Duplicity - How It Works

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Duplicity - How It Works

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:42 pm

So on the topic of duplicity, I know some people enjoy RPing as two individuals, others like to focus their time into building up one character. However, I have no personal problem with this being a thing as long as a few basic rules are followed regarding how these characters are used. Pay attention class and fortune may be with you yet.

#1: A second character must be from a different universe. This will help promoted diversity among the forum goers and also expand the horizons of those who may not be comfortable outside of their home universe.

#2: These characters are not allowed to interact. I don't want to see someone, in essence, chatting up a storm with themselves and just racking up the WC. It is not ok and if I see it, there will be trouble.

#3: These characters are DEFINITELY not allowed to assist each other in combat. I think that goes without saying but just in case someone decides to loop hole this shit because it wasn't listed, here it is.

#4: This one may be a little odd but your characters may not possess a significant rank in the same universe. E.G would be both of them being a Hokage, Captain, Admiral, etc etc. You can split them up and hold two different ranks in two dimensions but having two characters in high holding in one universe can cause issues plot wise and it lets other people come in to take these positions as well. The same goes for faction or racial leaders. You can only have one character occupy a position in that high of a tier. So if you are the Pirate King, your other character cannot be any other faction leader position or higher.

Other then that you are free to use your character how you would. They will be entitled to all of the standard randomizer rolls and procedures any other character would be from their respective universe with no real restriction, enjoy.
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