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Summons/ Sage Art

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Summons/ Sage Art

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:47 pm


Note: You can only learn 1 summon type that hold a Sage mode chakra. However you can learn 1 non-Sage mode using animal giving you a total of 2 summons.

They vary greatly in size, from small enough to hide in one's sleeves to larger than most buildings. Appearing first in episode 27 of the anime, Orochimaru frequently summons them as allies in battle, either having them attack for him or instructing them to carry out other tasks. Despite this, he treats them as disposable pawns, typically sending them into battles during which they are likely to be killed. Sasuke is equally unattached to these snakes, often summoning them only for use as a shield. While most snakes are very obedient and do what is instructed of them, the largest snake, Manda, will not help others without payment, demanding a sacrifice of a hundred humans in exchange for helping Orochimaru, yet even then would readily turn against Orochimaru if he thought he couldn't win.

-Normal Snakes
-Giant Snakes
-Three Headed Giant Snake
-Manda II
-White Snake Sage

Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: Earth
Current Summoners:

Toads possess a wide range of abilities, being able to spit water or oil from their mouths as well as utilising weapons in battle. What is most unusual is that they are one of the few species able to do ninjutsu, and one of the few animals thus far capable of hand signs. Toads are also familiar with senjutsu, making them (along with their contractor) very powerful when invoked on the battlefield. They vary greatly in size; ranging from giant summons such as Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro that tower over trees and can dwarf large rock formations, while others such as Gamakichi and Gamatatsu, were small enough in Part I to ride on a man's head. The two have got much bigger since their last appearances, Naruto now being capable of standing on their backs. The toads have also shown unique personalities; Gamatatsu has a fixation for snacks and Gamakichi enjoys watching battles from safe distances. Their father, Gamabunta, speaks like a yakuza gangster, who won't work with anyone he doesn't respect. Despite this, he is fiercely protective of his children and Naruto, and will fight for their safety regardless of his respect for the summoner (or, more likely, whether or not Jiraiya was on his good side). Gamaken, who was introduced in Part II, spends the bulk of his appearances commenting on how weak and clumsy he is. The toad elders seem to hold high positions in toad society; the Great Toad Sage, an ageing and somewhat senile toad, hands down wisdom and predictions to the younger generations and is highly respected for his track record of always being right. Getting to meet with him is considered a great honour. A married toad couple, Shima and Fukasaku, assist the Great Sage in his work. They also seem to be particularly powerful, as Jiraiya summoned them to help him during a battle with Pain. Jiraiya spoke to both of them very respectfully, whereas with most other toads he treated as his equals. Although Shima and Fukasaku constantly bicker over such things as dinner and Jiraiya's immaturity, their combined efforts were enough to defeat three of Pain's bodies. Mount Myōboku's population also includes unique species of toads and other toad-like amphibians; two such examples are "Scroll Toads", (such as Gerotora) a rare species that will reside within the body of their contractor, guarding closely whatever secret is written on their scroll-abdomen until their contractor dies. The "Gourd Toad" is identified by their gourd-shaped bodies and have a stomach space that is far larger than the toad itself as a feature. Another example of Mount Myōboku's diverse populi is the amphibian, possibly also a toad, that served as Fukasaku's perch when he came to Konohagakure to bring them the news of Jiraiya's death.

-Great Toad Sage
-Unnamed Tadpole
-Great, fire-breathing Toad
-Gourd Toad
-Shop Toad
-Diving Toad
-Scroll Toad
-Messenger Toad
-Tracker Toad

Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: Oil
Current Summoners:

It is a gigantic elephantine chimera, large enough to dwarf Sasuke's Susanoo. It has tiger-like limbs and bandages wrapped all around its head similar to Danzō and armour on the base of the trunk and between the eyes. It is predominantly dark orange in colour with the exception of its trunk, legs and the markings around its eyes. Its feet are also striped; reminiscent of those of a tiger and it also has huge tusks and what looks like a beard, as well as long, sharp claws.

The Baku is said in legend to be able to devour dreams and nightmares, a fact that Tobi also echoed. When it opens its mouth and inhales, it can create a powerful suction that sucks in everything within a large radius, while at the same time exhaling through its trunk. Danzō uses this suction in conjunction with his own Wind Release techniques to amplify their power. It was strong enough to break the defences of Sasuke's Susanoo.

Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: Wind
Current Summoners:

The first tortoise Ningame, was seen during the Chūnin Exams, when he stopped Lee from attacking Sasuke Uchiha, later scolding him for attempting to use the Front Lotus. Ningame wasn't seen again until Part II, when Guy was chasing down Kisame Hoshigaki on the remote island. In the anime, Guy later summoned Ningame to enter into a contract with his other student Tenten, but she offended Ningame, and he refused to enter into a contract with her. A messenger tortoise was also summoned by Guy in the anime, a small tortoise that can travel a long distance and then lights up with the words "S.O.S." to signal allies that Guy was in trouble.

Throughout the series other tortoises have been seen, though not contracted to Guy. The Island Turtle is a gigantic tortoise that has an island complete with wildlife and vegetation growing on its back along with several structures on top of, as well as inside its shell. Another large tortoise was also seen on the island where Ningame landed after Guy uses his shell as a platform, several times larger than the summoned creature who stated that he had never seen a tortoise that big.

Messenger Tortoises

Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Giant Clam:
Aside from its massive size, it resembled an ordinary clam. Several prominent dark lines encircle both the upper and lower portions of its shell, while the Kirigakure symbol is inscribed upon its top.

The creature is capable of producing a mist with which its summoner can create a deceptive mirage that completely rendered observers unable to accurately locate the position of itself or its summoner, after firstly opening its shell and exuding a mist from its siphons throughout the duration of the technique. Its shell was very sturdy, being able to resist Ōnoki's initial attack.

Village Affiliation: Mist
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Slugs' offensive abilities involves shooting acid from their mouths, similar to the way toads use oil. For defending others, the slugs have the ability to encapsulate themselves around an individual's entire body. This essentially makes them a big cushion for the person inside, protecting the person from physical collisions. Slugs have also been shown to be able to divide themselves into many smaller replicas, though this ability may be unique to Katsuyu due to its size. Katsuyu can also absorb chakra from its summoner and even control it to some extent, as shown when Tsunade transferred her own chakra to Katsuyu in order to heal the citizens of Konoha when Pain attacked.


Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Rinnegan Animal Path's summons:
Worthy of note, the Animal Path requires no blood sacrifice or hand seals when summoning creatures, but uses hand seals to summon the other Paths. It can summon Konan as well. The second Path possessed some ability with taijutsu, able to clash with Naruto Uzumaki for a short time despite him being in Sage Mode.

-Giant Drill-Beaked Bird
-Giant Multi-Headed Dog
-Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon
-Giant Panda
-Giant Ox
-Giant Rhino
-Giant Crustacean
-Giant Centipede
-The other Paths of Pain

Village Affiliation: Unknown
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Rinnegan: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path:
When the Sage of the Six Paths separated its chakra from its body to create the tailed beasts, he sealed the hollowed husk that was the Ten-Tails's body within the moon, where it remained until it was summoned by Madara Uchiha, who had acquired Senju DNA and awakened the Rinnegan. Madara then christened the empty husk the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. During his old age, Madara was able to cling onto life by attaching himself to the statue via the living clone where it served as a means of life support by constantly supplying him with chakra. Madara also used the power of the statue to catalyse the cells he had obtained from Hashirama Senju in order to create a mindless replica of Hashirama, and the artificial humans it produced. It was only after finding someone to carry on his preparations for the Eye of the Moon Plan, that Madara disconnected himself from the Demonic Statue and with his dying breath told the young man that until the time he was revived he was to act using his name. As Madara explained to Obito, teaching him the methods to control it, the rebirth of the Ten-Tails by feeding the Tailed Beasts to the Demonic Statue is vital to the Eye of the Moon Plan. 

Village Affiliation: Rinnegan users only
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Various amount of Salamanders can be summoned to the battle field to fight on behalf of their summoner. These salamanders tend to have poisonous capabilities that could poison anyone within their range.

- Messanger salamander
- Ibuse

Village Affiliation: Rain
Element: Water
Current Summoners:

Monkey King: Enma:
At some point in time when Hiruzen went to accost Orochimaru who had fallen under suspicion, Enma was summoned after Hiruzen decided to confront him. During the confrontation however, Hiruzen allowed Orochimaru to escape despite Enma's appeal to kill him. During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's attack on Konoha, he fought alongside Hiruzen against the beast. He and Hiruzen also later witnessed the Nine-Tails being sealed inside of Naruto Uzumaki. During Hiruzen's time as the teacher of the Sannin, the anime shows that Enma was summoned during their training sessions.

Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Each demon is different in appearance and each wields a different weapon. One wears a dark green full-body suit and its hair covers its entire head and face. It wields a giant studded metal club. The other is shirtless and wears dark pants. It is bald and has scars on its head, similar to Ibiki Morino, and it wears a blindfold. It has a thorn-like weapon tied to each arm. The other has its upper body covered in bandages and wears brown pants. Its head is in an awkward position and has several needles pinned on it. It doesn't have arms and thus it doesn't wield any weapon. Each demon has a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around its waist, like Tayuya and the rest of the Sound Four.

Village Affiliation: Sound
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Shut tightly, this menacing gate when summoned provides a tremendous defence for its summoner and is able to completely intercept an opponent's physical attack. According to Sakon and Ukon, this technique boasts an ultimate defence and the fact that Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru managed to dent it was no small feat. (It doesnt describe all of the gates but you get the idea what they are like.)

Summoning techniques:
-Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon
-Summoning Jutsu: Triple Rashomon
-Summoning Jutsu: Quintuple Rashōmon

Village Affiliation: Leaf
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Iron Maiden:
Ibiki summons a giant iron maneki neko, which appears beneath the opponent from underground, split down the middle. The statue closes around the target and is then wrapped in chains, which drag it back down into the ground.

Village Affiliation: Any
Element: none
Current Summoners:

Torture Chamber:
This technique is used by Ibiki to summon an iron torture chamber around himself and the opponent. First, the enemy's arms and legs are captured by four chains, and then the walls of the cage appear flat on the ground, quickly folding together to box them in. Finally, a large statue falls atop the cage, which is then tightly bound in chains.

The floor of the cage is outfitted with a number of gears that can be turned to constrict garrotte wire, which is tightly wrapped around the victim's body. It appears that Ibiki can control the force of the gears using hand seals and chakra, using it as a method of torture and interrogation. He is also able to perceive the pain of the victim.

Village Affiliation: Any
Element: none
Current Summoners:

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Re: Summons/ Sage Art

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:02 pm

Jutsu From Summons

(250wc to learn all jutsu here.)

Name: Striking Shadow Snakes
Description: This technique allows the user to eject snakes from their wrist or sleeve, usually after a punching motion. The snakes are used primarily to attack from a distance and, being snakes, can inflict multiple poisonous wounds on the victim's body or hold them in place. The snakes can also open their mouths to extend Kusanagi-like blades.
This technique can also be classified as a variation of the Summoning Technique. This technique can also produce snakes from different parts of the user's body, as seen when Orochimaru created a snake in his mouth to attack the Third Hokage during their battle. (3 post cool down)

Name: Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes
Description: By increasing the amount of snakes summoned with the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, the diversity of this ninjutsu is increased. The swarm of big snakes appear in an instant, each snake individually doing something like intimidating, diverting, or capturing the enemy in a cooperative attack. Without giving them the time to react, the enemy is entangled.[3 max](3 post cool down)

Name: Ten Thousand Snakes Wave
Description: With this technique, a countless number of summoned snakes crawl out of Orochimaru's mouth and hunt down the enemy. With such overwhelming numbers, a true "wall of snakes" is formed, making defence and evasion meaningless. The enemy can do nothing but become buried by the snakes. The snakes can bite the enemy with their poison fangs and open their mouths to extend Kusanagi-like blades, making them even more deadly. Furthermore, when the inexhaustibly crawling snakes gather together, they become a defensive wall, and can block any kind of attack.

Name: Binding Snake Glare Spell
Description: The user summons one or two big snakes which crawl out from one's sleeves, and coil around the enemy capturing them. This is a great technique for capturing someone alive, or for inflicting damage by constriction, and if the situation calls for it, the snakes can bite the victim with their poison fangs. With the summons specified beforehand, the procedure can be shortened by using blood on a summoning "contract seal" (結印, ketsuin), making it possible to use the technique immediately. The further addition of the user's killing intent can weaken their target's resolve.
Snakes summoned by this technique are on a whole other level in terms of intelligence and strength, compared to normal summons. It is said that even shinobi with great skill are unable to escape from this restraint.
Ability: Hold opponent in place for 2 posts

Sage Art: (Costs 300wc to master these)

Name: Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation
Description: This technique allows the user to control things that have no life functions by gifting them with some of their own life force, allowing the user to freely manipulate the substance according to their will. The extent of the user's control goes beyond normal manipulation through chakra, meaning that even drastic alterations to the immediate environment can occur both suddenly and unexpectedly, making attacks using this method extremely difficult to avoid. Intense heat — such as that produced by the flames of Amaterasu — can counter the effects of this technique, causing affected inorganic materials to revert to their previous state.
Ability: Change inorganic objects around you into your personal weapon to change it to what you want.

Name: Sage Art: White Rage Technique
Description: After forming the necessary hand seals, the user expels a dragon-like entity from their mouth that carries an orb in its left front claw. As the dragon tightly coils itself around the orb, it releases both blinding light and deafening sound. This alone greatly hinders those in the vicinity but, due to the intensity of the resulting vibrations, paralysing pain is also induced. Thus, the technique both briefly inhibits the opponent's senses, as well as techniques that require their active concentration. According to Kabuto, only he is capable of functioning normally whilst this technique is in effect, thanks to the properties of his Sage Mode and his adopted abilities. Due to his snake characteristics, Kabuto can close the cornea of his eyes to completely block the harmful light, whilst instead relying upon the enhanced perception of his other senses to compensate for his obstructed vision. He can also liquefy the insides of his body in order to negate the effects of the harsh sound vibrations.
Ability: Blind and make someone deaf for as long as the jutsu is activated. (Limit is 2 posts.)

Name: Sage Art: Scattering Rage Jutsu
Description: The user expels numerous white dragons to attack the opponent.

(250wc to master these abilities individually.)

Name: Summoning: Crushing Toad Stomach
Description: This technique bares some similarity to the Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind technique. However, instead of warping the battlefield into the digestive tracts of a giant toad, Jiraiya reverse summons himself and his opponents into the stomach of a giant toad (possibly the same species as the giant, fire-breathing toad used in his Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind technique), essentially bringing the battle to a new battlefield. This technique is also similar to the Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison, this technique is used to capture and isolate a victim, trapping them inside of a toads stomach, cutting them off from any allies, but also completely immobilising them while the stomach crushes the opponents to death.

Name: Ninja Art Summoning: Bring Down the House Jutsu
Description: A destructive dive that takes full advantage of a giant toad's body mass. The strength of the fall varies depending on the user. For example, in the case of someone like Jiraiya — one of the Sannin, the summon can be performed in an instant right above the target, further adding the great gravitational force of a several hundred metre-high dive to the toad's own weight.

Name: Ninja Art: Toad Mouth Trap
Description: A peculiar technique of partial invocation that summons only an organ: the oesophagus of a great, fire-breathing toad from Mount Myōboku: Rock Lodging, sending the enemy into his stomach. If activated inside a building or a cave, this trick can ensnare the enemy without them realising it. In this interior, even the foothold is unreliable, the enemy finds themselves in a tight spot, having a hard time performing at their usual level of skill, and unable to find a proper response. The inside of the oesophagus is highly flexible, and adhesive, and won't even allow liberty of movement. In time, the walls of flesh close in and envelop the enemy, dooming them to go inside the stomach where they will be digested. (Not auto kill and if opponent is strong enough they can escape)

Name: Summoning: Toad Shop technique
Description: This technique summons a Shop Toad from Mount Myōboku. This toad has the ability to transform into a building and with their chakra, the user gives the building a design they imagined themselves. The target is then lured inside, for example, with the promise of cheap drinks. Once the target has entered the store, the toad changes back into its original small form, trapping the target inside the toad's stomach. From the moment the cancellation hand seal is performed, it takes only a few seconds for it to return to its original shape, meaning there is little chance of escape.
Ability: Use this technique under enemy lines to capture them and interrogate them.

Name: Toad Subjugation Shadow Manipulation Jutsu
Description: After infusing chakra into the victim's shadow, the user makes their own body as flat as possible. Then, by becoming one with the shadow, this technique temporarily establishes control over the victim's mind and body. While the technique is in effect, the victim is temporarily stunned and can serve as a human shield. The user has to hold their breath, but they can talk through the victim. As soon as the user's breathing recommences, the technique is cancelled and their ultra-thin body expands again retaking its original thickness.
Ability: Allows user to take over a person's body and control them while acting like their shadow.

Name: Toad Oil Bomb
Description: The user converts their chakra into an extremely sticky oil and spits this out as a huge mass. When this oil touches the target, their entire body is covered, and it prevents them from moving. Simply washing the oil away with regular water wouldn't be easy. Furthermore, if a Fire Release technique is thrown at the target after this technique is used, they will be enveloped in flames in an instant.
Effect: User converts their chakra into Toad Oil and spits it out at the opponent making them unable to move for 3 posts.

Name: Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison
Description: This technique summons a small, gourd-shaped toad, called a "Gourd Toad", a unique species of toad indigenous to Mount Myōboku. This technique is used to capture and isolate a victim by dragging them into the toad's stomach. Isolated from the outside world by a barrier, the space inside the Gourd Toad's stomach is far larger than the surface size of the Gourd Toad itself. The environment inside the toad's stomach is a cavernous chamber, which includes a lake of strong corrosive gastric acid that can dissolve anything that should happen to fall into it, along with shores around the acid lake, and formations sticking out of the lake; the already-existing structures within the Toad's stomach are seemingly unaffected by the acid lake. Once trapped inside, an opponent is cut off from any allies and susceptible to attack, and can then be easily defeated.
Effect: Drags an opponent into the stomach of the Gourd Toad and holds them there til the user calls on them.

Name: Hiding in a Toad Technique
Description: The user summons a special Diving Toad from Mount Myōboku and hides inside its stomach. The frog is able to dive up to a hundred metres in fresh water, making it especially useful for infiltrating enemy camps that are surrounded by a river or a lake. The stomach of the frog also has a special barrier that obstructs chakra, protecting the user from detection-type ninjutsu.
Effect: Allows user to hide in the stomach of a toad to escape battle or to get passed guards.

(Requires a Toad partner to perform these jutsu. same amount of wc to master these as above.)
Name: Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb
Description: This is a two-way collaboration technique. Gamabunta uses the Toad Oil Bullet technique to shoot a jet of oil from his mouth. His summoner then ignites the oil. Jiraiya uses the Fire Release: Flame Bullet technique for this purpose, while Naruto, knowing no Fire Release ninjutsu, opted to use explosive tags instead. The oil, acting as an accelerant, provides more fuel for the fire in an effect like a flame-thrower, and creating an conflagration of far greater power and magnitude than the original fire ninjutsu used on its own could have.
Required Toad: Gamabunta

Name: Wind Style: Toad Water Pistol
Description: This jutsu is a two-way Collaboration Techniques between the user and Gamatatsu. It is a wind-infused version of the Water Style: Water Gun. To set up for this technique in the anime, Naruto stands behind or atop Gamatatsu, moulding his wind chakra, while Gamatatsu moulds his own chakra and keeps water in his mouth. When ready, Naruto signals Gamatatsu to exhale all of the water through his mouth, combined with the wind chakra that Naruto channelled into Gamatatsu.
Required Toad: Gamatatsu

Name: Wind Style: Toad Oil Bullet
Description: This technique is the wind-natured upgrade of the Toad Oil Bullet technique, similar in principle to the Water Release: Water Gun. It was ad-libbed from Naruto's and Gamatatsu's Wind Release: Toad Gun technique, using toad oil instead of water. Naruto moulds his wind-natured chakra, while Gamatatsu moulds his own chakra into the oil in his mouth. On command Gamatatsu will expel the oil from his mouth, and combine it with the wind chakra that Naruto channels into Gamatatsu's body, creating a powerful and fast stream of toad oil, which spreads to cover a much larger area but maintaining a powerful striking force due to the wind-natured chakra.
Required Toad: Gamatatsu
Effect: sets up for Wind Style: Toad Flame Bomb.

Name: Wind Style: Toad Flame Bomb
Damage: This is a three-way synchronised collaboration technique between Naruto, Gamatatsu, and Gamakichi. It is an expansion of the Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet technique. After Naruto enhances Gamatatsu's Toad Oil Bullet with his wind-natured chakra, Gamakichi steps in and uses his Fire Release: Flame Bullet technique to ignite the oil. The wind not only improves the oil's coverage and distance, but also adds power to the flame. Using this technique they were able to knock out the Three-Tails.
Required Toad: Gamakichi or Gamabunta
Required Jutsu: Wind Style: Toad Oil Bullet

(Sage mode required for these techniques. 300wc to master these.)
Name: Frog Kumite
Description: The Frog Kata is a fighting style used exclusively by those who have mastered Sage Mode. The senjutsu chakra used during Sage Mode "activates" the body in various ways, enhancing the user's speed, strength, stamina and durability. This allows a sage to achieve incredible feats which include leaping great distances, shattering sharp materials with their bare hands, as well as lifting objects several times their size. When using Frog Kata, the natural energy used by the practitioner to create senjutsu chakra also encapsulates the user as an aura of natural energy. This aura can act as an extension of their body and cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have trained in senjutsu. By utilising the aura, the user can extend the range and force of their physical attacks. Strikes that seemingly or would normally miss will actually make contact with the target. One punch has been shown to have enough force to cripple and completely finish off an opponent. In addition, the enhanced speed and heightened chakra sensing from Sage Mode, combined with the skilful body movements of Frog Kata, allows the practitioner to evade enemy strikes at the last possible moment. (3 post cooldown)

Name: Frog Smash
Descripiton: While performing the Frog Kata, Naruto delivers a powerful open-handed strike, sending ripples of natural energy that emanate through the struck target from the initial point of contact. (2 post cooldown)

Name: Sage Art: Amphibian Jutsu
Description: This technique is used by Shima and Fukasaku to fuse with Jiraiya. It maximises the sage chakra for the person they are fused to and allows them to access Sage Mode. This also allows Fukasaku and Shima to continuously gather natural energy for Jiraiya, as he cannot do so himself while on the move, thus eliminating the weakness of exhausting all of his natural energy in battle.
Ability: Allows user to use Sage Mode at a shorter cost of 50 stamina per post.

Name: Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Oil
Description: It is a collaboration technique used by Jiraiya with Shima and Fukasaku. After having driven the enemy into a corner, for instance indoors or in a pit, then on Shima's command Jiraiya creates a large volume of oil, followed by Fukasaku performing a large Wind Release technique to propel the oil and Shima performing a large Fire Release technique to ignite it. Within an instant, that area will be filled with oil burning at temperatures of thousands of degrees. The super heated oil creates an inferno of such magnitude that, within an instant, the target and the surrounding area will be reduced to cinders.
Required Toads: Shima + Fukasaku

Name: Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant
Description: This is a sound-based genjutsu passed down on Mount Myōboku. Because learning it requires many long years of training, only the Two Great Sage Toads, Fukasaku and Shima, have the skills to perform it. It is said to be the most powerful genjutsu in their arsenal. It is immensely powerful and only has to reach the target's sense of hearing to be a success. Even if there are several hundred targets, they are completely disconnected from each other. Inside the genjutsu world, the targets are surrounded from all sides by four toad samurai, with their mind and body completely sealed between their hands in an illusionary cube of water. The four unmoving toads won't lift the complete binding until the user gives the order. After the enemies have been caught in the genjutsu, all that is left to do is to strike the finishing blow in the real world, with Mount Myōboku's secret Stone Swords which are driven into the targets' hearts like a wedge. Despite this technique's great power, it takes some time for the users to synchronise melodies, and since it uses sound, it gives away their location, allowing opponents to attack them while it is being prepared. It also makes Shima and Fukasaku's throats dry, meaning it cannot be used repeatedly.
Required Toads: Shima + Fukasaku
Effect: Traps opponent in a genjutsu that collapses their minds for 5 posts. (Once per battle)

Name: Sage Art: Frog Song
Description: After focusing Senjutsu chakra to their throats, both Fukasaku and Shima croak together in unison, releasing large, loud and immensely powerful sound waves that effectively annoy, distract and temporarily paralyse any afflicted targets completely.
Required Toads: Shima + Fukasaku
Ability: Traps opponent for 2 posts. (Once per battle)

Name: Creature Detection Jutsu
Description: After focusing senjutsu chakra to it, Shima's tongue grows to its maximum limit and is reshaped with a face. The tongue will then seek out the scent of its target. When the target is found, she ensnares it to prevent escape and marks it with a corrosive chemical. After the enemy is found Fukasaku can use the Water Tongue Battle Slash on it.
Required Toads: Shima
Ability: Detects hidden enemies so Fukasaku can attack.

Name: Water Tongue Battle Slash
Description: By kneading senjutsu chakra, Fukasaku's long tongue gains utmost solidity and sharpness. It then leaps from his mouth with tremendous speed and force, even tearing a hole in the bedrock and through metal pipes. With that ground-splitting power, the enemy is cut in half. The way that both the enemy and the ground itself are cut apart is reminiscent of the strike of a great sword.
Required Toads: Fukasaku

Name: Sage Art; Wind Style: Sand Dust
Description: Shima exhales a massive cloud of dust from her mouth, which is thick enough that it is capable of blocking the target's vision completely. The dust cloud is also large enough to hide a summon as large as Gamabunta.
Required Toad: Shima
Ability: Give a smokescreen effect to allow hidden attacks or a quick escape.

Sage Art: (These are not associated with the summoning animals.)
(When sage is put into the name sage mode is required for it. 250wc to learn each)
Name: Sage Art: Rasengan
Description: A simple Rasengan mixed with the user's senjutsu chakra.
Required: Rasengan

Name: Sage Art: Rasengan Barrage
Description: The Sage Technique: Spiralling Serial Spheres is simply two Rasengan used simultaneously. Senjutsu chakra is added to the technique, which greatly enhances the strength of the attack.
Requires Parent Jutsu: Rasengan

Name: Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan
Description: This technique adds natural energy to the Big Ball Rasengan. The natural energy rapidly increases it to gigantic proportions, larger than the user's own body, and is created in an instant. Unlike Naruto's Big Ball Rasengan, it can be used with only one hand. If the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan exploded, it would easily hollow out an entire mountain.
Requires Parent Jutsu: Giant Rasengan

Name: Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan
Description: This is the Sage Mode version of the Big Ball Rasengan. The regular Big Ball Rasengan requires that Naruto make one shadow clone to form the attack and then wield it. When using its Sage Mode variant however, he is able to use two clones to form the attack in both of his hands and then give the Big Ball Rasengan to the clones to wield by themselves. This technique was capable of blasting Pain's summons high into the air.
Requires Parent Jutsu: Giant Rasengan

Name: Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon
Description: This technique essentially hardens the hair on the user's head and shoots it continuously at the enemy. At the same time that Jiraiya kneads the chakra needed for Senjutsu and fires the hair needles, Fukasaku and Shima activate Jiraiya's hair roots causing the hair to grow at an accelerated rate thus making limitless rapid-fire possible. The sharpened points of the hair can turn the target's entire body into a pincushion. The sheer speed of this technique makes it the fastest attack with the widest range possible in Sage Mode to Jiraiya.
Required Jutsu: Needle Hell

Name: Sage Art; Fire Style: Giant Fire Blast
Description: This technique is a senjutsu altered version of the Fire Style: Flame Bombs. The user fills their mouth cavity with oil, created inside the body with senjutsu chakra. This oil is then expelled and at the same time ignited, which creates a giant flame, equivalent to multiple Flame Bullets. This flame can completely cut off the front escape route of an enemy cornered in a hallway or room, or it can thoroughly burn each respective escape route.
Required: Fire Style: Flame Bombs

Name: Sage Art: Gracious Deity Gates
Description: The sealing technique which is used in Sage Mode, the user manifests a select number of massive red torii that fall down from above, in order to pin an intended target between the gate and the ground. The size and strength of these torii is such that they can even be used to immobilize the Ten-Tails.
Ability: Hold down a person, strength of seal is based on your jutsu strength stat compared to theirs.

Name: Sage Art: Lava Style RasenShuriken
Description: A tailed beast skill whereby Naruto, borrowing Son Gokū's chakra, creates a massive Rasenshuriken with a lava-infused nucleus the heat from which causes the blades themselves to emit steam. On command, the sphere and blades can greatly expand and lacerate the target. This attack was powerful enough to cut through the Shinju completely.
Required: 4 Tails: Son Goku + Rasenshuriken

Name: Sage Art: Magnet Style Rasengan
Description: A tailed beast skill whereby Naruto, using Shukaku's power, creates a Rasengan with similar markings to the beast's cursed seal and then smashes the sphere into his opponent in the same manner as a normal Rasengan. Upon being struck with this technique, the markings quickly spread across the target's body and binds them.
Required: 1 Tails: Shukaku + Rasengan
Ability: Seals target in place for 5 posts.

Name: Sage Art: Storm Style Fang of Light
Description: After combining Storm Release with natural energy, the user generates a thin stream of lightning from their mouth that is even capable of cutting through the Truth-Seeking Ball.

Name: Sage Art: Yin Style Thunder Blast
Description: By combining the elements of senjutsu, Lightning Release and Yin Release, the user launches lightning streams from their hands, that quickly fork out, increasing its scope as they shoot towards the target.
Required: Yin Element

Giant Clam:
(250wc to master this technique)
Name: Mirage Genjutsu
Description: A wide-range genjutsu, whereby the Second Mizukage, in conjunction with his summon, is able to manifest realistic mirages using the mist exuded by the clam. As it is impossible for observers to distinguish from the real thing through normal methods, this property makes the technique ideal for concealing the actual location of either individual, resulting in confusion amongst the opposition as their attacks are rendered ineffective and they attempt to ascertain the pair's true positions. However, in order to maintain the illusions, the clam must continually exude the mist from its siphons, throughout the duration of the technique. According to the Mizukage, the only method to end the technique is to defeat the real clam but as the creature itself remains camouflaged within the mirage, this is no easy task, even if the summoner is providing beneficial advice. While the technique is in effect, both the Mizukage and the clam cannot be sensed through traditional means, with the exception of contact type methods.
Effect: Keep enemies from being able to detect user and summon along with ability to make enemies see illusions.

(250wc to master control of these techniques)
Name: Acid Slime
Description: A highly concentrated acidic paste is suddenly released from the mouth. The acid boasts such high density and concentration that it is even capable of diluting stone, vaporising it. There are no prerequisite moves to do before this techniques' activation. Because of this, Katsuyu can easily strike quickly and catch an enemy off-guard with this attack.

Name: Chakra Transfer Technique
Description: This technique allows the user to transfer chakra to another person. For example, Tsunade and Katsuyu used this technique in tandem during Pain's invasion of Konoha, with Tsunade first transferring her healing chakra to Katsuyu, and then Katsuyu herself transferring it to the wounded villagers.
Effect: Restore an allys chakra at the cost of your own, can only restore them to half of what their base is.

Name: Katsuyu Great Fission
Description: Because of Katsuyu's boneless body, it has the ability to divide its whole body into smaller slugs, and reunite it at will. This technique makes Katsuyu impossible to capture. All blunt physical attacks are also nullified before this technique, as no matter how violent the strike, it won't amount to more than a fruitless attempt. Any enemy who attacks her will only exhaust themselves. Katsuyu can also divide for other various purposes such as channelling Tsunade's chakra into shinobi with one of the slugs on them to heal injuries.
Effect: Divide into several small slugs to avoid damage.

Monkey King: Enma:
(250wc to master these jutsu individually.)
Name: Adamantine Prison Wall
Description: After transforming himself into an adamantine staff, Enma clones himself then boxes the enemy into a lattice. The prison wall has incredible toughness, and is impossible to break. When used for defence the enemy has no way of attacking.
Ability: trap an opponent for 3 posts or use it as a defense.

Name: Transformation: Adamantine Staff
Description: Monkey King Enma's transformation technique, which is characterised by the hardness of diamond and its at-will extendibility, the Adamantine Staff is the Third Hokage's "weapon of choice", so to speak and with it in hand he's made it through a world of war for an extended period of time. This staff was able to destroy the wooden structures created by Hashirama, the original Wood Release user, and using it, the Third was able to smash Kurama to the borders of the village. When Enma is transformed into the Adamantine Staff, it is possible for him to attack of his own free will using his claws and fangs which protrude from the staff itself, adding an element of surprise and irregularity. Forged in the fire of battle, its at-will transformation-based attack and defence go beyond the scope of proficiency, to attain the realm of shinobi "godhood". The main method of attack consists in strikes and thrusts that take advantage of its ability to extend. The hardness of diamond also translates into destructive power. Despite its hardness, Enma stated that he could still suffer damage from weapons such as the Kusanagi wielded by Orochimaru.
Ability: Enma turns into a staff that can then be used for fighting in combat.

(250wc to master each individual jutsu)
Name: Ninth Passage: Demon Revolution
Decription: Tayuya manipulates her three Doki with the sound of her flute. Her melody releases materialised spirits, which are actually special chakra sealed inside of the Doki. The materialised spirits are composed almost entirely of mental energy, so the chakra is in an unstable state. Therefore, they crave physical energy, so they hunt for their prey endlessly.
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Re: Summons/ Sage Art

Post by Kirito Gekko on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:09 pm

Sage Art

Senjutsu (Must learn this first):
Senjutsu: refers to a specialised field of techniques that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy around a person. Senjutsu practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra (created from spiritual and physical energy within the shinobi), adding a new dimension of power to the sage's chakra, resulting in the creation of "senjutsu chakra". This chakra cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have been trained in senjutsu.

This new chakra enables the user to enter an empowered state called Sage Mode, which can then drastically increase the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. A person who is able to use senjutsu is called a sage. It would seem that there are only 3 ways to learn Senjutsu. One of them is to study under toads from Mount Myōboku, as Shima, Fukasaku, Jiraiya and Naruto have done. Gamakichi and Gamabunta also seem to be familiar with it. The other way is to study under snakes from the Dragon Cave where Kabuto Yakushi learnt it. Humid Bone Forest is the third place to have knowledge on senjutsu, there is no information on it so far. A prerequisite to being able to use Senjutsu is that the user must have a great reservoir of chakra themselves in order to manipulate the natural energy.

Battle Information:
Posts to activate: 2 (each post consisting of 300wc or higher)

Sage Mode can only typically last about 10 posts, but higher level Sage Art jutsu will decrease this amount such as the Rasenshuriken will deplete the amount by 1 per use. (Note the Rasenshuriken is just an example not the official way it will work.)

If you use Sage Art Techniques while in this mode that take up a lot of Stamina then the form will not last very long so be sure to make it all count.

If there is a jutsu that involves a summoned animal such as Shima and Fukasaku then it will not cost you any posts as the sage chakra will be coming from them instead of you. So those jutsu will only have a cooldown rule instead of post cost.

When you use a technique that costs you posts with Sage chakra then it will deplete it, such as Rasenshuriken will cost you 5 posts, so as an example if that is used then you will have 5 posts left until the mode leaves you and you are back to normal. Once you run out of post time as a Sage then you have to wait 3 posts before trying to enter the mode again.

Chakra: 65,000+
Sc to master Senjutsu: 2,000wc

Toad Sage Art:

- There are a numerous advantages while using Toad Sage Mode. These include:

- The user's physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability dramatically increase.

- The user's ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu become more powerful.

- The user can harness the natural energy surrounding them, turning it into an extension of their body, which increases the reach of their attacks.

- The user gains the ability to sense chakra around them.

There are a few disadvantages while using Toad Sage Mode. These include:

- If the user draws in too much natural energy in the attempt to initiate Sage Mode, they run the risk of transforming into a toad, then into stone. If the transformation is completed, it cannot be reversed.

- In order to gather enough natural energy to initiate the transformation into Sage Mode, the user must remain perfectly still. Because of that, the user can be an easy target for an opponent.

- Because the user needs to move during combat, the Sage chakra cannot be replenished, which means the user can't stay within this state for extended periods of time.

       - The second and third weaknesses mentioned above can be bypassed through the Sage Art: Amphibian Technique, where one Sage gathers chakra for another or as in Naruto's case, shadow clones can be used for the same purpose.

- After Sage Mode has ended, the user appears to experience exhaustion.

Sage mode Appearance: 

Snake Sage Art:
There are numerous advantages granted while using Snake Sage Mode. These include:

-The user's perception abilities, reflexes, strength, speed, and stamina dramatically increase.

-The user gains the ability to sense chakra around them.

-The user's ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu becomes more powerful.

-The user gains further access to snake anatomy, such as their brille, which can be used to lock out light as well as stop visual-based genjutsu from affecting them. They are also able to perform abilities that are characteristic of snakes, such as dislocating their jaw, although this is not exclusive to this mode.

Sage Mode Appearance:
While retaining most of his normal physical characteristics in true Sage Mode, Kabuto Yakushi did display greater areas of darkened pigmentation around his eyes, which extended along the sides of his face until they tapered off after reaching his shoulder blades. More noticeably, he gained what resembled four horns growing out from the back of his head, as well as darkened sclera.

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Re: Summons/ Sage Art

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