. The hunt must last a total of 5,000wc and they must be sealed in a Shinobi of the Naruto Class only.

>One-tail: Shukaku
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140916210030
Nature- Wind + Earth (Magnet Style as well)
Stat- Speed +2, Stamina +3
Side effect: This Tailed beast can take over the Jinchuriki when ever they sleep.
Bijuu ability-Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullet (Ninjutsu)
Downside- User cannot go to sleep without beast taking over and character loses control until they are stopped. Also user gains a uncontrollable blood thirst.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Two-tail: Matatabi
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140818015320
Nature- Fire
Stat- Strength +4, Energy +1
Bijuu Ability- Two-Tails Fire Ball (Ninjutsu)
Downside- Only main downside to Matatabi is the fact that when you first have him sealed in your body, everytime you sneeze you will spit out blue flames uncontrollably. This can be stopped by mastering Control #1, due to Matatabi being a very kind soul he is fairly easy to master, in fact he is the easiest to control.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Three-tail: Isobu
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20130913110358
Nature- Water
Stat- Speed +5
Bijuu Ability- Three-Tails Water Ball (Ninjutsu)
Downside- If you lose control of your chakra you can turn everything and everyone around you friend or foe into coral and kill them. This process can be stopped by achieving Control #1.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Four-tail: Son Goku
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140817220446
Nature- Lava (Earth/Fire)
Stat- Strength +2, Stamina +3
Bijuu Ability- Lava Tidal wave (Ninjutsu)
Downside- Since Son Goku is a very proud type of Tailed Beast using his jutsu will be fairly difficult until you master Control #1, but you will not have its full power until Control #2 where you can then use the Lava style at will and be able to control it.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Five-tail: Kokuo
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140817215510
Nature- Boil (Water + Fire)
Stat- Strength +5
Bijuu Ability- Ramming horse (Taijutsu)
Downside- However using the Boil style of Kokuo is great for your taijutsu it is also bad for your chakra network. Using it too much in combat will result in damage to your body until you master Kokuo completely through Control #2.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Six-tail: Saiken
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140211075946
Nature- Water + Bubbles
Stat- Energy +3, Stamina +2
Bijuu Ability- Protective Shroud (Ninjutsu)
Downside- If you use tailed beast mode too often without Control #2 your body can be burned by the acid that is formed from Saiken.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Seven-tail: Chomei
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20130913103927
Nature- Wind
Stat- Speed +5
Bijuu Ability- Draining Bite (Taijutsu)
Downside- Using Chomei tends to be rather easy but if you use it for too long in battle Chomei will drain your chakra and leave you unable to move for several posts. If you go beyond this point he will take control of you like the others. Control #2 is needed to put a stop to this.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Eight-tail: Gyuki
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140817221249
Nature- Thunder
Stat- Speed +2, Stamina +3
Bijuu Ability- Ox Lariat (Taijutsu)
Downside- If you go over 4 tails before 60k and master the beast you will lose control like the 1 tails.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Nine-tail: Kurama
Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Latest?cb=20140818171718
Nature- Fire
Stat- Strength +2 Stamina +3
Bijuu Ability- Howling Wave (Ninjutsu)
Downside- If user is in combat for too long the Fox's hateful spirit will take over or going over 3 tails without mastering control #2 can cause the Fox's hateful spirit to take over.
Current Jinchuriki: Koga Senju

There are 2 types of control, Chakra control, and beast control. the Jinchuriki must post for the requirements of each. If one gains Beast control, they then become able to spawn individual parts of the beast as necessary.

Control #1: (Chakra Control)
Chakra Boost: 1k per tail[max 5k]
Description: This is just where you learn to draw on the beast's chakra like Naruto did in Part 1 of the series against Gaara.
Stat Boost: +2 to all stats per each tail [max 10]
Req: 1,500wc of control training + 25,000 power

Control #2: (Beast Control)
Chakra Boost: 2k per tail [max 10k]
Description: At this stage you and your Beast learn to mold your chakras in perfect harmony like Killer Bee and the 8 tails. At this level you can also use the Host Transformation to transform into your tailed beasts true form.
Stat Boost: +3 to all stats per tail [max 15]
Req: 3,000wc of control training + 60,000 power

The One Tails does not abide by the rules above. Since the Shukaku does not have a chakra form it only has the beast form, which means it can transform from the sand. It gains additional +5 to each stat when it transforms.

Another Note:
When you get the stat bonuses when you get your tailed beast you do not double if it is your class stat.

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Kirito Gekko
Kirito Gekko

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Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu Empty Re: Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:51 pm

[size=150]Tailed Beast Abilities[/size]

Now we have gotten a lot more information on what the Ten Tails can do we are going to set up all the other Tailed Beasts with Abilities. So without further wait here they are:

All Tailed Beasts:
Name:Tailed Beast Shockwave
Description: A tailed beast uses its massive chakra reserve to turn anything from a roar or a wave into a powerful force of pressure and destruction. When Naruto Uzumaki was in control while using the Nine-Tails' power, he demonstrated powerful shockwaves by roaring or movement of his arms. When enraged or when the Nine-Tails took control of his body, he has been shown to use explosions with powerful wave of his arms. The raw force behind Naruto once he enters Version 2 was powerful enough to force Pain's Shinra Tensei back at him. When used by Kurama itself, it's powerful enough to completely disperse powerful attacks like the Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan, and even knock back fully transformed tailed beasts.
Ability: Sends objects or opponents flying back from user.

Name: Tailed Beast Ball
Description: The Tailed Beast Ball is the ultimate technique of a tailed beast. To form the attack, they gather both positive black chakra, and negative white chakra, shape it into a sphere, and then compress it inside their mouth. The black and white chakra needs to be balanced at an 8:2 ratio respectively or it will backfire. The ball can be fired differently, either in sphere form, which can be detonated for a wave explosion or launched to form a dome-shaped blast which flattens and erases everything around it, or as a concentrated beam of energy which gives it explosive penetrative power. A Tailed Beast Ball is incredibly dense, as when Naruto Uzumaki in his four-tailed form created one, ground around him sunk beneath his weight after he swallowed it. When used in close proximity to other tailed beasts performing the technique, the Tailed Beast Balls can be combined, vastly increasing the attack's destructive power and size. The power of the attack is relative to the power of the user. The technique fired from a four-tailed Naruto broke through three Rashōmon gates without losing its momentum. A fully charged Tailed Beast Ball from Gyūki can fill an entire valley with the explosion as well as plough through a multiple layered barrier, while Kurama's own can create an explosion that is far larger than the Hokage Monument and the mountains around it, as well as equal that of a combined ball of five tailed beasts. Individual Tailed Beast Balls from Matatabi, Isobu, Kokuō, Saiken, and Chōmei seem to be on the same level of destructive power since they all easily vaporised large mountains after Naruto deflected them with his speed. When used by the Ten-Tails in its mature form, the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball took on a conical shape, and upon impact was able to destroy an entire village some distance away. The tailed beasts' jinchūriki can also use this ability, though they need to be in their full tailed beast forms. Should the jinchūriki lose control of their tailed beasts, they can perform this technique despite not being fully transformed, as seen when Naruto used it in his 'Version 2' form.

Name: Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
Description: This is an ability a jinchūriki is able to perform when in a tailed form. The jinchūriki will use the raw chakra of the their Tailed Beast to form arms, which they can freely manipulate to attack their foes, able to strike an opponent faster than even a Sharingan user can react to. The chakra arms hands are clawed while the rest of the arm seems to lack any kind of joint, thus allowing them to have flexible movements that will generally be impossible for normal arms. The user can create any number of arms that they desire and they can also serve other purposes such as grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies from great distances, for offensive means, as merely touching one of these can cause fatal burns, due to the Nine-Tails' seething hatred within its chakra (though this is not always the case). Due to having chakra attached to his body, the chakra arms can grow in size and from the fourth tail up, Naruto, the arms, or any part of his body can divide into two or more fully operational appendages. Killer B has also been shown to use this technique though instead of arms, he can form horns which he uses for his Lariat technique. In his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto can use the chakra arms to a greater extent, as he can use and release chakra arms from anywhere on his body on a small or large scale. These arms even have the power to crush stone without Naruto putting much thought into it. After some practice, he mastered the chakra arms, able to manipulate various stones and geometric shapes without crushing them. Now he is able to use them in an attempt to create a new technique: the Tailed Beast Rasengan since he was advised by the Eight-Tails against the use of shadow clones in this form. Naruto's mastery of the Tailed Beast Chakra Arms is so great that he is able to create several at once to launch attacks at several enemies, use them to pull enemies into the attack, and even create tiny ones around his finger. The arms also grant him a greater level of dexterity and manoeuvrability out of what would normally be a helpless situation, such as guiding his Rasenshuriken during his fight against the Third Raikage.
Ability: Explained above in good detail.

Name: Tailed Beast Telepathy
Description: An innate skill possessed by all tailed beast, which allows them to communicate with one another mentally. Using this telepathy, the tailed beast can create a dimension within the subconscious of their jinchūriki where they can communicate without outside influences. There are apparently two levels of this subconscious and according to Kurama, once a jinchūriki is further linked with their tailed beast, they will be able to enter this deeper level of their subconscious. This secondary level is not penetrable by others, even if the beasts are being controlled.
Ability: once the user and tailed beast are linked they can use this.

Name: Air Sand Protective Wall
Description: This air defence technique creates a giant shield of sand that is suspended in mid-air by raising a great amount of sand from the ground. By gathering the best possible mineral-rich sand, the hardness of the shield is considered to be very high. Furthermore, the sand has its defensive strength raised by flowing chakra through it. It was strong enough to protect Sunagakure from Deidara's C3.
Ability: Can defend large amount of allies from attacks.

Name: Sand Armour
Description: Using this technique, Gaara can cover himself in a compacted layer of sand, providing an additional defence should his Shield of Sand fail; combined, these two are known as Gaara's "Absolute Defence". Though quite effective, maintaining the armour requires a large amount of chakra and stamina. Furthermore, it is nowhere as resilient as the Shield of Sand, since it easily breaks away upon impact, indicating that the sole purpose of the armour is to absorb impact channelled unto Gaara's body during battle. Another weakness is the additional weight of the sand which leads to decreased levels of speed and mobility.
Ability: Allows user to let the sand absorb most of the damage for half.

Name: Grand Sand Mausoleum
Description: Using a large quantity of sand, Gaara covers the enemy with several successive layers of the material, before compressing it into the form of a huge pyramid which acts to imprison the target upon its completion.
Ability: Can trap opponent for 2 posts. (unless user can use water element)

Name: Desert Suspension
Description:This is one of the multiple offensive and auxiliary methods Gaara has thought of during combat. It is a trick where he uses the chakra-enhanced sand to support his own weight and float in mid-air and to use as a method of transportation if needed. By increasing the size of the platform Gaara can transport others along with him.
Ability: grants the user the ability to fly on a platform of sand.

Name: Sand Burial Prison
Description: Gaara using his ability to manipulate sand, loosens the ground below his enemy and catches them in a maelstrom of sand. The swallowed enemy sinks up to two hundred metres underground, while completely unable to move a muscle. Then, the sand glued onto their limbs applies pressure on their whole body, so they can't even twitch a finger. The pressure resulting from being buried at such an extreme depth would surely kill any normal human, if not from suffocation, then from the fact that all their bones would break.
Ability: Cripples 2 limbs of the users choosing on an opponent. (can only hit if accuracy is high enough.)

Name: Sand Coffin
Description: With his ability to control sand, Gaara encases his opponents in a large amount of the special chakra-infused sand kept inside his gourd, immobilising them. It can be used to suffocate an opponent or in preparation for a deadlier technique, the Sand Waterfall Funeral. This appears to be Gaara's signature technique.
Ability: Traps opponent for the next attack, sand burial

Name: Sand Burial
Description: After wrapping an opponent with sand with either Sand Binding Coffin or Sand Drizzle, Gaara will cause the sand to implode and crush whatever is within it. According to Gaara, when used to kill a person, the death is so quick that there isn't even time for the victim to feel any pain. The pressure also produces a sizeable fountain of blood. Gaara can control the pressure used in the attack, which allows him to either break bones or completely liquefy an opponent. (not instant kill)

Name: Sand Bullet
Description: Gaara forms a small sphere made of sand and compresses it to increase its hardness. The sphere can strike opponents with such speed and force that it knocks them unconscious. He can also change its trajectory, to strike down multiple targets. By using this one small bullet, Gaara was able to defeat the Suna Assassin Captain along with all his subordinates.

Name: Sand Shower
Description: After clotting together sand into countless small lumps, Gaara uses them to attack an enemy from every direction. Because all the sand lumps are controlled by chakra, it is possible to commence an attack without any blind spots. This technique is often used as lure in battle, distracting an opponent and leaving them vulnerable to an attack from below. In order for this to work, the enemy is first made to face upwards with the sand rain, simultaneously bringing their field of activities under the user's control. Then, a bold move is made from underfoot. To make sure the rain hits its mark, it can be combined with Sand Binding Coffin to immobilise the target.

Name: Sand Hail
Description: A larger scale version of the Sand Drizzle, Gaara gathers his sand into large clumps in the shape of massive boulder-like formations and then drops them from the sky on to his opponents. It covers a large range, making it difficult to dodge. Like the Sand Drizzle, the technique can distract the enemy with the aerial assault, leaving them open to an attack from below.

Name: Sand Sensing
Description: Sand Sensing is a contact type sensory-technique. By dispersing specialised sand into a specific area, the user is able to discern the presence of bodies that comes into direct contact with it. This sensing sand can be spread across a wide terrain, or even float in the air allowing aerial foes to be detected. Once the sand comes in contact with a person, it will wrap itself around them, rendering even invisible targets, visible.
Ability: Allows user to sense enemies in areas around them who are invisible.

Name: Sand Shield
Description: A technique that is unique to Gaara. Whenever Gaara is about to be harmed, a shield of sand will automatically surround and protect him. The sand will react regardless of Gaara's will, even protecting him from self-inflicted injuries.
Ability: Forms absolute defense however can be broken with enough force.

Name: Sand Shower Barrage
Description: A more powerful version of Gaara's Sand Drizzle. Gaara creates dozens of sand bullets that he uses to attack the enemy.

Name: Extreme Tempered Ultimate Attack: Shukaku's Pike
Description: The Spear of Shukaku is the attack counterpart of the Shield of Shukaku. Like the shield, Gaara crushes the hardest materials from the ground using sand, this time in the form of a halberd, in the shape of the Shukaku's hand. Just like the shield which has yet to find anything that could break its defence, the halberd has yet to find a defence that it can't break through.

Name: Ultimate Defence: Shukaku's Shield
Description: This defensive technique is used by Gaara to create a toy-like replica of Shukaku wearing a wide-brimmed rural hat, that is roughly thrice the size of Gaara. Because the replica is formed under extreme pressure and is built of the strongest minerals which Gaara could derive from the earth, it is virtually indestructible, having yet to be penetrated by any force. As the name implies, this is Gaara's strongest defence.
Ability: can defend against frontal attacks.

(Requires mini Shukaku form to use)
Name: Sand Shuriken
Description: A technique used by Gaara in his miniature Shukaku form. He shapes the sand composing his arms into countless shuriken, and he swings them both. Taking advantage of that formidable centrifugal force, the fired blades of sand change into dangerous weapons. Gaara creates and fires an uninterrupted succession of sand rounds, tearing everything in sight to pieces.

Transformed State:
Name: Wind Style: Air Bullet
Description: To use this technique, Shukaku will first take a deep breath, and then pound its stomach to apply external pressure, the power of which it uses to shoot a highly compressed air ball from its mouth. The expelled air ball is mighty enough to hollow out the ground, and level an entire forest. Because of the large quantity of chakra kneaded into it, it explodes the moment it reaches its target, dealing an enormous amount of damage, as well as levelling anything in its path. Shukaku is able to fire multiple of these in rapid succession, having a certain level of control regarding the size of the bullets.

Jinchuuriki jutsu:
Name: Fire Rat
Description: The user grows one of Matatabi's tails and scatters three fire rats which explode if approached.
Type: Ninjutsu

Name: Mouse Hairball
Description: The user spits out a flaming ball of hair that assumes the shape of a mouse engulfed in flames, which then continually splits in to individual and similarly ablaze hairs. These flaming projectiles pursue the intended targets before exploding, once they come into contact with an object.
Type: Ninjutsu

Transformed State:
Name: Great Cat Claw Attack
Description: While in her transformed state, the user slashes the opponent with a powerful and quick swipe, using the extended nails on their hands.
Type: Taijutsu

Name: Two-Tails Fire Ball
Description: While in full Two-Tails form, the user fires a huge spectral fireball made of chakra and fire that explodes on contact. These blasts are very destructive, and can reduce her surroundings to rubble.
Type: Ninjutsu

Regular Jinchuuriki state:
Innate ability: The user can form Coral whenever the user wishes to make their attacks even more deadlier than what they would be normally.

Name: Water Style: Aqua Mirror Jutsu
Description: The user creates a large, flat, circular pool of water in front of their opponent. Its surface acts like a mirror, perfectly reflecting the attacking targets. By then hooking onto and rotating the 'mirror' 90° with their staff, the reflections emerge and materialise from the mirror, where they collide with the mirrored targets. As these reflections use the exact same technique as their counterpart — regardless of its type — they counter the attack completely, while repelling them in the process. However, upon impact, the reflections disperse into water.
Type: Ninjutsu
Ability: Reflects opponents attacks back at them.

Transformed State:
Name: Coral Palm
Description: While in his transformed state, Yagura strikes the opponent with a powerful blow, causing a large formation of coral to quickly grow from the initial point of contact. This then rapidly solidifies and restricts the enemy's mobility, as the substance continues to grow, eventually covering their entire body.

Name: Illusionary Mist
Description: The Three-Tails releases a mist created by its chakra to put intruders under an illusion. The illusion torments the target with events from their past. The illusion will vanish if the victim can break the illusion, either by themselves or with the assistance of another.
Ability: Torture the opponent with past events. Locks them in place for 3 posts.

Name: Shell Spear
Description: Isobu (or Yagura while fully transformed into Isobu) can roll into a ball and bulldoze its opponents, making full use of its many spiky protrusions in a manner similar to the Akimichi clan's Spiked Human Bullet Tank. This manoeuvre can also be used to escape attacks.

Name: Three-Tails Water Ball
Description: The Three-Tails gathers raw chakra, along with water, into a single compressed sphere before firing it at its target. The Three-Tails has shown the ability to create two water-balls at the same time.

Name: Rough Sea Splash
Description: The user first fills the area with water then knocks the enemy underwater, before transforming into Isobu. He then grabs the enemy and thrusts them out of the water, spitting a stream of water directly at his opponent.
Type: Ninjutsu

Son Gokū:
Regular Jinchuuriki state:
Innate Ability: The user can generate lava like punches to attack their opponents with.
Type: Taijutsu

Name: Lava Style Armour
Description: The user envelops their entire body in a coating of lava that enhances the damage of their physical attacks. Due to the extreme heat generated by the lava, the user is capable of burning the target without coming into direct contact with them. In addition to the offensive damage the armour can inflict, it can also be used for defensive purposes, as it acts as a deterrent towards those who wish to attack the user physically.
Type: Taijutsu

Name: Lava Style: Glowing Armour Palm
Description: The user coats himself in lava and punches the opponent.
Type: Taijutsu

Name: Lava Style: Scorching Rocks Jutsu
Description: The user expels a large amount of lava from their mouth, which quickly solidifies into multiple boulders of molten rock that are fired towards the target with tremendous force. Due to their composition, the boulders can melt through most objects with ease, and because a considerable number are dispersed over a wide range in quick succession, they are also difficult to avoid.
Type: Ninjutsu

Name: Lava Style: Molten Peak
Description: The user creates circles of lava that erupts molten rock on the opponent that enters them.
Type: Ninjutsu

Transformed State:
Name: Flower–Fruit Mountain
Description: While in his transformed state, the user creates an enormous torrent of lava that violently erupts from the ground, before rushing upwards towards the target.

Name: Monkey Flame Release
Description: Transforming as Son Gokū, the user spits green flames on the opponent.

Equipment needed:
Name: Steam Armour
Description: The user wears this Steam Armour in order to use the steam-based ninjutsu. Along with covering his entire body, the armour contains a furnace in its back, where the steam is produced. The pressure resulting from this emitted steam can then be used to increase the force behind Han's physical attacks. The exact amount of force produced is proportional to the quantity of steam released, as the greater the volume of steam utilised, the larger the pressure that can be built up within the armour is. For example, when a significant amount was used, just a simple kick was capable of knocking both Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B, who only caught the former, a large distance away.

Regular Jinchuuriki state:
Name: Erupting Strong Foot
Description: Increasing his attack power with his Steam Armour, Han delivers a powerful kick to his opponent. This attack has enough force to generally send his opponent reeling backwards.
Type: Taijutsu

Transformed State:
Name: Horn Breaking
Description: Kokuō drives its horns directly into the opponent using a powerful charge. The force of this attack was so great that it can send another tailed beast flying a considerable distance away.
Type: Taijutsu

Regular Jinchuuriki state:
Will be added soon.

Transformed State:
Name: Acid Scattering
Description: Opening its mouth, Saiken releases a dense gas composed of a highly corrosive substance. Because of its gaseous nature, it can cover a wide cross-area in a short amount of time and is strong enough to instantly disintegrate a tree.

Name: Leech Gap
Description: While in his transformed state, Utakata can ooze an extremely alkaline liquid, which burns upon contact. Killer B while in his full Eight-Tails form commented that the substance was strong enough to burn through his skin.

Jinchuuriki Jutsu:
Name: Wing Beheading
Description: Using Chōmei's wings, the user sends a sharp shock wave at the opponents.
Type: Ninjutsu

Transformed State:
Name: Bug Bite
Description: While in the transformed state, the user attacks the enemy with a powerful glancing blow, seemingly biting them in the process.
Type: Taijutsu

Name: Wing Rotation
Description: Transformed as Chōmei, the user swirls Chōmei's non-wing tail, creating and directing a small tornado towards her opponents.
Type: Ninjutsu

Name: Ink Creation
Description: Killer B is able to form ink in his mouth. The ink can be used for a variety of things, such as using his ink covered finger as a makeshift pencil or using the ink to blind an opponent. Killer B used this technique in greater extent when he was able to cover the whole water prison with his ink in order to blind Kisame. The ink can also be moulded into a more solid form to create clones.
Ability: pretty self explanatory

Name: Tailed Beast Eight Twists
Description: After assuming his full Eight-Tails transformation, Killer B tightly coils the beast's tails around himself, before extending them with an enormous amount of physical strength. This causes him to spin rapidly, resulting in the generation of tremendous gusts of wind that buffet everything in the surrounding area. This technique was powerful enough to level the terrain within a large range of the Eight-Tails.

Special Ability: Negative Emotions Sensing
Description: Kurama has the ability to sense negative emotions such as hatred and killing intent of any individual around it. Kurama has used this ability to find Naruto's inner hatred, which has brought it close to breaking the seal which contains it numerous times before Naruto took control of the fox's chakra himself. When Naruto achieved the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, he in turn gained this ability, aptly displayed when he uncovered Kisame Hoshigaki hiding within Samehada, even though Kisame and the sword both shared the same chakra signature. According to Tobi, Mito Uzumaki also possessed this ability.

Name: Fire Breath
Description: The user breathes a powerful stream of fire from their mouth. The flames have enough power to break enormous boulders, and even do damage to Pain's Chibaku Tensei in Kurama's case.

Name: Nine-Tails Beam
Description: The Nine-Tails can fire a powerful beam of chakra, capable of piercing through rock.

Name: Nine-Tails Twister
Description: With a swipe of its claws, Kurama can create a tornado which could possibly do massive damage. The damage was not seen as Pain used Shinra Tensei to nullify it.
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