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Venture out at sea

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Re: Venture out at sea

Post by Shinoji on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:10 pm

Shinoji watched as the man created the barrier with ease.

"Now follow me...."

Shinoji moved so fast that he was gone within a flash. He flew straight out of the water causeing the ship to rock a little. "The next step is actual flight."
This was also important to get the upperhand with a fight.

"While your flying I want you to concentrate on something for me. Swirl wind around your hand, as fast as you can then blast it forward. Its time to learn some Offensive moves. You need to defend yourself if you dont have a weapon."

He waited for the next move.


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Re: Venture out at sea

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun May 07, 2017 1:52 am

"So you want me to learn how to use flight magic? I like that idea."

He continued to maintain his wind barrier around him to keep him above the ocean water. So the end game was to fly while using his wind magic to attack. However his goal was not to fly and use his spells in a way, however using them while flying instead of his sword style he could be stronger. However using so much magic at once might be a problem for him at this current time since he is just a rookie. At least he wasn't a complete rookie with his natural skills or else he would end up in big trouble. Using the wind he tried to lift himself into the ship but it did not have enough lift get him into the ship. He did not realize the amount of concentration it would take to learn how to fly like Shinoji.

"I guess with just wind alone I can not get enough lift. I guess there is more to it than that.
I guess it is like something more. I must find it."

Closing his eyes he began to work on finding a way to get the hang of flight. He was not sure how to even get the lift that he needed to begin with this lesson. If anything it had something to do with putting some form of a platform under his feet to lift him off the water. If it was not wind then it had to be pure magic itself without an element to give him the lift.

"I think I have it figured out, now to test this theory of mine."

Without using his elemental magic he began to force out his power. The magical barrier of wind that surrounded him began to vanish as the magic he was pushing out began to flush the water away. Slowly but surely he began to lift into the air but as he opened his eyes he noticed he was slightly above the ship. Without even thinking about it much he launched his wind elemental attack that sent him flying. His wind attack had managed to send Kirito one way while sending the ship in another. He was not sure where either would land but he knew either way they were going to be separated for a while. With one last breath he yelled out to Shinoji.

"Keep the crew and the ship safe, Destroy any Marines in your path and do not look for me!
I will find you guys so we can just go on from where you are!!"

After that Kirito flew too far away for them to hear him so he just stopped and closed his eyes letting him fly on his course where he was supposed to go. Where this was, he was not sure, however either way he was sent to do this path to find his strength and bring it back to his crew so they could all fight together again.

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Re: Venture out at sea

Post by Shinoji on Mon May 15, 2017 6:56 pm

Shinoji watched as Kirito wetn flying away. He also heard the words that he had said before leaving earshot.

"The closest place i know is Lougetown. I get to destroy people?!" Shinojis dark side was showing a bit but at the same time, the marines were awful people according to everyone here. What to do? how to do this? Have these people even seen someone like him?

"Set a course to Lougetown. And make sure we get there in little to no time at all." The crew knew exactly what he was talking about, he had educated them about the magical enhancements that he had placed on the ship. The wind magic circles on the sails to make the ship super fast. The magical armor that protects and can even hide the ship from view. And lastly they weapons that could take out about 4 or 5 marine ships in a single blow depending on the user and their type of magic.

The ship is now on its way to Lougetown.

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Re: Venture out at sea

Post by Sponsored content

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