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Character Sheet: Ikazuchi Kumo

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Character Sheet: Ikazuchi Kumo

Post by Kumo on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:37 pm

Name| Ikazuchi Kumo
Alias| N/A

Race| Human (Mage)
Class| Genius

Age| 22
Height| 6'2" (188 cm.)
Weight| 200 lb. (91 kg.)
Blood Type| AB+
Element| Lightning


Points Spent| 12 - Points Unspent| 0

Skills From Abilities
(2)Tier 3 Weapons (Swords)
Tier 2 Energy Proficiency
Tier 1 Battle Analysis
Tier 1 Analysis

Skills Not From Abilities
(2)Tier 2 Memory
(2)Tier 2 Strength of Will
(2)Tier 2 Battle Focus
(2)Tier 2 Footwork
(1)Tier 1 Focused Eye
(1)Tier 1 Crafting/Forging

Power Level| 13,000
Strength| 7(2Points spent)
Stamina| 23 (12 Points Spent)
Speed| 17 (8 Points Spent)
Energy| 35 (10 Points Spent)
Perception| 17(8 Points Spent) 
Energy Speed| 32 (28E/3.4S Rounded Up)

Points Spent| 40


Runic Refinement
Magic Type| Ancient
Element| Ethernano

Magic Description| This type of magic grants the user the ability to engrave or imprint runes onto various things to strengthen and refine the quality of by channeling pure ethernano into, and through it potentially causing mutations in other magic. Traditionally, this magic was only applied to weapons thus making other applications unknown.

Lightning Dragon Slayer
Magic Type| Lost
Element| Lightning

Generation| Third

Magic Description| This type of magic allows the user to incorporate lightning into their body gaining abilities associated with lightning dragons including heightened senses. The user will have their body’s affinity for lightning increased to the highest level being able to produce, manipulate, and even devour the element itself to recover strength. Lightning of a higher quality requires specific circumstances to be devoured while it is completely impossible to devour lightning produced by their own magic. Lightning itself as an element can numb, paralyze, or even completely burn something depending on the strength of the user and what is receiving the attack. 


-First Release-

(2 Slots)Slayer Sword Law: The unique combination of his experience and magic created a unique sword style achievable only by someone who has trained in his swordsmanship, as well as both Runic Refinement and Lightning Slayer Magic. The foundation of the technique is ultimately The Killing Sword style he had been trained in alongside his bladesmithing techniques. “To craft the best weapon, one must understand how to wield one.” The Killing Sword style is achieved by progressing from a simple swing of a sword, to mastering techniques, and finally to turning all swings into something simple that can also transition freely into any type of attack possible. The role that the Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic plays is ultimately a power supplement for the attacks. First, internally it allows for the instant acceleration of his attacks bypassing the requirement to build up momentum. Second, the pure speed and destruction of lightning are incorporated into the attacks filling deficiencies in range and damage.

Attacks, while the release is active, are 40/60 based on Strength/Energy. Energy/Perception/Speed are increased by +5.

Skills: Tier 2 Weapons (Swords), Tier 1 Battle Analysis, Tier 1 Analysis

Lightning Refinement: After obtaining Lightning Dragon Slayer magic Ikazuchi gradually became aware of the different qualities of elements. By combining the concept of his Runic Refinement Magic to his newfound ability to devour lightning he gained the ability to upgrade the quality of his lightning by devouring higher quality lightning and using it as the base to refine his own and increase the quality.

Bypasses the Element quality possessed by God Slayers permitting like element energy from them to be devoured unless significantly stronger (Opponents Energy > 125% of User Energy). Energy is increased by +5.

Skills: Tier 2 Energy Proficiency

Temp. Tournament Stats|:

Power Level| 20,000 (75 points)
Strength| 8 (5+3=8.)
Stamina| 35 (5+30[20+10]=35) 
Speed| 35 (5+30[20+10]=35) 
Energy| 41 (5+12*3= 41)
Perception| 35 (5+30[20+10]=35)   
Energy Speed| 40 (33 Energy + 7 Speed = 40)

Skills|Some Skills Are From Abilities
Tier 3 Weapons (Swords)
Tier 3 Energy Proficiency
Tier 1 Battle Analysis
Tier 1 Analysis

Tier 2 Memory
Tier 2 Strength of Will
Tier 2 Battle Focus
Tier 2 Footwork
Tier 2 Focused Eye
Tier 1 Pain Tolerance
Tier 1 Crafting/Forging


Race : Human (FT)
Class : Genius
Rank : Basic Mage
Power : 5
Strength : 5
Stamina : 5
Speed : 5
Energy : 5
Perception : 5
Energy Speed : 5
Reputation : 0
Age : 22
Location : Paradise

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