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A Time to Reflect

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A Time to Reflect Empty A Time to Reflect

Post by Shinoji on Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:40 am

Laying on the deck Shinoji began to open his eyes. Sitting up quickly he looked around it was very dark. Lighting up a stick with his Thunder God magic light began to engulf the area.

"Where am I? Why is it so dark on the Black Reaper?!"

The men began to gather around him as he sat up and stood to his feet. All of them stood there with a smile on their faces. Shinoji just walked over to a spot to sit down and looked around at his men.

"So tell me, where are we?"

They all got stiff and began to speak. "We are under the sea right now. We are heading to Fishman Island right now. Captain Kirito is already in the New World without us, we must catch up!" Everyone began to cheer as Shinoji just looked in the other direction. He struggled in his last fight and that was inexcusable. Looking back at his men he decided to issue a new order. "Everyone, we are going to stay on Fishman Island for a little while and train. We will not be made a fool of in the New World!" Everyone looked at him confused for a short while before cheering and started to party.

Shinoji just ignored all of the partying and sat there. Until one of the crew members approached him with one of those snail phones. They held it out to him with a serious look on their faces. "It's the captain, he said its urgent." Shinoji wasted no time grabbing it and speaking into it. "Captain, what's the matter?"

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A Time to Reflect Empty Re: A Time to Reflect

Post by Shinoji on Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:05 am

After waiting a short while for a reply Kirito finally answered him on the other end.

"I need you in the New World and at Dressrosa in five days. My former family, the Hiroko Family, have began to make their move and we must kill them off. The Prodence Kingdom that I took over will be fighting along side us and we will be taking Dressrosa as our territory as well. So please hurry your business on Fishman Island so that we can get this battle underway. You and the crew will be part of the main forces to fight the Hiroko family's soldiers and get you and myself into the castle where we will kill off the leaders of the Hiroko family. So please prepare in a hurry."

Closing his eyes to think Shinoji sat there in a deep thought. Bringing the device to his face he then spoke to his captain. "Roger, We shall be in the New World within five days. We shall use the other four shall be used for training. Until then, see ya."

Shinoji quickly hung up the phone thing and began to walk into the center of the ship. Looking around he saw no sight of Fishman island quite yet. This was going to pose a small problem. "Everyone, we must quickly set course for Fishman island, no more wasting time!" All of the men began to scramble and search the area for the island. However this was the perfect time to get started on his training as well. The Thunder god slayer magic was much stronger than this at its peak. Perhaps even tapping into its half power would be enough for the time being. Standing there surrounded by his men Shinoji began to train.

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A Time to Reflect Empty Re: A Time to Reflect

Post by Shinoji on Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:26 pm

Shinoji turned around again toward the crew. All busy, rushing to get everything done. Their course set, destination, Fishman Island. In the next 30 minutes something inside Shinoji was stirring, like pulling at his magic. This felt completely different from what he had felt before. This was not his Demon magic, no. This was his god slayer magic. Black lighting was starting to static around his hands. Two of the crew members saw this and just got wide eyed like looking at a true demon.

Shinoji could see where the crew were afraid of him, hell… He was afraid of this power, but it was his to control not him for it to control. But this was a situation that he never wanted to arise on the boat at least. He had to react quick, so he clenched his fists and summoned his next in line.

“You are in charge until we reach Fishman island, right now it is dangerous for me to be on the ship. I will be teleporting to Fishman island before you arrive in a day, dock, find shelter and hone your skills as I will be doing the same. In three days, we will make our way to the Captain. Understood?”

Shinoji was shocked at the way the crewman reacted and put a plan into action. Their men were a great crew! As the crew scrambled to get everything ready for Shinojis departure, he made his way to the deck. As he walked down to the deck, a thick rod of pure steel rose from the middle of the deck. As Shinoji approached the rod, black lighting began to crackle around his hands transferring to the rod and turning it red hot. Then within an instant he was gone. Rushing toward the Island as incredible speeds.

Waves crashed around him. The sea air brushed against his face, the sea spray stung his lips. He opened his eyes and he was on Fishman island Beach. Shinoji seemed to have drew attention with his entrance. He looked up on a small cliff to see half the village starring down at the beach. Then the other half running down to see who or what had just arrived.  Before they had arrived, Shinoji quickly stabbed the ground with two small daggers imbued with ancient magic of protection and warding, sending a wall of blue glistening magic rushing up behind him.
“Welcome master Shinoji. We are honored to have you!”

“My crew will be arriving in three days, make sure they are taken care of. I am not to be disturbed. I will be in the middle of the island, for your peoples’ safety I suggest no one come to that place.”

As quick as he came, he was gone in a bolt of lightning. Crashing into the crater in the middle of the island. Immediately the area becomes electrified. Black lightning began to engulf the area, as Shinoji sat in the middle, the area was no completely shut off by a giant cage of black lightning. The air alone was now so thick and filled with static. This cage was made for training, it was meant to break the very core of a person’s magic. And so, it began, the first was strike centimeters from Shinojis left leg, he could feel the heat from it singe his pants leg. The second was a strike that flashed by his face. The third by his right arm. Still he remained in his position, never wavering. Until he felt lightning coming from all directions. At the last possible second, he moved with incredible speed that even he was surprised about. Was this his power increasing? Or something he hadn’t tapped into yet, this was good! His response time is getting better! Now to improve everything else! As he stood, without a second to spar he backflipped as a bolt crashed in front of him. Shinoji landed behind a boulder, but that did him no good seeing as how the cage has a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree range. Three more bolts crashed in a zig-zag formation, he was quick to counter them all, but the next one he wasn’t fast enough for. In a response he threw up his hands to protect himself, fully ready to take the powerful hit. The only thing that happened was he was pushed back, in his head he thought that this is only training he couldn’t be hurt, but he opened his eyes and was taken aback by what he was watching. A lightning shield formed from his arm was what took the brunt of the bolt. Black lightning was emitting from his hand and arm forming the shield, this was a new ability.  He thought of a plan, the only way to escape this cage was to use lightning to fight lightning. So, he concentrated. Focusing all his magic to cover his body in an armor of black lightning.
He opened his eyes and just as he imagined, his whole body was shrouded in an armor of what looked light glass with black lightning bolts contained and trapped inside. A bolt raced toward him, he held up his hand and sent his own bolt of black lightning hurdling toward the other making a huge flash. He took this as an opportunity to rush the wall, with all his power he pushed off the ground and rammed the wall of the cage. The first attempt was unfruitful. He was knocked back, but he flipped back and got his foothold and pushed again. This time he pushed with everything in him and finally the cage broke and shattered. The light returned, and the heavy feeling gone. Shinoji started to fall to the ground, how long had he been inside that cage? His next in command was there to catch him. Had all that time in that cage, what seemed like an hour really had been three days?


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A Time to Reflect Empty Re: A Time to Reflect

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