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When Universes Collide

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When Universes Collide Empty When Universes Collide

Post by Hitsuyona on Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:29 am

Hitsuyona Shizukesa


Note l Imagine the last few seconds of ones life, where it flashes upon their mind, revisiting each and every moment. Now jumble all these images in a random order. Add in a bit of demencia [perhaps?], as if his mind is ceasing to exist and be capable of comprehension of all things. Put all these together, and essentially that is what he experienced between the instant all the separate anime universes, and the instant he appears within them. Perhaps it was a near-instant transion, yet, it felt as if millennia.

The universe was vast while seemingly null of all existence, stray the singular strand of what remains of one's intellectual properties. There was no sight, smell, sounds, as it simply just were. In any direction there filled a vast emptiness if one could physical gaze upon it from this particular 'standpoint', yet to the contrary, among the many light-years of occupied space, there was a collective of millions of solar-systems potentially inhibiting life. Many of which had since collided, bringing this semi-existent being to their current predicament. There was a lack of physical form, rather, any visibly tangible form. It's qualities were almost astonishing, as it simply thought while drifting about in space; however, it remained incapable to perceive anything that may have been around it by any sense of the term. The only existence it were currently aware of beings its own, and past memories of such.

This being had came to be known as Hitsuyona Shizukesa, whom had 'vanished' from his realm of existence both instantly and without warning. The time-frame from which this occurrence and his current were vastly unknown. He'd no recollection of what possibly happened, except a fragmented glimpse of many others who had joined him in his sudden co-existing state. They all simply ceased to be to some extent, each having become unaware of the other.

In the beginning, he had a clear understanding of these memories which replayed within himself, yet, as time had passed they slowly deteoriated into an unexplainable split-second vision.

"Who am I, really?"

Once upon a time, this 'hitsuyona' had been able to reassure himself of such a rhetorical question. A Shinigami, a captain, a soul, etc. He were all these things, but becoming a mere partial version of himself had clouded the thoughts he somehow mustered.


As if the universe itself spoke to him, the semi-celestial 'thing' he'd become had started to reply to his own thoughts, almost like he'd now degraded to a point of inability to recognize the reality of his own thoughts to actions. The question proposed a rhetorical innate response, causing split images vividly appearing within. Images such as the Shinigami themselves, the Shuhakusho that were signature to their appearance, and the various zanpaktou he may have experienced through his many lives.


It became more so difficult to inwardly speak, forgetting the fluid placement of syllables to properly form words. Then there was an image of the general population of the world, and those he had seen throughout his days. Those who were befriended, his own existence as one before the being of 'hitsuyona' had officially went through the cycle of life.

Suddenly his thoughts cease to exist, followed by a roundabout occurrence. A feeling, however small, like this menial of a spirit was being pulled towards something. Slowly the being itself begins to reform, as the prior thoughts begin to present itself once more in a more chronological order. The beings past lives seemed to be reoccurring on fast forward, as it became aware of all those lives prior to its current. Even so, the beginning and middle had appeared to be near the same as the last, like the being was destined to follow the same course on repeat.

"I see.."

And thus he did, although the context of his speech had been of a different meaning. In this moment his recollection of everything had become clear as day, much opposed to the blank darkness that lay before him. Yet, something felt different about himself, as the point of view from is life had been altered. The revision of another's view had been acquired, and an understanding like none other. 'teikai kage' his beloved Zanpaktou, the inner spirit from within, yet a separate being of his creation altogether. She were no longer so, and as such, a part of himself. The true intent of his endeavors of the entirety of his existence, which consisted of some form of bond between the self and their possession of power from an alternative existence. Once she were tsubaki, then another, then teikai kage, but since, the three had become one in itself.

The meta-physical pull he felt upon himself greatly increased, sucking him within the blank void he'd found himself present within. A bright shining light slowly illuminates around himself, and a sudden sense of understand befall upon his sense of self, which had since fully been restored if but for a moment. "And such is the course of life."

And then there was life, as the universe had drug him from a physical being left within a void expelled from all sense of sense itself. Just as it had done so, so did it retaliate within the powers of its capability to create life as it so often did. Whether by some form of choice, or sheer luck of escape though, he did not know. All he had came to recollect in this moment before complete expulsion, was that he'd somehow came to a form transcendence for all of an instant to fully understand anything he'd asked himself within the confines of his many fragmented and incomplete existences in all past forms of life.

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