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Custom Technique - Bakuhatsu Cero

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Custom Technique - Bakuhatsu Cero Empty Custom Technique - Bakuhatsu Cero

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:12 am

Technique Name: Bakuhatsu Cero (Erupting Cero)
Attributed Race: Vaizard
Description Of Technique: A variation on the standard cero that Hollow/Arrancar/Vaizard are able to use. This version puts to use Tenjinsai's elemental affinity, being fire, and creates a cero that is set ablaze.
Technique Creator: Tenjinsai Bushinji
Tenjinsai Bushinji
Tenjinsai Bushinji

Race : Vaizard
Class : Genius
Rank : Captain Commander
Power : 150000
Strength : 70
Stamina : 164
Speed : 198
Energy : 222
Perception : 198
Energy Speed : 217
Reputation : 0

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Custom Technique - Bakuhatsu Cero Empty Re: Custom Technique - Bakuhatsu Cero

Post by Nanaomi Sugowara on Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:20 am

Nanaomi's Seal of Approval!
Custom Technique - Bakuhatsu Cero Approv10
stats regulated by user's stats as per usual

Techniques & Releases
Cut pieces: 0
Senzu Beans 16
other's words
Nanaomi Sugowara
Nanaomi Sugowara

Race : Saiyan
Class : Genius
Rank : General
Power : 92000
Strength : 67
Stamina : 126
Speed : 131
Energy : 180
Perception : 131
Energy Speed : 171
Reputation : 0

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