Update 1.0

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Update 1.0

Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:31 am

Update 1.0 Notes:

- Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Is being added into the mix with the following Items:

1. Magic of this anime will be added and will be available to all characters, no matter what anime you picked. All spells power will be based off the Energy stat.

2. You can hold elections/Selections for kings/rulers of certain lands Unless it is in the New World where only the Yonko or someone selected on the Shichibukai is chosen by the World Government is picked for the seat. (Note: You must have 4 candidates to hold a selection.)

3. The Witch's Cult is being added as a group that can be joined by those who chose to use magic. This group will function in a way like the Vinsmoke Family of the One Piece Manga/Anime. The objectives of this group is decided by the group's current leader. Meaning if there is one leader out to destroy the world but that one is killed and a new one takes over wanting to take over planets, the taking over the planets objective will be their new main objective. (Note: To join this group you must have Magic and be invited to the group by a Moderator or the Current Leader.)

4. Reguarding the Magic you can opt out of it and choose to stick with the powers of your anime, however if you want Magic you must be randomized for your element. You can get randomized twice but whatever you get the second time is what you will have.

5. Divine Protections will be added as well. These will have quests to complete to aquire their uses, such as 1,000wc for a lower class Protection. Please do note that was an example and the numbers will be much higher when implamented.

6. Kingdom Knights are being added as well to be the counter balance against the Witchs Cult. There will be 4 divisions just like in the anime, 4 Captains and 4 Vice Captains, Including one custom rank called Paladin Knight. The Paladin Knight will serve as the high leader of the Kingdom Knights and will be the highest authority.

-Fairy Tail is also being added to the mix however its magic will not be added right away. That will be added in a patch later down the line once we have a definite list. Here is what will be added however.

1. Guilds are being added into the mix. The types of Guilds can vary depending on who founded them. Each guild can stand for fighting, Merchants and many other things. Being in a Guild the leader can decide on 2 special things you gain from being in the Guild that will be given as royalties periodically. The times when you get these royalties is depended on the mods/admin.

2. The race is also added in along with the ability to use magic unique to this anime.

- Overall site Updates include the following:

1. A money system is being added to allow purchase of special items to benefit your crews/Guilds/Groups. (Ex. Stronger ships, Space Ships ect ect)

2. Capsule Corp. of the DBZ land will be the main producers of the Space ships and any other mechanical advancements of the role play. They will handle any space ship orders and will even send advanced weapons out to Pirates for the right amount of money.
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