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Iwagakure - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Iwagakure - Between a Rock and a Hard Place Empty Iwagakure - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Post by ChaosKaiz on Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:08 pm

The tree was cold to his back as he leaned against the tree made from tungsten, black as the soil burned from the heat of the storm. Although rain found a way to bless the ground, the damage of the bolts of lightning could not be ignored. The force alone was enough to burn most that was in the area, and the impact ensured that nothing would be able to survive what was left of this barren land. Still, Regashi remained against the cold metal with an eye staring into the sky. His left eye was sealed shut, the use of his eyes caused too much pain to use again and Kirin was surely more than enough to burn that part of his face.
There was a moment where he attempted to lift his left hand and shield himself from the falling water, but there was no response from the limb. His eye drifted to the arm to see the burned flesh turned black. He released a soft sigh from his lips as he turned back towards the world in front of him, the disconnected look in his eyes giving him the sight of miles beyond without actually being able to see anything.
As he becomes increasingly grounded in the world around him, there was an aggressive rumble beneath his body before he felt the rapid impact of his entire body hitting the ground. This impact forced his mind to focus and as he lay with his back upon the ground, the clear sky paired with the intense heat of the sun stared back at him. “Aye, the lad fell out of the cart.”
Regashi slowly turned his head, feeling a sharp pain in the side of his neck realizing that the sight of his arm was not something conjured in his head. Granted, it was not burned as bad as his mind painted but it was clear that substantial damage had occurred. The sun was suddenly blocked as a figure stood over his body, impossible to see the details of the face in front of him due to the overpowering halo created by the sun. “It be best if ye slept til we ‘rrive.” Regashi could not even manage a full thought before giving to the suggestion and closing his eyes.
The water was unforgiving as it threatened to pull him underneath with the force of hell itself. Celerro was nothing but a charred corpse drifting but a few yards away, and Regashi was only barely better off than his opponent. His left side was in an unbelievable amount of pain as he attempted to swim using what was left of his active muscles. The amount of electricity that surged through his body damage nerves that were not outright destroyed.
More so, his chakra reserves were all but tapped out as the storm created continued to rage on with the fury of destruction that consumed Kumogakure. There was a sense of acknowledgement that he was not going to survive this encounter, but he was able to smile at the fact that Sozo and Debu were able to survive and escape to safety. “You shall not perish today.” Chomei’s soft voice echoed in the head of Regashi before darkness consumed him.
Slowly once more Regashi found himself opening his eyes, but this time it was to a more peaceful environment of a recognizable infirmary. Regashi believed that this one could not be a standard medical facility, because the exotic materials could not be meant for someone of any lower stance of nobility to employment. In the corner of the room, a head full of pink hair could be seen and the first thing that he could manage was a painful cry, “Sozo…” The act of speaking alone caused so much pain as he was forced into a violent cough.
“You mustn’t speak less you tear your vocal chords to shreds.” There was a somber glance as the nurse attendance to the room rushed over to settle Regashi, “I need you to rest.”

Regashi wanted to speak, but he could not manage. Instead he used his right hand and creates a small series of hand signs, and not without a great challenge to his movements. Though he ran out of energy as he performed this action and his arm fell limp at his side. “Rest now Shinobi, we know not what village you hail from but broken man is welcome to heal if he is willing to help and lend his hand for support of Iwagakure.

WC: 757

Race : Human (Ninja)
Class : Eagle Eye
Rank : Genin
Power : 19
Strength : 23
Stamina : 23
Speed : 23
Energy : 21
Perception : 59
Energy Speed : 21
Reputation : 0
Age : 24
Location : Kumogakure - Land of Shinobi

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