Liberation from the Government

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Liberation from the Government

Post by Shinoji on Mon May 15, 2017 7:46 pm

Shinojis ship arrived to Loguetown in no time at all. He had reverted to his normal human form, didnt think showing up in demon form was a good idea. He had also disguised the ship to look like a regular ship for the time being. He watched as the crew docked the ship and then he walked down to the docks as was greated by a tall, buff marine. The Marine had a nametag on that read Brad. He looked at Shinoji, who had been about eye level.

"State your business here."

Shinoji looked at the marine a bit dumbfounded. "Well here i thought i was going to take a look around here in this nice town. But it seems that you have a bit of an attitude and you seem a bit controlling. Loosen up bub." Shinoji let a smirk appear on his face. The marine, still straight faced spoke again.

"I said state your purpose here" Shinoji laughed a bit..... "Are you that thick in the head? I literally just stated i am here to look around, shop and replenish my supplies on my ship. Is that a crime now a days?"

The Marine then sighed, "Its been this way since the incident, strange people have been coming to this island. We have been on high alert, so stretched thin. Our forces have been so tired and attacked we have just now amped up security."

Shinoji didnt expect the man to just spill his secrets just like that, but it seems that the marine was wore out. Strange people have been coming here? I wonder if he meant people like Shinoji himself? OR were there other types of people? There must be something here that has drawn them here.

"Have you captured any of these strange people? Is there a reason to draw them here?"

The marine seem to have regained his composure. But was still letting the secrets flow. This could be from a spell that was placed on Shinoji by his sister mirajane, a truth spell. Only activated when Shinoji wanted.

"We have captured one, but he escaped some while ago. We found a strange item, an orb of some sort. Orangish in color and it has 5 stars on it. Its kept in the marine base at the middle of the island." Right as he had finished saying all that, six more marines showed up with shocked looks on their faces.

"What have you done brad?!"

Just then the magic on the ship faded and revield the pirate crew and the symbol for it. As that happend there was a woosh of wind and the marine looked back at Shinoji. He was now in his Satan Soul Form. With an evil look on his face. People ran inot their houses as marines poured from the base.

"I do apologize Brad, but i will be taking your base. As well as that orb."

The marines then began to draw guns and swords.

"Like those will touch me." Shinoji then flew upwards, laughing.... A group of marines were gathering below him shooting aimlesly. He looked over at the water that was near the marina. Lifted hias hand and the water began to swirl and defy gravity. It flowed and formed a barrier around the marines. All you heard were screams from the marines. The water turned red and then fell back into the ocean. the bodies of the marines with it.

Shinoji also lined the resident buildings with water, no sense in destroying a good building.
He made it to the center of the town, a huge circular courtyard awaited him. alond with a crap ton of marines as Kirito called them. Shinoji sensed something insode the center building. something small yet it had some magic to it. That must be the orb The marine brad was talking about. It was going to be his.

"No need in waiting this out, Demon Blast!!!!!" A Dark Ball of energy formed between his hands and the shot multiple beams of dark enery at the marines, explosions, marine bodies, and rubble filled the air. Next attack, Shinoji chose this form for the multiple uses of magics. He sent lighting bolts flying all around him, burnt flesh now filled the air. About 90% of the marines were down and not getting back up.

About 50 more marines were left including the capain who sat at the gate behind his soldiers.

"Soul Extinctor..." The marines, well half of them including their head captain jumped out of the way and the spell hit the building, it looked like a dark energy had enveloped the whole island, but the darkess went away and revieled a blinding light. The mushroom cloud was huge and could probably be seen for hundreds of miles. The building was now rubble, but the orb was floating there ina dark energy bubble that Shinoji had placed around it at the perfect moment.

The captain now thought it was his moment while Shinoji was waiting for the orb to come to him. "Die you creature from hell!" He kicked hard, landing a blow the Shinojis ribs. But he was nowhere near strong enough for Shinoji to feel anything but a small tickle.

"Is that it? Seems you are one big pushover, all those muscles and now gusto behind them... Sad really, Darkness Stream..." A magic circle then formed where the marine captain and the other marines were standing. Dark tenticle like things grabbed each of them and pulled them apart. The Marine Captain however was will trapped, one arm missing.

"I see i didnt use enough power for you.... Evil Spark..." Shinoji had place his finger on the mans chin to make him look at him. The man screamed as the dark lighting pulsed through his body and finally killed him.

The island now was free of marine, and world goverment control. Shinoji had what he wanted, now to wait for Kirito to get here and see what has taken place. The water on the civilian homs now made its way back to the ocean. People stayed inside their homes unsure what to thuink of the new "Thing" that was now in the middle of the courtyard. So without a blink Shinoji reverted back to his human form. thats when peoplem started to cheer and come out of their homes.

Shinoji then got the crew of the ship and replished the supplies and made their way back to the ship with a few more crew members as well.. There is the captains quarters he awaited the Captains return.


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Re: Liberation from the Government

Post by Shinoji on Tue May 23, 2017 11:34 am

Shinoji was greeted at the middle of the court where his crew were cleaning the mess of the buildings and bodies. Going through the rubble he was a littel thankful that the prisons were in a different area. He then ordered some of the crew to evaluate the prisoners and accept them into the crew.

"Thank you, I dont know how you did it but We are grateful."

The lady kind of suprised Shinoji. He was focused of something. Something that he had seen and sort of remembered. He never really had someone in his minds eye as a mother or a father. Just something that took care of him. And in addition to his take over magic, several people, shamins and other wizards, Even some of these new people he had saw, say that he has something special about him. Something off. He knew what it was, he had the ability to weild two types of magic at onces. This is normally a death sentence since the body cant take that much it would literally drain the life out of you. With him and Mirajane having Demon DNA in them it was a special case. Which also made him wonder about the current Captian of the crew. That was another days conversation. But he had always had run ins with lightning while flying in his demon forms, it never seemsed to phase him and Shinoji always summed it up as it being his demon forms that absorb it. Nope, it didnt seem right.... Just then...

"God Slayer Magic"

The book that he saw was half out of a chest that had been blown apart in the blast. Why it had been in a chest, well it seemed to have a tag on it stating that it had fallen from the sky and that it shocked anyone who touched it. So it was placed into a box to insulate the electric charge. He walked over to the book and touched it gingerly. It didnt didnt spark, but something seemed familiar about it, something with a strong bond. Then All of the sudden a bolt of lightning crashed around Shinoji and the next thing he knew he was on the beach of the island. So he took this as a sign. He sat on the grass and let the sea breeze hit his face.

He read and read. Page after page. The book seem to go on forever, Spells Cautions and Warnings. So he dived even further into the text, The books pages seemed far to many for the size of the book. So he thought he had learned enough to produce the simplest spell. he stood up looked around. The landscape of this island was amazing, the hills, the ocean, everything about seemed peaceful, well Except the smoke coming from the town that he was just in and partly destoyed.

"Ill have to remind myself that i need to help these people rebuild, or at least hire some people.... heh heh" He laughed a little but but then reminded himself what he was doing. He focused out on the ocean. Held up his hand and didnt utter a word but focused his magic power and produce Black Lightning, it crashed around him and out into the sky and ocean. A tribal tattoo began to form on his arm.

So after succesfully producing the bolts he decided maybe a more powerful spell wouldnt be to hard to do. It seemed safe enough. So he focused more on the ocean and open air instead of the nice island.

This spell actually had words to be uttered. So he focused a hell of alot of magic powered Hled out his hands and uttered "Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon" Black lightning began to spark and engulf his whole arms. Then the charged black lightning blasted from his hands, and blasted outward into the open air above the ocean, so poweful that the water seem to vaporize around it and splash up.

"Well shit..." What is going on, this God slaying magic, this is amazing. What power... What raw power... Then Shinoji had to take deep breaths and start meditation because he was about to open something dark inside him that he didnt want to.

The town was a distance away, but he decided against using magic. He used up alot of magic just trying out the new spells. So he walked. As he was walking the surrondingd got better and better, forests, animals, this island was thriving! Being where he grew up it was mostly towns and guilds and such, these types of places are rare and such a treat. Walking further he came to a spot in the forest that was clear and he decided to stop and just take in his surroundings. Nature always calmed him and he assumed that he would be on the water alot now that he had apparently joined a pirate crew. This was all new to him, this place, these people seem so amazed by magic and what they call devil fruit. What even was it? That was something he was going to have to look and see if anyone knows about.

After about thirty minutes he got up and made his way back into town. He looked and his crew made fast clean up of the area. So he decided to walk into the nearest resturant. Which deemed odd to the townspeople. They were giving him puzzling looks and all. Which then didnt seem so strange when he relized two things. One that his crew mate chimed in sayng normally Pirates didnt do these kind of things. And two that he was in a demonic form when he liberated the town and then changed back. These were apparently the people that didnt really see much magic.

As Shinoji sat down and ushered a waitress over and ordered, she came back with the food and drinks but as she was walking away Shinoji stopped her. "I have a strange question for you." She seemed a bit scared and taken aback. "Dont worry, Im not your typical pirate! I come from nobility." She relaxed a abit and agreed to answer a question.

"What are these things that they call Devil Fruit?"

She blinked and even chuckled a bit. "Devil Fruits are mystical fruits found in the world that can give the eater many different and varying kinds of strange and interesting abilities, depending on the type and variation of the Fruit itself. There are more than 100 varieties of Devil Fruit. The Fruits come in all different shapes and colors, and all Devil Fruits presumably have swirl marks or patterns on them of some kind. If you eat one you'll gain a special ability, but you won't be able to swim." This information was alot and it seemed that it was an amazing gift to find one. But the whole ability of noth being able to swim? What was the connection with that.

"Well, Thank you... Do you know anything about the orb i aquired from the marines?" The girl shook her head, She seemed a little antsy "Is there anything that you would like to ask me?"

The Girls Question kind exploded "What are you?!" Shinoji Laughed loudly. He had answered that question so many times. "I am a half demon wizard. I specialize in what they Call Take over magic. I fight demons and absorb their being and gain a form and their abilities, I also have just learned i am what they call a god slayer. Extremely Complicated and Powerful magic. "The girl had turned completely white and just nodded as her eye twitched a bit. "Thank you for such a wonderful lunch for me and my crew, we will be waiting here for the return of the captian. The crew will be in the ship, please see fit to feed them every day, in will compensate. I will need a room as soon as possible. I bit you farewell."

Shinoji got up from the table and made his way back to the ship to gather a few things. He had the orb that he had aquired in his hand and took it to the Captain quarters, there he had a chest similar to the one that held the God Slayer Magic book. The orb was wrapped in a dark purple cloth that was made to hide any magic that it may emit. He unlocked the chest and placed the orb in there and locked it back. After he had closed it, he waved his hand over it and a black lightning caged formed over it.

"That should be safe for now."

Shinoji then went and informed the crew of the stay and the wait of the Arrival of the Captain and how Most likely he will be more powerful and different. This was the beginnning for them, and he couldnt wait for more! Just a little longer, he will master this new power and find more demons to absorb. He wanted to Surpass his sister!


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Re: Liberation from the Government

Post by Shinoji on Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:07 am

Shinoji was enjoying this town a bit to much, having stocked the ship and taken the next steps in his magic. Something was still missing, something still stirred inside him. So he got up from his bed and decided that he would go looking into the vaults of the military. Making his way through town was the same as every day. same old same old. same people, same routines. he had learned most of them super quickly. The fish monger was the worst, he would sell the same type of fish, every day. not the best quality either. So Shinoji had instructed some of his crew to give him a lesson in fishing and marketing. He was taught how to live well where he came from and how to make it other places as well. This island is going to make a come up, a change from the norm. Maybe even become one of the branches of a guild that he had in mind.

Shinoji had gotten to the vaults and they were locked. This didnt detour him from taking a look inside. this actually ment that something useful might be inside like the god slayer magic book.. Though it still slips his mid on how they got their hands on something so valuable in the first place. So he broke the lock, well more like melted it with lightning. He ransacked the place, in a professional matter that is. the gold, the knowledge that was in this space was incredible. Books and things that he had never seen nor had he heard of. it was like a whole new world, litterally... the history was completely different from what he grew up on. Row after row of books, thankfully he had his speed reader glasses to help him absord all thsi knowledge. Now he had more understanding of what his captain was looking for and who he was. Then he came to a hault, something inside him grumbled, he wasnt hungry as he had eaten a great meal of baked chicken before coming here. But it felt like instinct. Like he was getting closer and closer to something that he was meant to find. Which seemed next to impossible because he was from a whole different world, quite literally. He kept going on and looking and ordering crew to take things to the ship, was was this feeling, it kept getting stronger and stronger. Then he realized something, there was another door inside this vault. it seemed to be just an ordinary wood door when he looked at it. it used to be guarded, he thought to himself as he can see the guards things were still there. Shinoji walked up to the door and was instsntly locked on to something inside it. There were traps lining the door but they were nothing compared to what was pulling him inside, bolts of black lightning fried any trap that was near the door.

As he touched the door it seemed to heat up, more and more until his crew members had to back up because the heat was so strong. Shinoji didnt seem to notice any heat nor the fact that he was touching a red hot door nob and it was not burning him. "Well thats weird, you guys stay back and take information from the vault. Ill continue to look in here." Most of his crew had some type of understanding of what thy thought was magic, they had seen these devil fruits in action. and some of the crew was from Shinojis world and full on understand what was going on. As soon as he turned the knob to open the door, it crumbled in a heap of embers. Before he walked hin he spotted a journal or some type of log on the stool next to the door. He read the same thing, but different variations of opening the door.

"Every attempt made was a fail, either the door gets to hot or the person burns alive.... Whats behind this thing!?"

The words seem desperate. but no human appaerently could touch this door. So this was well boading that he could actually open the door. So he walked in, the magic in this room was amazing, pulsating off the walls. Fire seemed to line the walls, and not just normal looking fire, blue fire. He had almost never seen blue fire. what was this? He then contined and it seems to come to an end at this podium standing at the end of the tunnel with what looked like a book wrapped up and then a letter on top of it.

He walked over to it in a hurry and opened the letter. It read;

"To my son Shinoji,
I am truly sorry for this, i have kept something from you, taken it away. After reading this and touching the book you will understand. I never meant disappear and will see you soon.
Your father..."

Father? This letter was addressed to him... How can this be here? How can this be in the world he has never heard of? What does this mean and how did it get here. These people seem to know nothing about it, was it caused by the big explosion? Was it dropped here? Then Shinoji put the letter in his pocket and reached for the book, he clicked the belt that was holding the wrappings on the book together. The an explosion of magic power and flames erupter from the podium and he was blown out of the vault in a magic manner and again was on the beach... Whats with this beach? Why is he always being sent here?

He looked down at the book and read, after reading the book, his memories seemed to rush in like something that had been gushing forward. Knowledge and magic he never knew he had was now at his grasp.What, why.... Why would he take those memories from him, how was this possible. He had never been able to think about doing this type of magic, no wonder it was sort of easy for him to learn new magic. He was special... one of the VERY few in the world could perform this type of magic. He didnt know what to think. thsi was all new to him. Well it seemed like it was but he had apparently knew how to do this from childhood. This now tied into his stories about being taken away from his normal home. He was kidnapped by a cult because of the demon connection he had with his sister. He was then resuced by something huge.... It was a...a...Dragon.... He was raised by a dragon... No wonder he was so ruthless and cunning. This all makes completly perfect sense now. He thought it was all his demon half. Now he knows that he is a Fire Dragon Slayer... Shinoji was dumbfounded, memory magic takes a hell of alot of power and to keep it hidden from him this long and after what happened to the world was amazing. No one that he knew could perfom this feat. Now he waits for his Powers to come back to him. what spells will he know and what can be learned. For now he mades his was back to the hotel and awaits his captains return.


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Re: Liberation from the Government

Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:05 am

Flying over the ocean at full speed Kirito began to finally see an island in the distance. It grew closer and closer as the minutes went by, even at his full speed he was not very fast quite yet. Only just getting his fruit not even a full day again he knew that there were still going to be short comings. Most of his short comings were mostly present in his speed and capability to launch attacks within a moments notice. Looking back on his youngster days in the Revolutionary army, he knew that he has come a long way. Still, he had many ways to go before matching that of the leader Monkey D Dragon.

~5 years ago Baltigo

"Has anyone heard the reports lately? There has been masses of people being freed from slavery by some random pirate out there. Commander Dragon what should we do?" Everyone turned back to their great leader who only sighed and turned his chair around as he walked to the balcony. He then looked down on the great open plains as new young people were training below. Kirito who at this point was only nineteen years old at this point in time, was among those training. He had just escaped from poverty of an island in the South Blue where he was kept as a slave. It was the Revolutionary Army that saved him that day, ever since he had remained with them. "Let the pirate do what he wants. If he wishes to free the slaves then let him. We will meet him sooner or later to determine his intentions." Dragon was a strong leader in these days. He commanded an army that rivaled the three great powers of the world and threatened to disturb the balance of the world. He was considered so dangerous that even his own father who was a marine would attack him upon sight without even a second thought. He was a threat that needed to be eliminated right away but his army would not allow that.

There was a prodigy among us here that was very strong as well, his name was Sabo. This guy was part of the army since he was a small boy, whom hailed from the East Blue. This army was strong even without the new recruits such as Kirito they could handle any form of attack no matter where it came from. It was here Kirito began to better himself to change the world and make a better world for himself and the future generations.

~Present Day, above Lougetown

Kirito landed next to his docked ship sending his blue flames everywhere around him turning back into his human form before his crew's eyes. "Everyone, finish your training here. Once we finish getting to a level we are heading to the Grandline! So prepare to set sail, Grandline is our new home!" Keeping his orders short he knew that it was time to head to the powerful sea and gain some more territory and become stronger. He then looked over at Shinoji whom from the looks of it has grown stronger since they got separated due to his magic misfire. However without magic, Kirito now held even more power to himself that he never had before at his disposal. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out another folded version of his crew's flag and walked over to a giant flag pole that was in front of a ruined marine base. He quickly tied the flag to the pole and sent it up into the air to fly in the wind just like the one from Shells town. Lougetown was now his territory as well, claiming this island was a smart option since it was the last stop before the Grandline. This would cement his name into the books with having destroyed two large bases. Not only that but also claimed the islands as his territory. Something not most captains from the four seas do since they are not even note worthy islands compared to the Grandline.

With his flames still burning he then looked over at his crew as some were standing there in awe of his new power and the rest were preparing the stock of the ship. However Kirito knew that he could not take off without Shinoji so he decided to wait for him to finish his training. Sitting down on the ground Kirito went into a deep meditation while turning into his phoenix form. He wanted to show this form to Shinoji whom was also training some fire abilities from the looks of it. Between the two of them Kirito was hoping that they could handle the Grandline until they could recruit even more members than before. Their first stop in the Grandline was to be some sort of cactus named island. Common place for bounty hunters and other types of people since it was the first island in the Grandline closest to the Red Line. That place was going to be the first test of their strength, they were going to challenge the strongest bounty hunters there and defeat them. Making that island his territory as well possibly since it would give him a great advantage to weed out the weak. By only allowing the strongest to get past that island the Grandline would boast a very powerful group. This group of pirates would steer the new generation into something the previous generations have never seen. With him at the helm he was gonna start a war with the World government, but not before shaking them up a little. By allowing powerful pirate groups to pass through it would cause great panic for the Government. It was his chance to gauge their reactions and make a plan based off of that. An evil plan set up but was necessary to bring down the World Government as well as their little army groups as well.

Cipher Pol was one of these little groups Kirito was thinking of with their powers being unknown. No one has really seen them before and lived to tell the tale other than the Straw Hat Pirates. However they never really shared details on that point in time before everyone disappeared. This could mean that the World Government was crippled at this time but that was unknown. The Marines seemed to be just as organized as ever to keep justice so the government must have been fine after all. Despite that, Kirito didn't really want them to disappear unless he was the cause of it. There was just no fun in the journey if the government were to keel over before he could even get there to destroy them himself.

The Marines were the only other branch of their military power that seemed to be very active and functional during these times. However all the powerhouses of the Marines were gone like Fleet Admiral Sakazuki whom was famous for killing Fire Fist Ace in the battle with Whitebeard. He was also well known for causing the near destruction of a whole island while fighting another Marine for the Fleet Admiral position. He was truly a man to be feared, but now with him gone Kirito knew that their forces were weak now. He noticed that any famous named Marines were gone along with Pirates. This left a huge void in the power, especially since the Shichibukai and Yonko were gone. No news of their appearances have been notarized in the new papers that have been flying off the hook for many days now. It was based off these facts that he knew that those powers were gone now, this gave him the chance to take power. Becoming a Yonko would make him feared within the world government and possibly even shake the tide of war in the Pirate's favor. These were all factors that Kirito had to consider before he made any major moves in this world. Marineford was going to be a major point to attack eventually along with Impel Down. Taking control over that current he could take out Enies Lobby as well without really even trying. That would shut down the basis of the World Government's forces down to the bare and any other Marine bases in the world. Robbing them of those major key points he would be able to take control of the tide of war and staple his name in the history text books.

He opened his one eye to look over at Shinoji who was really focused on his training. Kirito was impressed with his first mate, whom not only took lead in his absence but conquered the island as well. This was a feat not many were capable of, even out of the captains that existed in the pirate ranks, it was rare. Pulling all of his flames back to him, Kirito slowly reverted back into his human form and stood up. Nodding his head at Shinoji he then made his way onto the ship and stood ready among is men ready to set sail. All plans were set, he was ready to put them into motion and make his dream a reality.

Looking up at the sails, the ship looked to be in its peak condition and ready to scale down reverse mountain into the Grandline. All supplies were stocked and the men were armed and ready to go. It was all now up to Kirito and Shinoji to guide the crew into the Grandline and into the New World where they could really cut loose on the World Government.

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Re: Liberation from the Government

Post by Shinoji on Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:13 am

Shinoji watched the skies as he felt the captain magic trail. He landed and barked the orders that they were to sail to something he had read about, the grand line.

"Welcome back... You seem... Different.... Hold on to something."

Before Kirito could react, Shinoji grabbed his arm and black lightning crashed around them, they were instantly transported to the beach...

"This is one of the abilities i have aquired while you were gone. Along with something that could be beneficial to us both, Throw as much fire as you want at me..."

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Re: Liberation from the Government

Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:32 am

With Shinoji using some new power of Black Lightning he then noticed that he was teleported to the beach near by the ship. Kirito was impressed with his First mate's new power, this power was going to keep them both on top of everything.

"It appears you have grown stronger as well. Good then I guess we can both take the helm going into the Grandline."

Kirito then activated his blue flames and surrounded them both with the flames. He them smiled as he watched the flames gather around them both.

"This is the power of the Tori Tori Fruit, Model; Phoenix, my Devil fruit. I do hope its power is to your liking."

Within this moment Kirito's arms then turned into wings and his legs down to his feet turned into bird's feet as he stood there before his first mate. This was the birth of Kirito's power before his very men, the power of the Phoenix.

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Re: Liberation from the Government

Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:10 pm

Using his flames to transform into his Phoenix form and grabbed onto Shinoji flying them both back to the ship where Kirito and Shinoji emerged from the ball of fire. Dispersing the fire quickly, Kirito then looked out at all of his crew members and spoke with a strong and loud voice. "Everyone prepare to set sail! we set off as soon as the sails are ready! We are heading to the Grandline!" All of the crew members began to cheer loudly as they were heading to the biggest ocean of them all. It was the home to the crew's end goal, Domination over the world government.

The ship then began to push away from the island of Lougetown back out to sea. With the Captain and First mate present on board, the Black Reaper was ready to set sail. The sails on the ship then lowered with the wind pushing against them, pushing the ship out into the ocean. Getting further and further away from Lougetown Kirito knew that it was time for him to really act like a captain of this crew. It was time for a strong leader to take charge and lead the crew onward to their ultimate goal. With entering the Grandline, they were going to achieve just that and even more within their rights. In the distance they could see the lighthouse that goes down the Red Line into the Grandline. Heading towards the opening of the waterway down, Kirito ordered the crew to hold onto something as they began their sharp descend into the Grandline.

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Re: Liberation from the Government

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