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Mikoto's random action's

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Mikoto's random action's Empty Mikoto's random action's

Post by Mikoto Kurokei on Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:09 am

It has been many days, weeks, months maybe even years since Mikoto has done really anything meaningful. Now when he thinks meaningful he thinks of well anything he has really only been sitting around doing mostly nothing for a very long period of time. His friend and captain has been off doing his own things the Soul Society has been generally quiet for the past well while and the squad has been not been up to really and no good for Mikoto to deal with. He mostly has been just sitting in his office occasionally signing papers and well thats it. Mikoto looked around his office while he was sitting in his chair wondering what to do, he stretched out a bit seeing that one of his bookselves you use a bit of cleaning actually the more he looked around alot of things needed cleaning. He could order his squad to do it for him and claim it a training excersize but that would be abusing his rank a bit so he decided he would do it himself besides it would give him something to do.

The one thing he did make some of his squad members to wsa to locate some cleaning supplies and bring them to his office. He got a few odd stairs and on concerned looked probably thinking he was going to make them clean his office but once they delivered the supplies he told them to go back to doing whatever they were doing and started to work. He started by removing objects from there spaces to make getting at the dust a bit easier, He dusted his bookselves and desk he dusted his windows and under his furniture. The dusting took him quite sometime but atleast he was doing something, He could hear some squad members open the door a bit and they were talking to themselves making jokes saying "I wonder if we could get him to our quaters as well?" but he just ignored them and continued on with his labours. Once he had finally dusted eveything in his office he looked around happy with all the dust gone his office was starting to look much better less like an unkept mess and more presentable.

Mikoto put the broom and dust rags he used away or rather out of the way in the hall and began properally washing the room. While dusting took much of the time properally washing the area would take a tad longer good thing he did not have much to do today anyways atleast. Mikoto finally finished cleaning his office after another hour had gone by he quickly did a bit of math and figured he spent around two hours cleaning while not the greatest way to pass time it was a way. He finished up by putting all the books back where they belonged and the rest of the things he moved Mikoto looked around proud of the work he did his office looked better then new while it would get dirty again probably sooner then he'd like it still was nice for the time being. Mikoto then order the supplies put back and decided to walk around the barracks to see if anything happened while he was preocuppied, from what he could see nothing to out of the ordinary the occasional argument but nothing to serious.

Mikoto decided to head out for awhile a walk would allow him to get some fresh air maybe he would even see something that would give him something to do. Upon informing the squad he would be out for awhile he headed out in a random direction. He saw many things while he was on his walk nothing that would entertain him but still interesting things none the less. Alot of it was partolling squads but he would catch the occasional one slacking off other then that mostly normal. Mikoto visited many of the other of the squad barracks on his walk and was occasionally greated by one of the squad members. Much time passed as Mikoto walked probably an hour or so when he reached one of the bars in the Soul Society, He thought he would likely encounter something in there so he walked in but to his somewhat disapointment everything was normal well normal for a bar atleast. No one was causing any real trouble it was mostly members from different squads hanging out with the odd one beign the responsible one making sure the others behaved themselves. Mikoto could actually see a few bumps on the heads of the rally drunk ones so clearly they were doing their job well.

With that Mikoto decided to head back to the barracks with the Captain currently not there something has bound to have happened do to the lack of Mikoto being there. Likely they are partying or something by now that or someone/someones have likely had a major disagreement and Mikoto was going to be needed to address the issue.

Word count 833.
Mikoto Kurokei
Mikoto Kurokei

Race : Shinigami
Class : Genius
Rank : Squad Member
Power : 64000
Strength : 60
Stamina : 74
Speed : 86
Energy : 160
Perception : 62
Energy Speed : 144
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Age : 28

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