Current World Standings/Alliances

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Current World Standings/Alliances

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sat May 06, 2017 1:18 pm

World Standing/ Alliances and Wars:

Note: These alignments can be changed if certain groups are taken out or if actual players of the rp not npc make agreements with leaders of the races/locations.

World Government: At War With Pirates, Aligned with Marines

Pirates: At War with World Government and Marines.

Marines: At war with Pirates, Aligned with World Government.

Land of Z: Neutral

Land of Shinobi: Neutral, Internal wars are ongoing, due to lack of Leadership a faction of people in Land of water caused a civil war and took control and are now at war with neighboring lands to expand their military reach into the island nations around them.

Shinigami: At war with Hollows. Aligned with Humans of Karakura Island. (Currently closed off from other races other than Hollow and those on Karakura Island)

Karakura Island: At war with Hollows. Aligned with Shinigami.

Hollows: At war with Shinigami. (Currently closed off from other races other than Shinigami and those on Karakura Island)

Fiore: Neutral

Amestris: Neutral

Saiyans (Planet Vegeta): Neutral, waiting for hire

Namekians (Planet Namek): Neutral
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