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Koga Senju

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Koga Senju Empty Koga Senju

Post by Koga Senju on Sat May 13, 2017 11:35 pm

1. Stats/Information:

Class: Tank

Power: 63,000

Speed: 70
Strength: 87
Stamina: 109
Perception: 100
Energy: 80

Current Elements:
Fire- not mastered
Wind- not mastered

Clan: Senju
Elemental Affinity: Water
Wood Style use: Achieved

Tailed Beast: Kurama (Nine Tails)
Control Level: 1

Notable Things:
- Can use Chidori without Hand signs
- Uses Wood Style Jutsu
- Last of the Senju Clan

Tasks Completed:
Leaf Training

Character Skills:
Energy Proficiency- 3
Stealth- 3
Energy Sensing- 3
Charisma/Leadership- 3
Interrogation- 2
Strength of Will- 3
Lack of Fear- 3
Analyzing- 3
Memory- 3
Martial Arts- 3

2. Rank:

Village: Leaf
Rank: Chunin

Team: Gama
Rank in Team: Leader

3. Jutsu:
Clone Jutsu
Earth Style; Earth Wall
Escape Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Substitution Jutsu
Summoning Jutsu (Toads)
Thunder Style; Chidori
Transformation Jutsu
Water Style: Water Shockwave
Water Style: Severing Wave
Water Style: Hardened Water Drill

Leaf Hurricane
Night Phoenix
Strong Fist


Fūinjutsu (Sealing Jutsu):
Eight Trigrams Sealing Style

Senju Clan Jutsu:
Hokage Style Elder Jutsu: Tenth Edict On Enlightenment
Wood Style: Deep Forest Creation

Tailed Beast Jutsu:

Medical Ninjutsu:
Mystical Palm Technique

Tests passed: Multi elements and Asura Incarnation
Koga Senju
Koga Senju

Race : Human (Naruto)
Class : Tank
Rank : Chunin
Power : 0
Strength : 0
Stamina : 0
Speed : 0
Energy : 0
Perception : 0
Energy Speed : 0
Reputation : 0
Age : 29

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