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Rules Of Roleplay/Combat

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Rules Of Roleplay/Combat

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:30 pm

This topic will expound upon and lay out the basic information that combat in the RP will be made up of as well as touching base on some basic rules.

Now first of all in combat there are things that are alright and things that are not. Things that are not alright are,

These Are No Nos:

1. Godmodding in anyway, this will come with some serious consequences on a case by case basis.

2. Auto landing a strike, it takes away your opponents ability to react and is a form of godmodding.

3. Character Controlling, this is only alright if the person that owns the character has given you permission to do so.

4. Attacking an ungodly number of times, you are given the opportunity to attack several times in a post, but shooting 3,791,145 laser beams is what I would consider overzealous.

5. Stick to what you know folks. If you character doesn't know how to do something, then do not pull it out of your pocket as if it had been there all along. The same goes for areas and background for combat. If you are fighting in the morning then it can't suddenly be night time to accommodate a technique or ability that you have. The same goes for knowing what your opponents abilities do. If you have never seen them before and they have never been explained to you, then you don't know what they are, period.

6. Do not edit a post if someone has already responded. This has absolutely no exception in combat and can only be changed out of combat if the other person you are talking with gives you permission. Altering something in combat to give yourself an advantage or avoid an attack comes with some severe consequences that will be handled on a case by case basis as well.

Now, the things that are the staples of combat.

These Are Good:

1. Having an attack/reactionary post in a normal sequence for combat just like out of combat RP. You attack, they respond and attack in kind, then you respond, etc etc. Just like two people having a conversation, words come out of someones mouth, then you make words come out of your mouth, and it continues on like that.

2. Having up to three separate attacks in one post. This keeps things generally clean while also giving you the option to diversify your attacks and have a degree of tactics to your assault. It also won't require your opponent taking three weeks to figure out how to respond to your (above mentioned) 3 million laser beams.

3. Playing rationally within your characters boundaries. Nobody starts off as a god and it will take a loooooooooong time for people to get to a point where they can possess that degree of power. In that light, you have to play within the guidelines you build your characters stats to. If someone is faster or stronger then you, then you need to find a way around it, it is part of the creativity that makes RP what it is. Someone being bigger and badder then you doesn't always mean they will win, prove them wrong.

4. You may call upon an admin/moderator to settle the outcome of a battle if you have a dispute regarding it. We will be more then happy to look at everything and decide whether something is a decisive blow or shouldn't have struck at all. This however does not mean for us to babysit a fight and decide each individual move.

5. What I like to call the 72 Hour rule. After you post, whether it is in combat or outside of it, the next person on the posting order (if there is more then one other person) has 72 hours to respond to said post. If they do not respond within that time frame it is at the next persons cognizance to post or they may wait for the individual that has yet to post. In the matter of combat, if one does not respond to an attack within the 72 hour frame it will be considered a hit and their character will suffer whatever damage the strike would entail including death if that is the case. To combat this, if you believe you may have issues responding due to real life matters, just contact the person you are posting with and let them know the circumstances.

That about does it for that from what I can think of at the moment. Moving on there are a few more things to cover, one of which being a disparity in power. It is made very clear in just about any anime/cartoon/game in existence that if someone is stronger then someone else, there is typically an obvious difference. Below are going to be all the brackets and specifics on gaps between two combatants.

Power Differences:

11k-20k Stronger = Further fatigued, limbs feel heavy. -5 to all stats.

21-40k Stronger = Body is forced down, usually onto one knee, struggling to breath, requires a lot of effort to move limbs. -7 to all stats.

41-60k Stronger = Vision begins to flicker, taking short, shallow breaths, on both knees bent forward. -15 to all stats.

61k-80k Stronger = The stronger they get after this the less you can see and the more crippled your body becomes. -25 to all stats.

81-100k Stronger = What the hell is wrong with you, are you an idiot? Just lay down and die because that is what's going to happen. -40 to all stats.

100k+ Stronger = Really? Like, seriously, why are you here. If you have to consult this you must mentally deficient or something. There shouldn't even be an effect, you should just explode into a thousand pieces. YAY CONFETTI, now die. -100 to all stats.

Last but not least, how to handle the death of a character. Now, this is something that will happen in RP, whether intentional or not, sometimes it just cannot be avoided, especially if you pick a fight with the wrong person. However, we are willing to help out with this little dilemma as well.

If You Die:

If you die in the RP, we are willing to give you half of that characters power upon creation of a new character. This basically mean if you die and were at 60,000 w/e denomination your race is, you can create a new character that will start at 30,000. This will let you hang on to some of your hard work you put into your old character. Now if you do end up with some level of power that is xx,500, we will just round it up for you and you can have that extra 1k, I'm not particularly stingy about it.

As far as what your character knew and any word count you may have had saved up, unfortunately that still goes out the window. The same is for any tests your character may have passed, you have to take them over again if you want to use them.
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