The Man Behind The Legends

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The Man Behind The Legends

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:32 pm

Tenjinsai made good time heading to the academy, only taking at most a minute or two to arrive with shunpou. Now that he was there though the hard part would begin. He was in search of a teacher, a man by the name of Takahashi. He did not even know what his surname was either nor what he looked like. It was almost as if he had come hunting down some kind of myth or legend that only rumors had been whispered of. Granted it was not actually akin to that, he knew the man existed, or at least did at one point. Tenjinsai had not even given a moment to consider that maybe he was not alive anymore. From what he had remembered hearing he was already an old soul back when he taught his father in the academy. That would have been over five hundred years ago at this point. Of course souls had greater life spans then normal humans, even more so for those with great spiritual power.

Even souls died of old age though, no one was an exception. It all came down to a question of when, though it was typically not the most common cause of death to be fair. At this rate, if he had to place a guess, the man could have most likely been over a thousand years old. For him to expect the man to still be alive and kicking, it may be expecting to much. The only way to know though would be to start looking around and asking questions. That was exactly what Tenjinsai set to out to do as well. It started with approaching students, asking them if they had heard of him or knew where the man could be located. The few students he had approached though did not recognize the name, they also seemed to be more interested in him as well. It was not often that a ranking officer of the Gotei Thirteen decided to stop by the academy. 

The fact that he was a Vice Captain seemed to peak a lot of interest among the students. More then Tenjinsai was comfortable with to be honest. However those that did not oogle over him and ask questions about his personal life did provide some information. Many of them pointed him in the direction of the training field, a place that the students often practiced kidou. It would seem natural for a teacher of kidou to be in the place that they practiced it. Now the next big piece of information would obviously be figuring out where the hell the training field was. Tenjinsai had never gone to the academy and received the formal education a lot of the other students did. That being the case, he was essentially wandering around aimlessly until he found what he was looking for. Perhaps if he had thought to ask them where it is he wouldn't be in the situation he currently found himself.

He sighed lightly, stopping in the midst of a hall, looking around trying to get some bearing as to where he was or where to go. As he did so he felt a light poke on his shoulder, someone attempting to get his attention again most likely. Turning around, Tenjinsai found himself pleasantly surprised by the sight that he beheld. "Tenjinsai, is that really you?" Standing in front of him was not only his older sister Amaya, but her daughter Aina as well. He had not seen her for quite some time, since he had left the estate in fact. "It is indeed me, as shocking as that may be given my attire. But what are you two doing here? Is my niece here going to join the academy and become a shinigami as well?" There was a pause at that as Tenjinsai watch his sister look down at the small soul next to her. "Aina, sweetie, why don't you go look at those bulletins on the wall over there for a moment.

Me and Uncle Tenjinsai just need to talk about some grown up stuff." "Ok mommy." With that she was off and out of ear shot for whatever reason his sister could have desired. Did he perhaps breach a topic that she was not quite comfortable with. Sure, Aina was young, but many souls from noble families were sent to the academy when they were children. It was not just to learn to become a shinigami, there were also general education courses as well. It was as close to a school that they had in the Soul Society. Considering that their entire family was composed of shinigami as well, it was a bit unusual. "Did I say something wrong?" His sister shook her head, looking over at Aina for a moment before turning her attention back to Tenjinsai. "No, it is not that. Her father is actually very protective and is not enthusiastic about Aina becoming a shinigami. Of course father cannot wait for her to join the academy, and here I am in the middle."

"Mmmm." Tenjinsai nodded his head lightly while biting the inside of his cheek. A precarious situation that he had wished he had not asked about. He had no idea how to really comment on it nor felt like he had the right to. Sure, Amaya was his sister, Aina was his niece, but this was a decision best left to the parents. They should do what they felt was right for her, even with fathers imposing will. It was almost expected for a member of the family to follow in the 'legacy' it had created. Tenjinsai was the sole exception given the circumstances of his life. Though even he had now ended up becoming one, it was something that was inescapable. "Ermmm." Tenjinsai jumbled a few words around in his head, trying to formulate some kind of a response that would ease the situation. Perhaps he could even somehow give his sister some guidance.

"Maybe, you and Taisa should just sit down and figure out what you want for her future. It is up to you two in the end no matter what father or anyone else says." The two then split their eye contact to turn their gaze over to Aina who looked back just as quickly. She smiled vibrantly, as children always did, naive to the world around them as it was. Amaya offered a warm smile and Tenjinsai waved at his young niece before removing themselves from that brief respite from life. "I suppose that would be best. I know that he wants her to stay away from all of this though, it will keep her safe in the end. Maybe that is what we will do, for now. In the end, once she is grown, it will be up to her what she wants to do with her life." Tenjinsai crossed his arms over his chest and smiled lightly at his sister. "As ever a fair exchange as I have heard. Hopefully your hubby will see it the same way."

She laughed lightly before following suit and also crossing her arms over her chest. She glanced over to Aina, smiling lightly as she spoke. "He puts up a good front but he is a softy on the inside, especially for his little girl." "That is good then I suppose. I know everyone could use all the help that they can get, especially right now with everything going on. It really is best to keep her out of it, until this has passed." Amaya nodded lightly, looking a little concerned as her gaze drifted away towards her daughter again. "She doesn't need to be involved in all of this bloodshed, not at her age. It would be too much for her. It is too much for some of us as it is..." Tenjinsai uncrossed his arms, his hands dropped down and his thumbs placing themselves in his sash. He looked down slightly, tracing lines along the lining between the floor tiles.

"I hope it comes to an end soon, all of this violence. I have only just gotten involved in everything and it is already overwhelming. People that were once allies killing each other over nothing more then what is really an ego trip. Why can't they just sit down and discuss it like mature adults, why war." Thoughts of his brother passed through his head after saying that. It was not a topic brought up often, and for very obvious reason, but his brother had once had two daughters. It was because of all of the in fighting that was going on that she ended up losing her life. So much senseless violence, so much loss of life. It was more then he could understand, then he wanted to understand. Tenjinsai knew that order had to be upheld, and that someone had to lead the Gotei Thirteen and effectively the Soul Society. But did people really need to die for it to be settled?

No one had been left unscathed by the rampant ruination. The words of his zanpaktou rang through his head as he thought about it. He was supposed to bring peace, to set the world right and bring them into a new order. He would certainly like to bring an end to things, to see peace in the Soul Society once again. "Amaya, if I told you I would bring peace to the Soul Society would you think I was crazy?" An eyebrow raising was the first reaction, followed by a look of confusion as if she was trying to find some non existent item to explain what her brother had just said. "I mean, that is just, why would you ask me such a thing?" As expected her reaction was less then favorable, not surprising in the least. Anyone saying such a thing other then perhaps one of the Captains would be absolute lunacy. But for some reason his zanpaktou was firm in its beliefs, and Tenjinsai was starting to believe it.

"It is just something that someone very close to me had said. I am finding myself starting to believe it the more I think about it. Though perhaps I am just losing my mind." He laughed a little bit and turned away slightly, looking over at the various students that wandered the hall as well as his young niece. "Someone has to do it though, these children do not need to die needlessly. Maybe I can be the one to do it, I don't know, but if I can at least help in some way, I would gladly lay down my life to do so." After saying what he had his sister began to laugh, not a lot, but just enough to be confused and slightly offended. She waved at him as she laughed, calming herself down as she did so and apologized for doing so. "I was not laughing at you Tenjinsai, truly. It is just that you sound exactly like father." He moved his face slightly, a look of mock disappointment appearing on it.

"I suppose I can take that as a compliment, he does have a lot of redeeming qualities after all. He is just a little headstrong at times." She laughed again very briefly and nodded at him while looking him over quickly. "It is true, he can be quick to act on certain things and definitely stuck in his old ways. But he is kind, honorable, and above all loyal. These are the traits that you share with him. But you are different as well, which is good in its own way as well. Maybe you can make a change, it is not my place to make that judgment. But, if you believe in something then you should pursue it. Just, be careful." He smiled quickly, and placed his right hand behind his head, scratching as his gaze traveled off into the distance. "You know me well enough to know that is an impossibility. Trouble seems to follow me wherever I go. I will just have to start being one step ahead of it. Ohh!!"

Tenjinsai clapped his hands together loudly, startling Amaya and some of the others in the area drawing their attention to the two siblings. He looked around awkwardly, somewhat embarrassed and waved it off as nothing more then an accident. In reality he had remember his purpose for being there and wanted to see if maybe Amaya knew anything about this Takahashi fellow. "Umm Amaya, do you happen to know a teacher here by the name of Takahashi? I know that he had taught both father and Uncle Hayashi when they had been students." There was a brief silence as his sister thought over his question. Her hand quickly shot up though, the index finger pointed outward as it appeared she came to an answer that seemed favorable to his search. "Takahashi, yes I know him. He had actually taught both me and Tsunkai when we were enrolled in the academy. Father made a special request of the academy that he be our instructor."

Bingo, that was just what Tenjinsai was looking for. Hopefully she would be able to point out to him where he was so he could get on with his little 'quest', so to speak. "Would you happen to know where I could find him? I actually came here hoping to seek his guidance in learning some Kidou." Amaya's head cocked slightly, her eyes getting wide and eyebrows raising up. "Oh, trying to get a leg up on father perhaps?" He laughed nervously, turning his head to the side and looking off down the hall. "Maybe, I just want to improve my abilities so I can be more then just another run of the mill shinigami." She nodded lightly, and then pointed off down the hall to his right. "Down that way if you keep following the hall and then take a right you should end up near the training grounds. Pay attention to the wall placards with directions on them and you should have no trouble finding it."

He nodded eagerly and started to head off in the direction that was pointed out to him. He stopped short though, not wanting to leave without saying goodbye at least after their first meeting in quite some time. "Sorry about that, just eager to meet whoever this apparently prodigious teacher is. It was, it was good to see you again Amaya. Hopefully it will be more common place for me to be around the manor. But for now, I will probably stay the course and keep my distance. You can always find me in the Eighth Division Barracks though!" To that she smiled lightly, but it quickly faded and it was more then obvious she was disheartened and bothered by the fact. It had been a long time since they had last seen each other, so the conversation was probably a massive relief on her part. Tenjinsai had enjoyed it as well, sharing a strong bond with his siblings despite the separation.

Unfortunately he did not have the luxury of being with them as much as everyone would have liked. He had to settle for what he had now until things changed. Amaya and Tsunkai had to do likewise, and nobody was happy about it. Tenjinsai sighed lightly, scuffing at the ground with his right foot before moving forward and giving his sister a hug. "Things will change eventually, it is just a matter of time. We all just have to keep holding on." She nodded and returned the hug, the embrace lasting for a few seconds before the two let go and backed away from one another. Amaya wiped a tear away from her left eye before calling Aina over, waving her towards them as she did so. "Aina come here sweetie. Come say goodbye to Uncle Tenjinsai. He has somewhere that he needs to go now." Excited as ever, the small girl ran over and jumped at Tenjinsai, clinging to his waist with a grip that was surprisingly strong.

"Wow, you sure are a strong one aren't you. Here, up we go!" Leaning down, he placed his hands under Aina's arms and lifted her up, holding her properly for a hug. "You keep being a good girl and listen to your mother and father alright? Maybe whenever I come to visit I will bring you something nice if you behave, ok?" In a split second Aina's face lit up like a christmas tree and she nodded her head until it looked like it would fall off. "Yes, I will be a good girl for mommy and daddy. Promise!!" Tenjinsai smiled and bent back down putting his niece on the ground and sending her off to her mother. It may be a long time until he saw them again, but he would have to remember that. She made a promise to him and he made a promise to her. "It is a deal then. As long as you behave I will bring you something nice when I visit. Promise."

Her face beamed with light as she grinned widely and took hold of her mothers hand. The two waved as Tenjinsai walked away, heading down the hall toward the training ground. He continued to smile as he left until he turned the corner at the end of the hall, taking the right he was told to take. He wanted to be happy that he saw them, but he really couldn't be. Not knowing when he would see them next hurt more then the happiness that he felt right now. Chance meetings were no way to get together with ones family. He did not even know that Aina had been born until she had turned two. Even then he had to wait another few months before he could manage a way to visit them. It killed him, but also drove him at the same time. Everything would change eventually, it was just a matter of time, or at least he hoped that would be the case.

Tenjinsai needed to just continue moving forward, ever viligante in his quest. For now though, he had to find Takahashi. Now that he had an idea of where he was he just needed to actually find him. He headed off, somewhat aimlessly, towards the training grounds by following the signs and directions his sister had given him. It was a few minutes but he eventually found himself at the training grounds. They were large, very large, and populated heavily with students blowing small targets to pieces via practice. Amidst all of the yelling and explosions, he spotted one many who stood out from the rest. He was of average height, average build, and was certainly aged. He was issuing instructions, pointing and directing the groups of students to move up to the line and when to fire.

'That has to be him.' Tenjinsai made his way over, excited to meet this individual he had heard so much yet so little about. All of the mystery surrounding him had built the man up in Tenjinsai's mind and made it all the more exciting when he was finally standing up next to him. Clearing his throat, Tenjinsai bowed slightly, offering some respect to his senior, and then asked the fateful question. "Excuse me sir, I do not mean to intrude but I must ask you a question. I am looking for a man by the name of Takahashi, are you him?"
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Re: The Man Behind The Legends

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:59 pm

After Tenjinsai asked the question there was a pause as the teacher seemed to look him over. The suspected man's eyebrows raised as he looked him over, smiling briefly at the end before beginning to nod. "I am indeed Takahashi, though that is my family name. Judging by your appearance I assume that you must be Tenjinsai?" He was taken aback, confused at how he could possibly know who he was. Could his father had sent word ahead that Tenjinsai would seek him out for teaching? There was no way though that he could have even remotely known that he would do so. It was something that he had come to of his own accord, not being a part of any plan that he had been ordered to fulfill. If that was not the case though, how could he have possibly known who he was. " But, how could you possibly know who I am without us ever having met?"

The older gentleman laughed, his arms clasping behind his back as he began to walk away to a small building near the training field. "Follow along young man, I will explain everything to you and then we can discuss why you are here." Tenjinsai did as he was told and followed behind him quietly as they moved into the small building. It seemed almost like an office of sorts, perhaps for whoever was minding the field at the time. Certainly one could say it was small, even tiny perhaps. There was just enough room to fit a table with several seats and that was about it. A modicum of privacy if it was needed while on the job it seemed. Tenjinsai sat down following suit of Takahashi who had already done so. "I take it you are here to ask for my teachings?" Another bingo for the old man as it was. He had already successfully deduced who he was, and now why he was here.

It was strange, almost mysterious and threatening that he knew as much as he did. It did not sit right with him for some reason, but something about him told Tenjinsai to trust in the old man. "It seems you already know, but yes, I have come here to ask for your tutelage in the art of kidou. I know that you taught most of my family in the art of kidou and taught them well. I would humbly ask that you impart your wisdom unto me as well so that I may improve my skills as a shinigami." There was silence following that, Takahashi stroking his beard as he looked over the young man before him. His eyes narrowed as he looked him over once again, thinking over the situation and deciding on the young shinigami's request. He looked away briefly after that, gazing out the window and smiling for a moment. "I will teach you Tenjinsai, just as I taught the rest of your family.

You are all incredibly talented and are meant to do great things in your lives. It is an honor to be able to assist you in these tasks." Takahashi's head lowered slightly, giving a simple bow to offer a form of respect to Tenjinsai. He stood up quickly, refusing the respect that he was offered, not being deserving of such a notion from a seasoned and wise man as he was. Tenjinsai was just a child that had been gifted with natural talent. He knew little of the world and his skills were rudimentary at best. His ability in kidou was lack luster, as were his skills in the other arts. The only area that he shone at all was his zanjutsu. Even that was only because he had used his blade in combat for over one hundred years. Outside of that he only knew two very basic kidou and how to utilize the most basic forms of shunpou. He was not skilled, he was just gifted.

To be honest it was almost embarrassing to be looked at in such a light. For people to think so highly of him even though he knew next to nothing. His ideals were even less lofty, having only lived to win his father's favor until recently. His strength was almost wasted upon him as he had never truly sought out greatness in his life. Everything to this point had been thrust upon him or appointed by those of true power and repute. He hung his head slightly, thinking over the choices he had made in his life to this point. "I do not deserve the respect that you offer me Takahashi Sensei. I have done nothing with my life to this point and anything that I have accomplished has been given to me. My strength is mostly attributed to my lineage and I have little in the way of skills or knowledge." Tenjinsai knelt down to the floor as best he could in the small room and placed his forehead against the ground.

He wished to offer his most humble respect to this man who had offered to teach him. He would be able to truly develop his skills and advance down the path of becoming a shinigami. "I humbly offer you whatever respect someone like myself can offer you for the great service you have offered me. My only question at this point though is when can we begin?" He slowly eased himself up off the floor as he felt the older shinigami's arms wrap under his own and help him up. "Come, stand up Tenjinsai you need not show such respect to an old man like me." Takahashi's arms swept around the now students shihakushou sweeping away any dirt and dust that had found their way onto it from his prostration. "You may have no purpose at the moment and nothing of repute to speak of, but you are the future."

He motioned his arm towards the door leading back out into the training field and Tenjinsai quickly moved outside with his new teacher following behind him. "If we do not do our best to nurture and grow the generation below us then we as mentors have failed and the Soul Society will be doomed. It is my duty to ensure that you are all ready to move into a future when those who once lead the way will no longer be there. Eventually it will be you young souls that will have to take the reins and impart your own wisdom to the generation beneath your own." Tenjinsai was once again humbled by the notion that was imparted unto him by Takahashi sensei. It was a noble ideal, one that would hopefully stick with him for the rest of his days. To nurture the younger generation was to succeed in securing a future for the Soul Society.

It was ultimately a very true philosophy as one day all of them would eventually be gone. Some may live for a great deal of time and become a part of Soul Society's history itself, but no one could live forever. They would all die on day and they would have to leave their duty to the ones that were left behind. Everyone around him seemed to have such lofty goals and noble ideas. It was only himself that fell short from everyone despite the expectation that everyone apparently had for him. Tenjinsai was supposed to be spectacular and accomplish the greatest of tasks that would be impossible for anyone else. He still could not see it, despite how much he had grown in such a short period of time. He could not find himself looking in the mirror the same way that everyone looked upon him. He was not a genius, nor was he remarkably talented.

He was another shinigami, just like anyone else, just naturally talented. He had achieved nothing of note nor had he truly pressed himself to do so. Though this self doubt may be exactly what has held him back from accomplishing such deeds. If he could not believe in himself though many others did, how could he ever do anything of note. He would need to push past himself to become who he was truly meant to be. "I will carry your words with me for the rest of my life Takahashi sensei. I can only hope to one day be able to give such wisdom to another the way you have given it to me." Tenjinsai felt a light hand pat him on the back reassuringly as he gazed out at the students training before him. "You will one day but you will have much to learn and time to enjoy while you are still young. Do not take the whole world on at once or you will find yourself overwhelmed quickly.

As long as you move deliberately and take things one step at a time, you will eventually get to where you are heading. Life is not a race, it is a journey meant to be taken in steps not leaps and bounds." This man was wise, that much Tenjinsai was certain of at this point. He spoke from experience and had a great understanding of how the world functioned. It was no wonder his family held him in such high regard. He found himself wishing he had sought this man out sooner so that he could imbibe in such intellect and genius. "But I am just rambling, you came here for training and so training you will get. First though we must know what knowledge you already possess. This way we can find a starting point and building upon the foundation you have already created." Tenjinsai nodded eagerly and put his right hand under his chin thinking over his very small set of skills.

"To be honest I know very little of the shinigami arts. I have been blessed with a powerful reiatsu and little more then that. In regards to kidou I only know two, Sho and Hainawa." The elder teacher nodded his head lightly while gazing out upon the students. It looked as though he was scanning over the entire field, giving each lane a look over before settling far to the right where it was more isolated. Takahashi's right arm extended outward, pointing to a lane furthest away from the students. "Head over there and we can begin your training. I will be up front and say that you will not learn anything astounding too quickly. Your skills are rudimentary and though you are talented you must start from the bottom and work your way up." He chuckled lightly, stroking his beard as he began speaking again. "You may very well find yourself in the same boat as these students here."

Tenjinsai had a feeling that things would turn out the way they had. He was not disappointed at all though at the turn of events. It was expectant of him and he would actually prefer it this way. He would be allowed to get a full education similar to what the students would receive at the academy. Though he would most likely excel through his training a great deal quicker then they would, he would start at the same base level they would. "Well, Takahashi sensei, where should we start?" The old man stroked his beard again, something Tenjinsai was beginning to figure out was a quirk or habit of his new mentor. It slowly donned on him that a lot of the people he had met had a little habit they indulged in. Whether it was conscious or not was something the did not know, but the quirks were there. Most of his family had a habit of putting their hands in the sleeves of their shihakushou or haori.

It was something his father had acquired from his grandfather and spread among the rest of the family from there. He himself had not yet acquired the trait, but he could seem himself doing so at some point. It was an inevitability that spread itself through his family, he was next on the list it would seem. A strange notion as any to be fair as well, but he had more important things to do. He needed to start training, and quickly, he had little time to be daydreaming as he needed to get back soon to reconvene with his companions. "You can begin right where these students are. We just began practicing the Byakurai today. Step into your lane and practice right alongside them." Takahashi began to walk away back towards where he had first been standing when Tenjinsai arrived. He stopped short for a moment and turned his head slightly to the right back towards the young Vice Captain.

"Just try to keep the power to a minimum. You may all be practicing the same kidou but be aware that you have far more reiryoku to put into your blast. Let's not destroy the training grounds if that is not too much to ask." Tenjinsai smiled very briefly and put his hand behind his head scratching his scalp. "I will do my best to minimize collateral damage." Takahashi simply gave a nod and continued to walk away as Tenjinsai turned to face into his lane. He had expected a little bit more of hands on training, but these were just the basics after all. If he could not manage to learn such a simple kidou without someone holding his hand then what hope did he have for the more powerful ones. Taking in a deep breath, Tenjinsai extended his right hand outward with his index finger pointed towards the target. Then, moving his left hand over the bicep of his extended arm, he gripped it lightly as if to brace for impact.

Now was the hardest part of the process, firing the actual blast. He had seen it performed before, recently as well as it was. His brother had used the Byakurai to kill one of the bandits that he had been fighting in the Rukongai recently. Even though it was such a low ranking kidou, its power could be tremendous if used by someone with enough strength and skill. The same could really be said for any of the kidou. Even the most basic of the hadou, Sho, could be absolutely devastating if used by a master of the art. While Tenjinsai was in no way a master or even what one could call proficient, he had enough strength to make up for it to a degree. The question now was if he could manage to control it well enough to not blow a hole right through the wall behind his target. Steadying himself, Tenjinsai took aim and pointed his index finger directly towards the center of the target.

He took in another deep breath and began to recite the incantation for the kidou. He spoke silently, uttering the words in silence as a light blue bulb began to gradually form at the tip of his index finger. As he continued to speak the 'words of power' the bulb started to spark and crackle lightly like lightning stretching and stringing from its source. Then all at once as he finished the incantation the bulb turned into a powerful thin beam rippling forward towards the target as he roared out the name of the hadou. "Hadou number four, Byakurai!!" The beam, though very thin, contained a great amount of power within it and the distance it travelled was proof enough. It ripped through just above the center of the target and left a hole the same size in the wall behind it. It continued to speed off into the distance slowly rising up into the air at the slight inclined angle it fired at.

After a few moments the light became faint enough that it could no longer be seen and faded off into the horizon of the Rukongai. Tenjinsai cleared his throat lightly and slowly paced around taking in his surroundings to see if anybody noticed. As he gazed about the other students and his new teacher it did not seem as though anyone had paid too much attention to him. Thankfully he had managed to keep things enough under wraps and hopefully he could continue to do so. Tenjinsai raised his right arm up again preparing yet another byakurai. His left hand bracing against his right bicep as he took aim towards the target once more. He would not be satisfied until he managed to hit the target dead center and struck a bullseye. It was certainly not required of him though, Takahashi-sensei had never even given him such a stipulation.

It was more a matter of his own person prowess and pride though. He was doing this for himself, to improve his abilities as an individual and a shinigami of the Gotei Thirteen. It was truly the first time that he had done something for himself and not just in the pursuit of a person or ideals. To be honest as well, he had to say that it felt, good. Perhaps this would be the first step down a different road, this new path that was supposed to be meant for him. It was small, almost insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But, even as small as it was, this one tiny act held more meaning in it then most of the things he had done to this point. It would mark a change in Tenjinsai's mentality and how he approached life in general from that day forward. It would start small, little things that would be barely noticable. But as time went on, he would turn into the person that he was meant to be.

Would he be a hero, no one could say. Will he one day be a great leader of men that would bring about a golden age of prosperity, uncertain. One thing though was certain, that whatever it was that Tenjinsai was to accomplish, would be momentous. But he had to start small, and learning one of the rudimentary academy kidou was about as small as it got. Once again finishing the incantation, Tenjinsai spoke out the name of the hadou and fired off the light blue bulb that had spun itself at the tip of its finger. "Hadou number four, Byakurai!" It rippled outwards once again in a powerful beam, this time soaring through the center of the target and driving through the wall behind it yet again. It travelled off into the distance, this time harder to see as it did not rise upwards at an incline and was truly a centered firing this time.

Folding his arms across his chest he looked off towards Takahashi-sensei with satisfaction only to be disappointed that his new mentor had not seen the act he had just performed. To be fair as well, there was not much to truly be impressed with as it was. He was a Vice Captain with reiatsu that was close to that of a Captain's. To not be able to properly use a simple hadou like byakurai would have been a great deal more to be disappointed with then pride for being able to perform it adequately. Now there was just the question of what he should do now. He had aptly learned the byakurai and was ready to move on to another lesson. He was certain to burn through the lower ranked kidou quickly with the natural prowess he possessed. Tenjinsai wanted to move as quickly as he could considering beyond learning he was also short on time.

Perhaps though he would not have anymore time at the moment to really attempt learning another kidou. It had already been quite a while since he had left and had spent most of his time talking with his sister and niece. He had barely had enough time as it was to meet Takahashi and learn the byakurai. Perhaps it was a good time for him to head back to the barracks and meet up with Aria and Mikoto. He was sure by now they had put together at least a few candidates. If he was lucky they may have even managed to actually gather the three recruits together. Tenjinsai was not going to hold his breath but it would be a pleasant surprise if they did. He made his way over to Takahashi-sensei preparing to tell him that he was going to head back to his barracks.

He had orders to fulfill and as much as he would have wanted to stay he could not. As he was making his way over though he stopped a moment and looked off towards the students that were practicing. There were a few that caught his eye and among them there was one in particular that was spectacular. She was firing the byakurai with such precision and skill that she easily stood out among her peers. The way she managed to perform was even similar to his own performance. The beam fired perfectly straight, well controlled, and hit its mark every time. He felt inclined to introduce himself to this woman and find out more about her. She could perhaps end up being one of those rare talents that pops up in the academy every so often. Someone who enrolls and has the potential to rise to an officer rank, perhaps even a Vice Captain or full fledged Captain.

Shifting his approach, Tenjinsai made his way over to her and lightly patted her shoulder. He did his best not to startle her by essentially sneaking up behind her. Despite his best efforts it seemed to have entirely failed as she jumped ever so slightly but just enough to be noticed by him. She quickly turned around and looked him up and down, trying to figure out why he had interrupted her. It took a few moments but he knew that she had taken notice of his Vice Captain's Badge when her eyes went wide and her head lowered slightly averting her gaze from his. "Forgive me for not offering proper respect sooner sir. I had not realized that you were a ranking member of the Gotei Thirteen. To what do I owe the honor of your presence?" Tenjinsai could not help but roll his eyes slightly at the protocol and fanfare to his simple presence.

He himself had always been one to follow the rules and enlisted proper respect and procedure when necessary. However, he did not particularly find it necessary, nor was he used to it as it was. Crossing his arms over his chest he leaned in slightly and laughed lightly as he began to speak. "No need to be so on edge miss. I may be a Vice Captain but I am just another shinigami like you and your fellow students. I cannot tell you to not follow procedure, but I will say that it is not necessary." Tenjinsai then pulled his right arm out and extended it outwards slightly and pointed his index finger at her. "However, the reason I wanted your attention is that I noticed the talent you display in kidou. For a student to display such proficiency is an indicator of greater things to come." Some of that was him just blowing hot air but he believed he knew what he was talking about.

He truly did want to find out more about this woman. Perhaps find out how long she had been in the academy and what her aspirations were. It did briefly cross her mind that if she was skilled enough to perhaps even offer her a spot on his mission team. That however, would be an offer reserved once enough information was gathered. For now, he had to start with the basics, like her name. "First though I will introduce myself and then hopefully you could give me the pleasure of doing the same. My name is Tenjinsai Bushinji, I am the Vice Captain of the Eighth Division." As he introduced himself he noticed an eyebrow raise on the woman he was speaking to. He was quite certain on what it was that had caught her attention because it was the same thing that always did.

As long as he had been alive, he had always been gauged by his name over who he was. It was not entirely a bad thing, if you were in the right circles and wanted to use the influence it carried. Tenjinsai was not that kind of person though, quite the opposite in fact. His name was an antithesis to the way that he wanted to live his life. It carried a heavy weight with it that put expectation on him of what he was supposed to do. It made him feel as though his own life had been predetermined for him. It was one of the many things that molded how he had developed and matured over the years and led him on the journey to where he was today. Certain things turned out differently then he would have expected them to. He had also found himself falling into the path that he had wanted to avoid so badly. It was not the fact that he had become a shinigami, but how he had become one.

He was essentially a pawn in a game, being appointed to his position and used to further the goals of others. At this point though the only thing he could truly do was to continue down this path and attempt to serve his own desires in the outcome. He would not settle for servitude, not forever, it was just a matter of time until he was able to thrive and achieve his own goals. He sighed lightly as he crossed his arms over his chest, awaiting a response from the woman. He was sure she would ask of his heritage, a conversation he was used to by this point. "I see, your family is quite well known if I remember correctly. But you, I do not think I have heard of you before today. That in itself almost makes you more interesting then the rest of your family." Tenjinsai could honestly say that the response in its entirety was not expected.

The first half of it, he had seen coming as he had come to expect since he was a child. However, the latter half of her response, it took him off guard. He had to pause for a moment and gather his thoughts, not entirely sure what to say to her. It appeared he did not have to though as she took the opportunity as her own. "Either way, since you were nice enough to introduce yourself, it would be rude of me to not do the same. My name is Reika Sokuchi, an academy student, though I am sure that is obvious." She gave Tenjinsai a coy look before placing her hands on her hips. She leaned in slightly and poised another question to him, the more obvious one considering where he was. "So, what brings a Vice Captain to the academy? It is rare for officers to be here let alone such a high ranking one." She was certainly a curious woman, perhaps too much so for her own good.

However he had to calculate an answer to this question. Telling Reika the truth would not be the most flattering of responses. A Vice Captain coming to the academy to learn the most basic of kidou would make his incompetence shine brightly like a beacon. No, he needed an excuse of some sort, perhaps the very reason he began to speak with her could be just that. "Well met Reika, and as for why I am here..." Tenjinsai turned and began to slowly pace around, taking in his surroundings and looking about at the other students to really sell the lie he was about to deliver. "I am here to gauge talent among the students for recruitment into the Gotei Thirteen. That in itself is the very reason I stopped to speak with you as I stated previously. You have talent, that much is obvious to me. I desired conversation with you to see exactly how much you possess."

His pacing stopped and he turned back towards her, his arms still fastened tightly across his chest. He was curious to see how she would respond as that in itself would reveal a piece of her personality too. She could be arrogant, humble, or perhaps fall into a neutral zone in between. "I suppose you could say I have some talent, though only in kidou. I do not believe myself to be excessively skilled. I just, apply myself where interested." So she was going the humble route, that much was clear at least with the aptitude that she was showing. For a new student to show such ability with kidou demonstrated her talents greatly. "Reika, I must say that you are underrating yourself. One should of course never get too enveloped with their own talent, but to not realize your own talents only serves to hinder your development.

You should accept your abilities with grace and always continue to build upon them. It will be a path that will serve you well into the future and bring you to great things." There were a few moments that passed in silence as the words were absorbed into her with there meaning. She bowed shortly after, offering some respect to Tenjinsai and thanking him for his praise. "Thank you Tenjinsai, for your kind words. I can only hope that I will actually live up to those expectations." He nodded lightly in response and offered her a warm smile. "I do not wish to place expectations on you, just to have you realize your own potential. But regardless of what you do with your life you should always live it in a way that will be according to your own path. Living your life to the beat of anothers may bring you success, but it will not make you happy."

Tenjinsai found himself almost surprised at the depth of his own words. He had never been one to really dabble in words, especially using them eloquently. Here he was though, spinning life lessons to a woman he had just met. This meeting would be cut short though unfortunately as an explosion could be heard in the distance. Only moments had passed before smoke could be seen on the horizon. Everyone stopped what they were doing almost instantaneously, turning to look in the direction it was eminating from. It was at this point Tenjinsai wished he had been more familiar with the Seireitei. The smoke was not coming from too far off but he could not even take a guess to what region it was originating from. Tenjinsai turned quickly to Reika, giving a quick nod and then ran off to Takahashi-sensei, hoping he could shed some light on the situation.

"Forgive me for cutting our conversation short Reika but duty calls. Hopefully we can meet again soon and finish our conversation." He did not give her enough time to respond as he sprinted off covering the small distance between himself and his new teacher quickly. As he stood next to the much older shinigami, it was clear that he showed concern for the situation, especially with how close the smoke was to the academy. "Takahashi-sensei, do you know where that smoke is coming from? It looks close but I couldn't say where exactly." His sensei turned, eyeing over his students briefly before turning his gaze to Tenjinsai. "It is nearby, but far enough away to be at a cross district between the academy and another squads grounds. If I had to make a judgment it would probably be coming from the Fourth Division's territory."

With those words Tenjinsai felt his heart skip a beat as his eyes went wide. Realization hit him like a ton of bricks as he remembered where his sister had been headed. Amaya was heading towards the Fourth Division barracks to tend to her duties, being a member of the squad it was natural. If this destruction had occurred between the academy and the Fourth barracks that it was a possibility that she could have been involved. "Takahashi-sensei, get these students to safety. I have to find out what is going on, stay safe." Without another word Tenjinsai had vanished in a blur of shunpou heading towards the origin of the explosion. The only thing driving through his mind at the moment was that he would get there and his sister would be nowhere to be found. He did not want his family involved in this chaos though their father drove himself into the middle of it.

His father being at the heart of these conflicts but their entire family in danger. The first time Tenjinsai had set foot in the Seireitei after several decades had put him at risk of being made a hostage in this war. It agitated him to no end that they were now collateral in a conflict that they had no real business being involved in. They had been brought in by force from the actions of another and now had to fight it to the end or be destroyed. Tenjinsai's main driving force was just bringing about peace to their war torn world. He wanted the bloodshed to stop and have the shinigami begin working together again. There was no true clarity on when such a thing could be accomplished, but hopefully it would be soon. It would also be soon when he arrived on the scene of the aforementioned chaos and bared witness to what was going on.

When he arrived he saw a multitude of shinigami, between ten and fifteen if he had to put a number to it. Amidst this group there were four people he recognized by name, and one he recognized by their garb. He wasted no time in reaching for his zanpaktou and unsheathing it. There was danger here, and a great deal of it. Something told him as well that he would not be able to bank on his father and uncle showing up to save them this time. It was up to him to resolve this situation, and he was unsure if he could. Moving forward slowly Tenjinsai took the time to identify each of the combatants he recognized, and the allies he had not wanted to find. At the forefront of the situation was none other than Lieutenant Hisakawa, the same woman that attempted to take him as a hostage before. She was locked in combat at the moment with Taisa and Amaya.

Taisa seemed to be holding his own, but the pair looked worse for wear considering the number of hostiles they were facing. Beyond them and Hisakawa though was a group of shinigami in standard uniform and amidst them, the one that Tenjinsai was concerned about. There was a man wearing the haori of a Captain, and he presumed him to be one. What was truly startling to him though was what, or who more appropriately, the shinigami next to the Captain was holding. It was his niece Aina, captive by these bastards to an unknown end. Tenjinsai could feel anger boiling up in him as he allowed his reiatsu to flare outward. A low rumbling could be felt as it unfurled itself in the surrounding area and the ground beneath him cracked lightly under each step he took. He wanted to make his presence known and hopefully be able to scare off the lesser combatants, or at the very least keep them out of the battle.

He would need to tread lightly though, unsure of what they would do to Aina if he did not exhibit restraint. If things turned south for the aggressors things could get dangerous. But first thing was first, introductions of the unfriendly kind had to be commenced and of course Lieutenant Hisakawa had the biggest mouth of all. "Well well, if it is not little Ten-Ten. My, you have gotten quite strong in such a short amount of time. Maybe our last meeting woke up something in you?" Tenjinsai gritted his teeth as he continued to move forward, standing in a triangle between her, and his two allies. He stood silent for a moment and raised his blade, pointing it towards Hisakawa. "Perhaps that could be the case, perhaps not. One thing that is certain though, you need to stand down or this time I will be the one to force you to the ground."

There was laughter almost immediately following what Tenjinsai said from the deranged woman. She cackled loudly, her left arm clutching over his abdomen as she did so. Tenjinsai could only roll his eyes as he looked on, waiting for her to finish which took only a few moments at least. "I had never realized you were such a comedian Tenjinsai. Clearly you must be joking as you believe that you stand a chance against me." He allowed his reiatsu to flare outwards once again, thick pressure pushing down on the area causing Hisakawa and many of her subordinates to buckle or even drop to the ground under its pressure. There was only one individual that was not effected by his reiatsu and that was the Captain who he assumed was the leader of the group.

Tenjinsai stopped after proving his point and moved the direction his blade was facing from Hisakawa towards the Captain. "You are clearly the leader of this group of rogues, identify yourself, Captain." The man kept a straight face as he took several steps forward, his zanpaktou still remaining inside of its sheath. "You are quite bold young man, to address a superior in such a way. Though, that boldness can perhaps be a good trait as well. Regardless, is it not simple manners to introduce yourself before asking the name of another?" Tenjinsai tightened the grip on the hilt of his zanpaktou as he swung it through the air, a threat to all that would stand against him. He had not come here to play games, even more so when he saw the individuals that were involved in combat. Though it seemed he may have to play by their rules if he wanted to assure that nobody was harmed by these rogues.

"As you wish, sir. I am Tenjinsai Bushinji, Vice Captain of the Eighth Division. Now identify yourself and tell me why you have taken my niece hostage!" A smile crept up onto the mans face at Tenjinsai's outburst. He turned his head slightly to the right and looked at the small child before turning his attention back to the angered Vice Captain. He moved forward once again and pointed his right arm out towards Taisa and Amaya, then towards Tenjinsai himself as he spoke. "Much better Tenjinsai, I am glad that brute of a man you call your father taught you some form of manners. Now to introduce myself, I am Maximilian Wulf, an odd name to you to be certain but it is my name one way or another. I am Captain of the Fifth Division and the rightful leader of the Seireitei, not you criminals." Tenjinsai could not help but roll his eyes at the mans words.

None of them seemed to understand that if they continued going on the way they were, there would not be a Seireitei to lead at the end of it all. They could not see the violence and destruction that they wrought. "You are all the same and yet you will never understand that either. All of you will end up fighting until everyone is dead and you can sit and gaze upon your kingdom of death. You are blind to everything but your own objectives ignoring the plight of the weak and weary. I despise you and those like you and will continue to fight until your kind have been eradicated." The two locked eyes amidst the crowd of shinigami, staring in silence, though their intensity could have struck a lesser man dead. Nobody moved a muscle, not out of a lack of desire either but purely out of fear for what was to come. There was the open space of where to go from here, how to proceed forward through this situation.

The back of Tenjinsai's brain was screaming danger, and he made every effort to ignore what his senses were telling him. He was going to end up fighting Maximilian, there was no avoiding that. Nobody else here was going to be able to take him on, even he might not be able to. The man was a Captain, though his personality was horrendous his strength was first class. His reiatsu would be more then a match for Tenjinsai' as well as the fact he almost certainly possessed a Bankai. Without having one of his own, the young Vice Captain was sure that he would lose in combat. One way or another though, he had to, and was going to try. Tenjinsai was struck from this thoughts, as was everyone else, as an annoying high pitched voice rippled through the area. "So, are we going to get this party started or are we going to stare at each other all day."

It was not surprising that Hisakawa was the one that wanted to get things started, her brashness was one of her most prominent features. That, coupled with her over bearing arrogance, it was amazing anyone could stand to be in her presence for more then a few minutes. Then again, subordinates could not really chose their superiors. If not for the fact that they were all in league with one another, Tenjinsai would almost feel bad for them. But it appeared it was time to get things started, whether he wanted to or not. Violence would only be solved with violence it seemed and someone would lose their life today. Tenjinsai moved forward slowly towards Hisakawa, his opponent doing the same. As they closed the gap, Captain Wulf moved back to where he had been before, satisfied with just watching the battle it seemed.

"Do not take too long Nana, we don't have all day to be dealing with these children. If you can manage to disarm them instead of killing them though, it may be worth the effort." She smiled fiendishly as she disappeared in a blur of shunpou, Tenjinsai doing the same, the two meeting in the middle of the remaining gap with a loud clang of metal. "I will attempt to finish this as quickly as I can sir, but I want to enjoy it as well..." She laughed viciously as Tenjinsai moved backwards, nimbly avoiding a wide slash from her blade. As she pressed towards him once more he used shunpou to distance himself and raised up his left arm, preparing the kidou he had just learned. On the tip of his index finger a bright blue ball crackled and formed, radiating with uninhibited power unlike before. "Hadou number four, Byakurai!!"

As he roared out the name of the kidou the small blue ball expanded exponentially and unleashed a massive beam of energy that threatened to destroy Hisakawa and a few of her cohorts.  She reacted quickly, a blue shield of circular energy forming before her and bracing herself against it. "Bakudou number thirty-nine, Enkosen!" The shield held up well against the beam but eventually shattered it striking her with its residual strength. It held enough power left in it to send her reeling backwards, skidding along the floor. Tenjinsai moved forward slowly, his blade hanging low in his right hand as he looked on triumphantly at his wounded opponent. "I am not the same man you fought before Hisakawa. I am stronger, much stronger, that much should be apparent to you now. You cannot defeat me..." The now wounded female picked herself up off the ground, a vicious smile bared on her face.

She stepped forward, slowly making her way towards Tenjinsai, the latter holding his ground. As she trudged onward, a light purplish hue began to swirl around her, very lightly at first and growing in intensity with each step she took. It began to slowly crackle, reaching outward in various directions before retreating back to her immediate vicinity. "You have gotten quite conceited as well as strong Tenjinsai. You have not even began to scratch the surface of what I can do. The real fight begins now...Sutoraiku, Sawagi!!" The purple hue around her changed drastically as she released her zanpaktou, turning into a swirling aura of lightning. Her zanpaktou itself did not change much except for the blade. It lost its edge becoming more of a rod or bar then a sword. But that in itself was the point of her power, the lightning gathering itself around the rod.

She swung her now released weapon, releasing the lightning that had been gathered in it and flinging it towards Tenjinsai. It streaked towards him in numerous tendrils of electricity, pure malice in its intentions. Raising his left arm again, he prepared another Byakurai hoping to neutralize energy with energy. The small light blue orb gathered again, swirling into a small orb at the tip of his index finger. A mere moment passed before it struck outward in a massive beam as it was fired. "Hadou number four, Byakurai!!" The giant beam collided with the Hisakawa's lightning and the two struggled against each other to gain the upper hand. Neither one seemed to be gaining an edge and after a few moments they exploded in a powerful surge of energy, shockwaves rippling through the area. Hisakawa once again protected herself with an Enkosen, the circular blue shield doing its job well.

Tenjinsai could only kneel low, shielding himself with his left arm as stray tendrils of energy slapped across his body, leaving him with a few scratches and cuts. He stood, no worse for wear realistically, but needing another strategy. He had forced Hisakawa to use her shikai, something he had not even gotten her close to doing before. If he operated under the assumption that she did not have a bankai, then she would not get any stronger then she was now. However, the lightning she could use was certainly dangerous, its strength rivalling the raw power that he possessed. He could always use his shikai and simply overpower her with it, but he did not want to burn through his energy too quickly. He had another, stronger, opponent to do battle with after her. If he could not defeat her without using all of his strength, then he would stand no chance against Maximilian.

He stared intently at Hisakawa, studying her every move, the two circling around each other. Tenjinsai looked for anything, a momentary distraction, a gap in her defense, something that would give him an opening to attack. He could not making this a prolonged battle, it was not an option. As much as he wanted to rush through this though, his opponents defense was tight and her offense strong. She was more powerful then he had originally assumed, though he never had the opportunity to see her true strength before either. She had outclassed him by so much before that he would have never been able to really gauge her power. The only thing he could do at this point was to prod her with some more kidou and see how she reacted. Tenjinsai had a few ideas to work around her powers, but there was no guarantee that anything would work.

He did not want to use his shikai to fight her, but he may very well end up having too. He raised his left arm up again and fired another Byakurai. Hisakawa countered with her lightning and the two blasts collided in the middle coalescing as they did before. Not being finished though, Tenjinsai fired another Byakurai into the exploding stalemate of energy pushing through the shockwave and striking against the Enkosen his opponent created to protect themselves. Then, moving with the use of shunpou he made his way behind her and rushed forward. Hisakawa was still dealing with the recoil of the second byakurai blowing through her shield but had enough coordination to attempt a reckless spin and swipe at the approaching Tenjinsai.

All of it being according to plan, he slid under her slash and continued under her with his left arm facing upward, palm open. "Hadou number one, Sho!!" As he slid under her Tenjinsai fired the hadou upwards at her causing Hisakawa to be launched up into the air several meters. While she was still in the air, Tenjinsai recovered quickly from his slide and prepared once last kidou. This time yellow energy gathered in his hand as he flung it forward like a thin elastic rope. It wrapped itself around Nana's waist and gripped her tightly. "Bakudou number four, Hainawa." Pulling downwards with all his might, Tenjinsai brought the Lieutenant back to the earth, slamming forcefully into the ground. A light grunt came from her as she collided with the solid floor as the air was forced from her lungs.

Tenjinsai needed to move quickly though, he knew that in itself was not enough to keep her grounded. She would be injured, but there was still plenty of fight in her. Yellow energy building up in his hand once again, he flung another rope of hainawa towards her. The bright yellow restraint wrapped itself around her upper body keeping her arms pinned to her side tighter then would be comfortable for anyone. Running forward, Tenjinsai held his left arm out, a bulb of energy for a byakurai poised on the tip of his index finger. He aimed it directly towards her head, but held back from firing it. "Stand down Hisakawa, I would rather not kill you if I do not have to. Do not give me a reason to end your life here." 

Tenjinsai Bushinji

Race : Shinigami
Class : Genius
Rank : Vice Captain
Power : 74000
Strength : 32
Stamina : 87
Speed : 129
Energy : 139
Perception : 129

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