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Ambition Foretold

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Ambition Foretold

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:15 pm

The two had left him to his devices as they moved out to fulfill his orders, Aria being more or less displeased with it. He did not know exactly how much time he would have, or how much he would need. All he knew is that he would use all of the time that was at his disposal to try and commune with his zanpaktou. He came to realize that aside from the one time they had spoke, he really knew nothing about Seijin Enma. His zanpaktou had reached out to him, willing to lend Tenjinsai his power and assist him in battle. He had used it once later as well in the miserable defeat he suffered at the hands of that Lieutenant Hisakawa. Granted he had grown stronger now, but he still needed more. He closed his eyes, focusing solely on his zanpaktou and attempting to commune with it. He had never really practiced this before, but he had seen his brother performing Jinzen several times.

It required intense focus and the achieving of a perfect harmony with ones zanpaktou. He at least knew that his zanpaktou got along with him from what it seemed thus far. Now he just needed to achieve some sort of zen like state so he could enter his inner world. Tenjinsai attempted to filter out all of the noises in the world around him. He instead chose to focus on the sound of the wind nearby. The gentle breeze that blew through the atmosphere of the world outside. It was calm and soothing, something that brought ones mind to peace. He could start to feel it, a tranquility flowing over his body as it seemed he became removed from it. If anything though, he had instead of leaving his body entered it, and his inner realm. The white fade that he had experienced before occurred again before he was brought back to the lavish manor he had been in once before.

He stood at the entrance of the great hall, a long luxurious carpet scrolled out before him and at its head, a massive throne on which sat a large beast. This beast, that he had come to recognize it, was his zanpaktou, Seijin Enma. He moved forward, slowly approaching, as his zanpaktou' spirit stretched his arm out conjuring up a seat for him to take in front of him. "Come Tenjinsai, I had long awaited our next meeting together. We have much to discuss as I know your purpose in coming here today. I am glad though that you desire for us to be better acquainted. So long as you serve in the name of justice, I will do all in my power to assist you." That was one thing that Tenjinsai did at least understand regarding his zanpaktou. It had a strange fascination with justice, perhaps due to the way he had lived his life up to this point. 

He had been a vigilante for many years, slaying the wicked and defending the smallfolk. He served a justice all his own, one that was true and pure. He has as well could not say he had taken lives, many had fallen before his blade. Though they were all wicked and truly deserving of their fate. There were few that were spared, those that dropped their blades and begged for mercy. He was a merciful warrior at the very least, those that prostrated themselves could survive. They would only receive a single chance though, no more. If they were to meet again under similar circumstances there would be no mercy the second bout. Those who could not amend their wicked ways did not deserve the chance to be free to spread their evil again. It was a personal code of ethics he had developed over time, one both he and Mikoto followed.

"Yes, I suppose we both serve justice now. I have never quite looked at it that way as it came natural to do such things. It was as though my own spirit willed me to strike at those who would do harm to others. Those of a wicked heart that do not have desires to repent cannot be forgiven." To those words Seijin clasped his hands together and bowed deeply to Tenjinsai. The two coming close to touching sheerly by the save of his zanpaktou' spirit. "I could not have said it better myself Tenjinsai. I am glad you embody such a strong will and moral authority. It is because of such that I myself have been molded the way that I am. We are one with justice as we are one with each other." It still seemed alien to him, the fact that his zanpaktou was essentially just the personification of himself. Tenjinsai was apparently much more vindictive then perhaps he had ever realized.

He always attempted to do the right thing, going out of his way to help and protect others. In all this time though it had never occurred to him that he had so adamantly sought out justice against evildoers. As long as he did not get out of hand with it though, it was not a particularly bad trait to have. They often say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He received a frown from Seijin Enma as that thought moved through his head forgetting that his zanpaktou could hear him just as well as he could hear himself. "Do not doubt yourself Tenjinsai. As long as your heart and mind serve true justice you will never betray yourself. To doubt yourself will only cast yourself into despair and then evil will be able to grasp at your heart." He nodded quietly in acceptance of the spirits words. Seijin Enma spoke the truth, and he would need to hold those words close.

He had never failed himself to this day, always striving to better himself and the world around him. Tenjinsai even desired to rid the Soul Society of chaos at this point and would shoulder the burden himself if he had to. Such lofty ideals could not be those of one with a frail heart. "I thank you for your words again Seijin Enma. Though we are one in the same you seem to know more about me then even I do. I am truly glad that I came to speak with you today. Though, it may be abrupt, I must ask you to assist me once again. Can you reveal to me more of our power so that I may fully wield it in battle. I feel that danger lurks near and I will need your full support to protect those dear to me." Seijin Enma did not smile but Tenjinsai could tell that they were indeed pleased. The zanpaktou spirit slowly began to shrink down into a more managable size, roughly equivalent in height and build to Tenjinsai himself.

He stretched a tad, clearly being unused to performing such a feat and such a small vessel. Seijin then motioned for Tenjinsai to follow him, a small room off to the side of the main hall that they moved into. He immediately noticed that the room was much more bare. The luxury of the hall and the rest of the manor had disappeared into a drab brown and white room. The floors wood and the walls white, sparse in furniture and decoration. It was then that he took the room for what it truly was, a dojo. It had a few racks of weaponry, adorned with wooden swords and sticks to be used to train with. There were a few training dummies as well that one could practice their basic combat skills with. Seijin grabbed hold of one of the wooden bokken and tossed it over to Tenjinsai, grabbing a second one for himself after the fact.

"Come Tenjinsai, let us come to know one another the only way that warriors can, with our blades. It is said that in combat is when two individuals can truly come to touching each others hearts. In doing so, you will understand all that you need to know about me and will allow a more perfect union of our beings." It seemed to all be riddles to him, speaking in mannerisms that were very foreign to him. One thing lay certain though out of all that was placed out in front of him. If he was to truly understand his zanpaktou, he would need to cross blades with it. Perhaps there was more to it then that, something that he just did not quite understand. If that was indeed the case, then it would be laid out before him as they met in battle. "Let us do battle then Seijin Enma and truly become one." Seijin simply nodded before the two charged at one another, the light clacking of wood against each other as they clashed.

The two grunted at each meeting, putting force into every strike to gain leverage against what was essentially an alter ego. They were matched perfectly in every way though, each move as though it had been seen before it was made. 'Click, clack, smack' the noises rang through the room getting louder and louder as each strike increased in intensity. A thrust, then a slash, stepping to the side and swiping at the head. It was like an elegant dance with each partner moving in sync with each other in perfect motion. Time slowly marched on as they dueled, hours like minutes and minutes like seconds. There was no way to truly tell how much time had passed as they met in battle one round after another. Time was already unusual in Tenjinsai's inner world from the physical realm.

Then in battle as well, time stood still at every clash of their wooden blades. "You are quite good with a blade Tenjinsai, though it is something I have always known. We share the same skills, power, and abilities. I know what you know and the reverse of that as well. In that regard though, I know your weaknesses too." A brief pause in the battle brought all of the world around him back into focus. He had not truly been aware of his surroundings for a great deal of time. The only thing that he could keep his gaze on was the movement of Seijin and the strike of his blade. The area around him during their duel was the only part of the world that was real. His breath was slightly heavy, unsure of how long they had fought aside from the feeling it was a great deal of time. He could almost say it was annoying, fighting someone who was your equal in every single way.

There was no true way to defeat them, an everlasting stalemate until one of the two would be forced to evolve beyond what they currently were. That was though, what Tenjinsai was here for, to become something greater then he already was. This brought him to the root of the issue, the question he desired to ask of his zanpaktou. "Seijin, I have a question I need to ask you, though you probably already know what it is." There was no emotion from his zanpaktou as always, ever the stoic one Seijin was. But what he did not physically emote, Tenjinsai could feel in his soul. It was a deeper connection then one simply observing or reading anything persons emotions. He could essentially feel them himself, as though they were his own. "I know your question Tenjinsai, and it is one that weighs heavily on my mind. You have come here for answers, power, and a meaning greater then what you already have."

Seijin placed the bokken he had been holding back on a nearby rack, staring at it a moment though before he did so. "You are not yet ready Tenjinsai, I am sorry. You need to learn more about yourself first so that you may realize your inner strength. It is not something I can simply give you. The power you seek, it must be truly earned with the entirety of your body and soul." It was not the answer Tenjinsai wanted, but it was the one he had expected. There was still so much he did not know, even with all the strength he possessed. He needed to grow, not just in power but in ability. He also needed to find his purpose for this strength, a greater purpose. He had chased his father his entire life and that was always his guiding principle. He wished to become stronger then Tenkai, to show him how strong he had become and make his father proud of him.

He would change his perspective with the strength and pride he would grow to possess. That drive though would only get him so far, and it would not afford him true strength. It was a pursuit that was simply to his own benefit, something that could drive a child. Those around him, they were always driven by a greater purpose. His father and brother both thrived to protect the Soul Society and in turn protecting all those who were dear to them as well. The both of them had put their lives on the line more times then he could count. His father had most likely had done so more times then there were years that Tenjinsai had lived. Even his uncle who was 'decommissioned' from the Gotei still served the family as an advisor and offered his strength and knowledge to the clan and Soul Society when called upon. It was a noble venture, something that drove them to true strength, an inner power that he did not yet possess.

Though, perhaps he had begun seeking it without even realizing it. At this notion Tenjinsai could feel a radiation of feeling from Seijin once again. There was something different about it this time though. He gazed upon his zanpaktou and saw an actual smile this time, faint and very brief, but it was there. "You are still growing even as the seconds pass here Tenjinsai. You have finally come to realize what your true purpose is. It is the one that your family has exhibited for hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands. Although the purpose is the same, your task will be the greatest of our age." He moved closer to Tenjinsai, taking hold of the bokken the shinigami still had in his hand and returning it to its resting place. He then motioned for his partner to follow him back to the hall, enlarging his form again slowly as he did so.

"You have spoken about it often to your allies, urging them forward to perform great deeds and realize their potential as well. You must bring a peace to this war torn land Tenjinsai, unite it and make the Soul Society whole again. This is far greater then your father, or your family, or even the Gotei Thirteen. You must use your heart and soul to quell the chaos of the Soul Society and lead everyone into a new age of peace. The people have suffered enough, you have seen it with your own eyes for decades." Tenjinsai had to seat himself in the chair he had been offered when he first arrived. He had expected a lot of things when he came here, but not that. He could realize now of course he had spoken of such grand ideals time and time again. It was as Seijin had said though, it was to spur everybody on and entice them to advance and become the best that they could be.

Never in a million years did he actually think that they would actually be able to bring peace to the Soul Society themselves, especially with him at the fore front. Was he truly meant to perform such an amazing deed among those around him that were so much more powerful and experienced. There were many individuals that were essentially fighting wars to seize power and unify the Soul Society again. These were people that dwarved Tenjinsai in power and made him look like an insignificant insect. Yet, he was being told that he would be the one to lead them into their new era and bring peace. Perhaps it was just his own ego speaking through his zanpaktou, it seemed more plausible at least. It just all seemed like too much, too extraordinary. Tenjinsai was truly dumbfounded, he could not find the words to express his thoughts.

"I appreciate your high praise Seijin but, it is just so incredulous. I am supposed to be some kind of hero and bring about a new age? How could that even be possible, for someone like myself to perform such a feat. There are many others that are more qualified, more powerful, and more experienced!! Could it just be that I am more arrogant and prideful then I could imagine and you have taken that trait away as well." It was clear that this sentiment displeased Seijin, and not for the obvious reason. It was not that his master would not take up the mantle of such a momentous task, but that he was betraying himself. The fact that Tenjinsai would not even entertain the idea that he was meant for something more, the he was so dismissive of himself. "This is what I meant Tenjinsai, you need to discover your true self and purpose.

You do not yet understand that you are here for a purpose greater then yourself or those around you. When the time comes that you can accept it and put your full self towards accomplishing such a goal, that is when you will find your inner strength. Until then there is nothing more that I can teach you." Tenjinsai found himself quickly standing up and wanting to protest the dismissal he had just received. He had come here for help, in some form at least. Perhaps he was meant for something greater and he had issues realizing who he was and what he was there to do, that was beyond his purpose now though. "Seijin forgive me, but I still require your help. The power I have now, it is inadequate to perform the duties that have been thrust upon me. I need your full support to be able to protect those around me from threats greater then themselves."

This would be the first time he had heard Seijin sigh, and hopefully the last time as well. The large demon sat upon his ornate throne and leaned his head against his right arm which was propped up on the arm rest. "Have you not realized it yet Tenjinsai? I have been teaching you the entire time that you have been here. What did you think the purpose of this was, to have a chat and spar a little bit? We have been able to meld more and hold a greater understanding of one another. The longer that we spend together the more of my power you will be able to comprehend, to a point. For now though, as I said, I have taught you all that I can at this point. The rest you will have to teach yourself, and I have faith in you that all will come to light at the right moment." Seijin stopped a moment and leaned forward, his arms stretched outward and his hands flatly laid together.

He gestured slightly, presenting a bow to Tenjinsai and another smile, just as faint and as brief as before. "I have faith in you, now you must have it in yourself." With that the world around him slowly faded back to the white he had seen before. It was time for him to go and return to the real world so that he may perform his duties. He was stronger then he was before now. It was not physical strength, nor spiritual power, but instead experience and knowledge. He had become closer with his zanpaktou and in such he had learned more about himself as well. He could unfortunately not say whether he would be able to come to understand the task that was placed before him though. It all came as completely out of the blue for him, unorthodox and ridiculous. Seijin believed in it and held faith that he would come to understand eventually.

Now it was his turn to put forth the effort to do so and to stop chasing the petty ideals he had been chasing after all of his life. He had lived his whole life trying to not be like his father, be better then him, to make him understand who he was and see him in a different light. Yet, even with all that he had done, Tenjinsai had only served to follow closer in Tenkai's shadow. Perhaps it was not a bad thing though, perhaps it was what he was meant to do, and more. He would follow behind his father and become as great a man as he and then move even further beyond that and surpass him. Maybe he had not truly been chasing his father but instead the idea of what his father stood for. Either way, he needed to continue moving forward and growing. It was the only way for him to eventually understand what he was meant to do. Perhaps it would be something grand, something amazing like bringing an end to the chaos.

Maybe he would be a Vice Captain for the rest of his days living out his life in mediocrity and tending to the same duties day in and day out. There was no real way for him to know, but he would at the very least follow Seijin's teaching. He needed to believe in himself, that there was more to him then just a vigilante from the rukongai who sought after an unreachable goal. For now though, he would need to take this journey one step at a time. The first step would be to actually fulfill his immediately objectives, which would be the mission that he was assigned to. As his vision started to return to normal, the room around him became vivid and clear. He was still where he had been sat, his zanpaktou on the table with his hands resting upon it. 'That was interesting to say the least.' It was the only thought that could come to mind after such an experience.

He stood up slowly, grabbing hold of Seijin Enma and placing it back into the sash around his waist. Tenjinsai moved towards the door after doing so, stretching his body out somewhat to get rid of some of the kinks that had developed from being still for so long. Though to be fair, he did not actually have any idea of how long he had been sat for. It could have been hours, it could have been minutes. Whenever he went into his inner world, though only twice now, time had always seemed to be skewed in his perspective. The first time had been during a spar with Yuuta and he had disappeared for what he thought was minutes when it only turned out to be seconds. The same could have happened now, what seemed to be hours could have only turned out to be minutes, maybe even a minute. He scratched the top of his head, reaching out towards the door of the room and sliding it open.

Tenjinsai then popped his head out into the hall looking around to see if Aria or Mikoto were anywhere to be seen. His two companions were nowhere to be found from what his vision beheld. 'Probably still busy putting together some candidates for the mission.' He figured that he could not have been out for that long, or perhaps longer then he thought? It did not matter, they were not there so they were still busy. In the meantime though what should he tend to himself? Waiting in the room did not really appeal to him, there was no telling how long it would take for the two to finish. But leaving and doing something else could prove counter productive as well with the two of them waiting on them. 'Something that I can take care of quickly then.' Tenjinsai had something in mind, especially after what Seijin had said to him during their chat in his inner world.

He needed to be stronger, through his own hands though, expand his abilities and strength.  Relying on his zanpaktou forever would never get him anywhere in the long run. There was someone specific that came to mind as well, a man he had heard about several times from his father and uncle. 'Takahashi', that name did not really mean much to him but he knew what the mans profession was. He was a teacher at the academy who examined and tutored the advanced placement students in Kidou. To this point Tenjinsai had shown an aptitude for it, being able to learn two kidou just from observation and replication. Perhaps some actual tutelage from someone could actually prove to be tremendously helpful for him. He would just have to make sure that he would be back in time to meet up with his team before they became concerned of his whereabouts.

Tenjinsai popped out of the door and vanished in a blur of shunpou heading towards the shinigami academy. He was in search of a man named Takahashi, the teacher who, unbeknownst to him, had taught both his father and uncle the ways of Kidou.
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