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Divine Protections and Abilities

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Divine Protections and Abilities Empty Divine Protections and Abilities

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:45 am

For starters, Divine Protections are a power that is, for the most part, individualized. There are rare cases of multiple people possessing the same one, but it is usually one per person. In the case of the RP everyone will be able to create their own Divine Protection for their character. How this will work specifically I will list down below for how it should be built out. But before that, let me explain the theme of the characters.

There are three separate themes that can be picked that simply dictate what your release will be and how it augments your stats. There is the Sword Saint, which specializes typically in armed combat and focuses on strength and stamina. There are Sorcerers, that are inclined towards the use of magic and are Energy and Stamina focused. Finally the members of the Witches Cult choose a more balanced path capable of using everything but excelling nowhere particular. You will get the choice of which path you want to go down based on how you want your character to function and below will lay out how each of them works. 

The point at which you acquire your abilities will be the same across the board. The only real difference is in how it effects your stats. All releases will be earned in two phases in which certain abilities will become available.

Partial Mastery: You acquire the first step for your abilities at 20,000 Power. It requires 1,500 WC to learn the release and at that point it is yours. You have access to your Divine Protection/Sin and the first 4 of your techniques.

Full Mastery: The final step in the mastery of your abilities. It is acquired at 60,000 Power and needs 3,000 WC to learn. You now have access to all of your abilities in addition to your Divine Protection/Sin.

Now there are, as mentioned previously, three different paths that may be taken for your release, what boosts they give and at what points they give them will be splayed out below.

Sword Saint:
Partial Mastery- +7 to Strength and Stamina, +2 to all others.
Full Mastery- +18 to Strength and Stamina, +8 to all others.

Partial Mastery- +7 to Energy and Stamina, +2 to all others.
Full Mastery- +18 to Energy and Stamina, +8 to all others.

Witches Cult:
Partial Mastery- +4 to all stats.
Full Mastery- +12 to all stats.

Now that is how each of the individual releases will work. Now for the most part, you are free to create your techniques and chose what they will do, etc etc. There are however certain guidelines that do have to be followed with how they will work and I will expound upon that a little bit below.

Release Elements/Themes:
Now, everyone is free to do two things as far as their abilities go. One, is make up their divine protection/sin ability. Two, is choose which element/sin their character will be attributed to out of the six/seven existing ones. However, the element or sin that a character chooses will dictate the theme of which their abilities/sin will be built around. How you build around it is up to you, but it must follow the theme that you have chosen. Below I will list the elements of which there are to choose as well as the sins that are up for grabs.

Elements: (For Sword Saints/Sorcerers.)

Sins: (For Witches Cult.)

That about lines it up for how the releases will work for you RE: Zero folks. I will however also mention that there is a test attributed to acquiring a second Divine Protection/Sin which gives you another technique slot so as to not use another. All of the details will be listed in the tests thread so go check it out before you completely design your character.
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