Devil Slayer Magic

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Devil Slayer Magic

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sat May 06, 2017 3:31 pm

Devil Slayer

What is it:
Also known as Exorcist Mages, Devil Slayers are people that utilize Devil Slayer Magic. Like Dragon Slayers and God Slayers, Devil Slayers can also become immune to the effects of their respective element and can even eat it to replenish their strength. It appears that Devil Slayers can manipulate their own body to some degree, allowing them to change the color of their irises and summon black markings across their body at will. The markings seem to help them resist the effects of Curses (including the self-described "Ultimate Curse" Memento Mori) by turning part of the user's body into that of a Demon. These Mages also have the ability to analyze the body composition of Demons by merely looking at them.

Those who utilize Devil Slayer Magic are stated to gradually lose their sanity, becoming increasingly unstable and eventually going berserk. This was demonstrated when Gray not only fought Natsu, but actually tried to kill his friend.

How can we become a Devil Slayer and gain their magic?:
Well you cannot start out as a Devil Slayer, you must do 1,500wc training with a Teacher or yourself apart from everyone else then after that you go into the main rp with other players. This way it is ensured that you earn what you want but you cannot use its full strength right off the bat.

The stages of strengths are as follow:
Basic power- Base level

Half power- achieved at 30,000 power, must do 1,500 wc to unlock

Full power- Achieved at 60,000 power, must do 3,000 wc to unlock
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