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Android Race DB

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Android Race DB Empty Android Race DB

Post by Koga Senju on Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:13 am


Android Race DB Latest?cb=20090922221014

So you wish to be an Android in this lovely rp of ours? Good. Not only is this race well known it is also considered one of the strongest next to Changeling (Frieza Race) and Saiyans. It was one of this race's own people that wont the Tournament of Power after all.

Ok, onward with the stuff you are here for. There are three different type of Androids to the rp. Here they are, of course more information will be listed below in lower spoilers to get more in depth about them.

- Biotechnological Type Androids: These are Androids created using a human as a base. Essentially the only type of Android that has little cybernetic parts inside of them. Of course the Bio type also has no Cybernetic parts, that is beside the point. Due to having little cybernetic parts, this part of the race is essentially still what their base form was, typically Human as stated before. Due to all factors about this part of the race, they can survive without food and water. As well as get much stronger if they train as well. Since their cells deteriorate slowly they do age very slowly.

- Mechanical Type Androids: These are Androids completely made out of cybernetic parts. There is no human base for these types. They also have a crimson liquid inside of their bodies that act as their blood. Most of the Androids of this build tend to have human brains that they cover with hats, most think it is the human that was used to sacrifice to create this Android.

- Bio-Androids: Androids constructed either through biological engineering or as clones spawned from other bio-androids rather than from machine parts and/or a human base. This type of Android also has the capability to transform. However once they transform they are stuck in that form forever.

Biotechnological Type Androids:
Android Race DB Latest?cb=20170924033032


Other than being capable of using the Kaio-Ken (If learned via Afterlife), This type of Android has no transformations.

Mechanical Type Androids:
Android Race DB Latest?cb=20100507161752

See Official list here: http://animeunitedoneworld.forumotion.com/t296-official-attack-ability-list

- Absorption: Defensive more so with only Energy attacks however. Can only use it to drain an opponent of energy for 2 posts. Cannot kill the opponent while absorbing energy, in fact you become vulnerable while absorbing energy and if the opponent has an Ally willing to but in they can mortally wound you.

This type of Android has no transformations.

Android Race DB Latest?cb=20170921030318


Imperfect form: This is the base form of this transformation. No special boosts from this.

Semi Perfect form: You can achieve this form at 20,000 Power Level and Upon attaining it you get a permanent boost of 4,000 Power Level and +4 added to each stat. Once you gain this form you cannot return to your Imperfect State.

Perfect Form: You can achieve this form at 60,000 Power Level and Once you reach this rank you will get a permanent 12,000 boost and +12 to each of your stats. Once you gain this form you cannot return to your Semi Perfect nor your Imperfect State.
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