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Post by Koga Senju Yesterday at 3:07 pm

Ok everyone, I was told to write up a proposal here to create an Afterlife function to the rp. Now as many of you know you lose 50% of your power when you die. This is still true, how ever at this point with this function you won't have to start 100% over with a new character if you chose to have it. I have been discussing it with Tenjinsai and Kirito and I feel it would possibly encourage more interaction in rp and the morale as well. So here is what is will be like.

You died fighting against a beast while fighting with all your might. You lose 50% of your health and possibly your weapons if they are taken by the thing that kills you. Once you die you end up at the check in station. You get randomized if you go to Heaven, Hell or to the planet of Kais. Depending on which one you go to you can get different ways of training and lifestyle while you are there. You can also use this as a turning point for your characters as well to turn from Evil to good ect.

Now no matter which one you end up at you can still train the same but you will not gain the Quest for Kaio-ken or Spirit Bomb unless you end up at the planet of Kais. (Keep that in mind)

Here is the power scale for wc gains:

5-35k: 1,200words per 1k. Maximum of 5k per week.
36-60k: 1,650 words per 1k. Maximum of 4k per week.
61-90k: 2,100 words per 1k. Maximum of 3k per week.
91-120k: 2,550 words per 1k. Maximum of 2k per week.
121k+: 3,000 words per 1k. Maximum of 1k per week.

That will present a 50% increase per 1k as well as decreasing the total amount gainable per week too. You however, can only remain in the afterlife for 1 irl month. Then you will be returned to the world of the rp.

I would like to note that this isn't absolutely the only route you can take. You can still kill off your characters if you wish. However this option is there for those who wish to not die and lose their character.
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