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Buster Call Arc (Land of Shinobi)

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Buster Call Arc (Land of Shinobi) - Page 3 Empty Re: Buster Call Arc (Land of Shinobi)

Post by Nanaomi Sugowara on Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:42 pm

Strong Spirited

Scythe of Sorrow/Blade of Blasphmey learned


Nanaomi listened to the boy as he ran off. A soft sigh escaping her lips as she spoke. "Well, there goes my experiment. Oh well. I guess there's nothing left to do but go ho-" She stopped mid sentence before looking up to the sky. It felt, off, somehow. She wasn't sure. She could feel the heaviness in the air. It felt, so much similar to a storm brewing in a far away land approaching at high speeds. She could still feel the large energies not having moved from their area just yet. But it seemed, off. So off. She couldn't help but get a wrenching in her stomach that told her a large fight was nearing with very strong people. Now, this woman was not one to meddle in the affairs of others usually, though if a science experiment, er, I mean, if an unknown boy requires help it wouldn't be a far stretch to offer assistance.

But this, this was on a whole different level. She could feel the intensity in the air. The fight wasn't even happening but it was calling to her. Almost, as if she needed to attend this dance for one reason or another. Her Saiyan blood, for sure, was the cause of this. Knowing that Saiyans, when feeling a looming battle are often hard pressed to avoid it. It's almost an instinct to throw ones self into the heat of war simply for the joy of attending it. A warrior race, to the core. These thoughts ran, no, spiraled through her mind like fighter jets across the sky of an air show. It was sure to show on her face, a soft intimate visage of joy mixed with worry for her student, Luxanna. This could end very badly but could also work out extremely well. For now, it was only a matter of time perhaps.

"Luxanna-chan." She said, her eyes unmoving from staring at the clouds before her. She'd speak softly, almost too calm from her usual demeanor. "There's a chance I can't keep you safe in the coming battle. So I'll let you decide your next course of action." She said, her left hand lifting to point towards a direction. "That way is home. Just keep flying across the body of water and you'll come to the city. You can find your way to your house from there." She said as the woman took one step forward. The second her right foot struck the ground, the woman's right hand was engulfed in purple light. She would point the light towards her left palm where it seemed to enter. In an instant, Nanaomi pulled a large scythe from her palm, wielding it with awesome presence. It was completely made of energy, from tip to bottom. The woman's right hand holding it firmly upon the center where she would speak once more.

"If you choose to stay, there may be fighting. A lot of it. Just, be careful either one you choose." She said, her right hand spinning the scythe around before it dissipated into nothingness. She was ready. She had prepared the Scythe of Sorrow, making sure she remembered how to preform the technique. The only thing next, was her Blade of Blasphemy. The woman's right hand gripped the tsuka of her blade tightly before unsheathing it. Though this part was unnecessary, she enjoyed doing this. The woman placed her left hand at the base of the blade where it met with the tsuba. And with a quick motion, she slide her palm across the spine of the blade causing purple energy to engulf it. It looked very similar to a katana with a lightsaber-eske blade in the shape of a blade. The energy was so dense and bright that the blade itself became obscured by it's covering.

She would spin the blade around a little bit, making sure she understood the weight of the blade. It had been a while since she used this in training practice let alone actual combat. It was any wonder she was still able to preform basic kata with it. A soft smile escaped the woman's lips as she sheathed her blade, the energy dissipating into nothingness as it entered the saya. She seemed, happy, with the coming war she could feel. It was almost as if she was home once more, fighting alongside her brothers against the Champions and soldiers. Those dark times which still loomed light overhead for the coming future of the Saiyan Empire. She was close, really close. She could feel the grasp of the throne so wildly close. "I can taste it." She muttered under her breath, in response to her own thoughts. Soon, however, the woman's train of thought struck a turn and headed towards what needed to be done. She needed to try and assert herself into this coming war any way she could. And what better way than the side she was standing next to in the first place?

Perhaps they were the under dogs. Or maybe, they were the assured win in the first place. It didn't matter. The woman's hot, Saiyan blood burned brightly this day and she did not do well to control it. Instead, it would drive her next few actions once she felt she was prepared. The coming war would be hard fought, but a war, nevertheless. Nanaomi's mind quickly snapped back to Luxanna, wondering if the girl would be alright on her own or if she decided to join her in the fight. Most saiyans would be unable to pass this offer down but she knew, all too well in fact, that Luxanna was no ordinary Saiyan. As much as Nanaomi loved to play with science and energy, she too, was captivated by the ideals of the Saiyan blood that ran through her body. Even when she knew it was for naught or worse, if she knew it would get in the way of her own technological advancements. But alas, even those come to pass.

[[Exit w/Luxanna]]

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