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Special Jutsu/Elements

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Special Jutsu/Elements Empty Special Jutsu/Elements

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:43 pm

Puppet Master Jutsu:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20160108091308

The modern version of the Puppet Technique used by shinobi was first created by Monzaemon Chikamatsu of Sunagakure. Monzaemon originally intended the Puppet Technique for purely entertainment purposes, but by collaborating with shinobi he adapted the skill for combat.[citation needed] In the years following the technique's creation, Suna's shinobi became pioneers in the art of puppetry, with its Puppet Brigade being given the specific mandate of finding new ways to use and exploit puppets for battle.

Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets:
Must obtain puppets by searching for them, 2,000wc and get them out of the Hidden Sand without being caught stealing them, unless you are a part of the village.
Puppet 1:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313024622
Description: This puppet somewhat resembled an "oni" (demon). Though it displayed no weaponry or hidden mechanisms, it had huge fists and immense striking power which Chiyo used to fend off attackers. It always kept closer to Chiyo in case it was needed as defence while she operated the other puppets.
Puppet 2:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313024709
Description: This puppet had grey markings around its mouth area and hair coming from a single point on its head. It was shown to have colossal fists and fierce taijutsu skills. In the anime it was able to extend its arms to form a sort of cage to trap opponents, where it would then launch four small bombs from its mouth. Since the explosion was accurate and very small, it dealt a great amount of damage to enemies whilst not damaging the cage.
Puppet 3:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313030018
Description: This puppet had a red face with white hair. It was used in conjunction with the black-haired puppet. It is able to lift a section of its face to reveal a spinning orb with four large chakra blades. Since these blades are made of chakra and spin rapidly, even a scrape can prove deadly. It is wielded like a weapon by its partner.
Puppet 4:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313030043
Description: This puppet had long, black hair and works in conjunction with the red puppet. It is able to extend its hand via a chain, connecting with its partner's hand to hurl it around like a yo-yo, thus being able to slice through targets quickly and effectively. However, if one were to be destroyed, the other would become vulnerable.
Puppet 5:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313030133
Description: A bald puppet with large holes in its skull. This puppet's hidden weapons are the long extending cables coiled in its skull that can pierce numerous enemies at a time. Since the range is very long, it can pierce distant targets without even getting close. Also, it is able to latch onto opponents with its cords and then crumble them slowly. It can also use taijutsu to fight, but lacks brute force.
Puppet 6:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313030502
Description: This puppet had spiky hair and the lower half of its face was green in colour. It had the kanji for "Sangha" (僧, Sō) in its mouth, and worked in conjunction with the Buddha and Dharma puppets to use the Three Jewels Suction Crushing technique.
Puppet 7:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313030701
Description: This puppet had a ponytail, a beard, red markings under its eyes and the kanji for "Dharma" (法, Hō) in its mouth, and worked with the Buddha and Sangha puppets to use the Three Jewels Suction Crushing technique.
Puppet 8:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313030726
Description: This puppet had white hair and large sideburns with the kanji for "Buddha" (仏, Butsu) in its mouth which activated the Three Jewels Suction Crushing technique when used in conjunction with the Dharma and Sangha puppets.
Puppet 9:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313031002
Description: This puppet was modelled after a female with red hair tied into buns. It wielded two large broad-swords and was capable of cleaving through enemies with ease, although the sheer size of the weapons reduced the puppet's dexterity somewhat. This puppet was one of the main attackers, and could fend off even the strongest of enemies at an alarming rate.
Puppet 10:
Special Jutsu/Elements Latest?cb=20150313031023
Description: The final puppet had one eye, and was capable of releasing an orb from its mouth used for the Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar.

Puppet Master Jutsu:
Name: Puppet Master Jutsu
Description: Performing the Puppet Technique involves emitting chakra threads from a user's fingers to connect to a puppet, with the fingers' movements controlling the puppet's actions. Less experienced users will connect all ten of their fingers to a single puppet, with each finger controlling a specific joint or mechanism. As a user becomes more experienced they require fewer threads to control a single puppet, until finally they can control a puppet using only one thread. With this growing mastery, users also become able to control multiple puppets at a time, ten being the normal limit (one per finger). No matter how many threads are being used per puppet, the user's will plays a large role in a puppet's movements, thus creating an inevitable time lag between the user's commands and the puppet's response.
Requirements: Energy Proficiency 2 + 1,300wc
Ability: Allows user to control puppets.

White Secret Technique:
(This technique listing requires the Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets.)
Name: White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets: Heaven Attack
Description: This technique utilizes the unique mechanism of fifth puppet of the Chikamatsu Collection. Ramming it into the target headfirst, five metallic tendrils release from holes in its scalp and pierce the target, as well as anything else behind it.
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