Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu

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Tailed Beasts and their Jutsu

Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:03 pm

Tailed Beasts:

Some of the Bijuu have elements that are not one of the five common natures. If you become the jinchurriki one of these bijuu, you gain access to their unique chakra natures. If a shinobi wants a Tailed beast they must find them in a quest while on the Land of Shinobi, they cannot be found anywhere else. The hunt must last a total of 2,000wc and they must be sealed in a Shinobi of the Naruto Class only.

>One-tail: Shukaku
Nature- Wind + Earth (Magnet Style as well)
Stat- Speed +2, Stamina +3
Side effect: This Tailed beast can take over the Jinchuriki when ever they sleep.
Bijuu ability-Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullet (Ninjutsu)
Downside- User cannot go to sleep without beast taking over and character loses control until they are stopped. Also user gains a uncontrollable blood thirst.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Two-tail: Matatabi
Nature- Fire
Stat- Strength +4, Energy +1
Bijuu Ability- Two-Tails Fire Ball (Ninjutsu)
Downside- Only main downside to Matatabi is the fact that when you first have him sealed in your body, everytime you sneeze you will spit out blue flames uncontrollably. This can be stopped by mastering Control #1, due to Matatabi being a very kind soul he is fairly easy to master, in fact he is the easiest to control.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Three-tail: Isobu
Nature- Water
Stat- Speed +5
Bijuu Ability- Three-Tails Water Ball (Ninjutsu)
Downside- If you lose control of your chakra you can turn everything and everyone around you friend or foe into coral and kill them. This process can be stopped by achieving Control #1.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Four-tail: Son Goku
Nature- Lava (Earth/Fire)
Stat- Strength +2, Stamina +3
Bijuu Ability- Lava Tidal wave (Ninjutsu)
Downside- Since Son Goku is a very proud type of Tailed Beast using his jutsu will be fairly difficult until you master Control #1, but you will not have its full power until Control #2 where you can then use the Lava style at will and be able to control it.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Five-tail: Kokuo
Nature- Boil (Water + Fire)
Stat- Strength +5
Bijuu Ability- Ramming horse (Taijutsu)
Downside- However using the Boil style of Kokuo is great for your taijutsu it is also bad for your chakra network. Using it too much in combat will result in damage to your body until you master Kokuo completely through Control #2.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Six-tail: Saiken
Nature- Water + Bubbles
Stat- Energy +3, Stamina +2
Bijuu Ability- Protective Shroud (Ninjutsu)
Downside- If you use tailed beast mode too often without Control #2 your body can be burned by the acid that is formed from Saiken.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Seven-tail: Chomei
Nature- Wind
Stat- Speed +5
Bijuu Ability- Draining Bite (Taijutsu)
Downside- Using Chomei tends to be rather easy but if you use it for too long in battle Chomei will drain your chakra and leave you unable to move for several posts. If you go beyond this point he will take control of you like the others. Control #2 is needed to put a stop to this.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Eight-tail: Gyuki
Nature- Thunder
Stat- Speed +2, Stamina +3
Bijuu Ability- Ox Lariat (Taijutsu)
Downside- If you go over 4 tails before 60k and master the beast you will lose control like the 1 tails.
Current Jinchuriki:

>Nine-tail: Kurama
Nature- Fire
Stat- Strength +2 Stamina +3
Bijuu Ability- Howling Wave (Ninjutsu)
Downside- If user is in combat for too long the Fox's hateful spirit will take over or going over 3 tails without mastering control #2 can cause the Fox's hateful spirit to take over.
Current Jinchuriki:

There are 2 types of control, Chakra control, and beast control. the Jinchuriki must post for the requirements of each. If one gains Beast control, they then become able to spawn individual parts of the beast as necessary.

Control #1: (Chakra Control)
Chakra Boost: 1k per tail[max 5k]
Description: This is just where you learn to draw on the beast's chakra like Naruto did in Part 1 of the series against Gaara.
Stat Boost: +2 to all stats per each tail [max 10]
Req: 800wc of control training + 25,000 power

Control #2: (Beast Control)
Chakra Boost: 2k per tail [max 10k]
Description: At this stage you and your Beast learn to mold your chakras in perfect harmony like Killer Bee and the 8 tails. At this level you can also use the Host Transformation to transform into your tailed beasts true form.
Stat Boost: +3 to all stats per tail [max 15]
Req: 1,500wc of control training + 60,000 power

The One Tails does not abide by the rules above. Since the Shukaku does not have a chakra form it only has the beast form, which means it can transform from the sand. It gains additional +5 to each stat when it transforms.

Another Note:
When you get the stat bonuses when you get your tailed beast you do not double if it is your class stat.
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