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Shinoji Strauss

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Shinoji Strauss Empty Shinoji Strauss

Post by Shinoji on Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:37 pm

Bounty: $65,000,000
1. Stats/Information:

Class: Genius

Power: 47,000

Speed: 60
Strength: 35
Stamina: 100
Perception: 70
Energy: 86

2. Crew/Group Rankings:
Pirate Crew: Motion 66
Rank: 1st Mate

Mage Classification: S-class Mage
Guild: Fairy Tail

3. Magic & Abilities:
Take over Magic: (Satan Soul)
Satan Soul: Halphas (ハルファス Harufasu): A Satan Soul form that allows the user to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of the Demon Halphas.
Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Shinoji has shown to be able to use this Magic to enhance his physical combat capabilities, create powerful blasts and shield.

Dark Deflect: Focusing the incoming attack on His palm, the she is able to redirect all incoming attacks, causing them to miss.

Cosmic Beam: Shinoji charges cosmic-like energy that is fired towards the target and creates a massive explosion. He is also able to cause pink-colored Magic projectiles to rain down at the target, powerful enough to damage and destroy the surrounding area.

Flight: In this form the user is capable of flight.

Immense Speed: While in this form, the user's speed increases dramatically, to the point where it can even surpass the speed of Satan Soul and an enhanced Racer.

Enhanced Durability: While employing this form, Shinoji's durability has increased tremendously, to the point that he can withstand multiple physical attacks from Racer and then continue fighting.

Immense Strength: When employing this form, the user's strength is increased to the point where they can easily break through large amounts of solid rock with ease. While using this form, Shinoji Strauss was able to block a punch from his own Satan Soul form, that was being used by Mary Hughes, with one hand

Satan Soul
Shinoji's eyes become darker and his eyelashes grow larger, with a dark, thin marking in a light zigzag-style crossing his right eye vertically; similar markings are present above his right chest area and on both of his legs. His hair becomes wilder, jutting upwards and getting curlier, and his ears enlarging, extending backwards, and gaining pointed edges, bearing resemblance to those of the fictional elfs. He also gains sharp canine teeth. His forearms and hands receive noticeable changes, becoming covered in scales and each sprouting a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. He also grows a large, stocky tail seemingly made of metal plates or scales, getting smaller and smaller near its end.
Darkness Magic: Shinoji has proven himelf to be a skilled user of Darkness Magic. Using the magic as his game-changer in most of his fights. He was able to match and defeat Freed Justine's own Dark Écriture: Darkness. Shinoji has shown to be able to use this magic to enhance his physical combat capabilities create powerful blasts, explosions, shields and even shape it into claw like tendrils capable of chasing after opponents.

Darkness Stream: Shinoji extends his hand towards the opponent and summons forth his Magic Seal underneath his opponent, where a multitude of large tendrils composed of dark energy is formed, which surround and envelope the opponent. It was used against Freed, who evaded it, thus leaving its full effects unknown.

Soul Extinctor: Shinoji initiates this attack by gathering energy from the surrounding area between his hands, which subsequently takes the form of a large, black globe. The globe then fires a large black-purple beam that generates a devastating explosion. This spell was strong enough to defeat Freed, who no longer had his Dark Écriture: Darkness and Dark Écriture: Wings spells active after its blast.[6] This spell is unnamed in the manga, but it was given a name in the anime. There also seems to be a variety to it, in which the sphere, seemingly created faster, is focused around Shinoji's hands and forearms and shot in a less powerful, yet still destructive blast.

Evil Explosion: Shinoji holds his hands together and a dark colored sphere gathers on his palm. When fired, it is fired from Shinoji's hand. The receding explosion is devastating. This spell was powerful enough to almost completely destroy Azuma's Tree Shield. However, he himself received little to no damage. In the manga, the spell is unnamed, but it received a name in the anime.

Demon Blast: A large ball of dark energy is charged between Shinoji's hands, from which a dark purple beam is fired towards the target.

Satanic Blast: The user raises his hand above his head and starts charging Darkness Magic in the form of a sphere that grows larger as it charges. The user then aims his hand at the target, sending a large blast at the target that then becomes a huge pillar of Darkness Magic covering the entire area.

Dark Deflect: Focusing the incoming attack on his eye, Shinoji redirects the incoming spell, missing the intended target.

Water Magic: Through the use of the immense Magic Power, Shinoji was shown capable of freely manipulating the surrounding water.

Evil Explosion: Using his Magic Power as a medium, Shinoji lifts a body of water, even one as big as a river, with his arms, and then starts rotating, sending the water flying towards his foe in a powerful whirlpool.

Lightning Magic: Shinoji has the ability to utilize lightning-based attacks while in Satan Soul.

Evil Spark: A melee spell in which Shinoji extends both of her hands to touch the opponent, subsequently channeling electricity through them.

Thunder God Slayer Magic:
Level: Basic

Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon
Lightning God's Electro Ball

Race : Human (Fairy Ta
Class : Genius
Reputation : 0

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