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Word Count Submissions and Guidelines

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Word Count Submissions and Guidelines

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:22 am

Regarding word count, there will be set guidelines regarding how many words are required to increase ones power and the different requirements as per how strong ones character is. The reason being for the last statement simply being, as one gets stronger, it is of course harder and harder to draw out those last bits of power. As such I believe it should be reflected in the progression of ones character as well.

As far as when one should hand in their submission, it will be Sunday at any point during the day. The cutoff will however be at 11:59 EST, sharp. If one fails to submit their words before that point then ones word count for that week is rendered null and void. It is unfortunate but it is the way that it is. Make sure you stay on top of it if you desire to get credit for the work you put in.

Sometimes of course there will be circumstances that one cannot control so you cannot put your word count in. If that is the case one can post their word count earlier in the week or inform an administrator and let us know of the circumstance so that you can be given exception to the rule for that singular hand in.

Topic: (Name of topic you posted in.)
WC: (Word count in that topic.)
Link: (Link to the topic in question.)
Afterlife: (Just put a Yes or No for if you are or not.)

Total WC: (Total WC for all topics.)

Rinse and repeat as needed for each individual topic.

I understand it seems a bit tedious to have to list every single topic you posted in and make a link to it, but I assure you there are reasons to why that is the way that it is.

Now below will be the build up for word count.

WC Requirements:
5-35k: 800 words per 1k. Maximum of 7k per week.
36-60k: 1,100 words per 1k. Maximum of 5k per week.
61-90k: 1,400 words per 1k. Maximum of 4k per week.
91-120k: 1,700 words per 1k. Maximum of 3k per week.
121k+: 2,000 words per 1k. Maximum of 3k per week.

Afterlife WC Requirements:
5-35k: 1,200 words per 1k. Maximum of 5k per week.
36-60k: 1,650 words per 1k. Maximum of 4k per week.
61-90k: 2,100 words per 1k. Maximum of 3k per week.
91-120k: 2,550 words per 1k. Maximum of 2k per week.
121k+: 3,000 words per 1k. Maximum of 1k per week.

Of course those of you who are overachievers and post excessive amounts will be allowed to bank your extra words. Words that are banked can be used towards the following weeks word count as a supplement if you do not post enough words to reach your a goal or cap. There will however be a cap on how many words you can bank to prevent those REAL overachievers from overachieving too much. The hard cap will be 25,000 words. Granted that is still a large quantity but it will keep some of you from reaching into the 50,000+ range, I have seen it happen before.

That about sums it up, if anyone has any questions feel free to message myself or any of the other administrators or moderators and we will assist you as best we can!

Starting the week of December 11, 2017 we have added a Bounty feature to the pirates section. If you did an action that is listed in the bounty thread please list it in your submission post so that the moderator/admin doing ranks that week can review it and add it into the bounty ranks.
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