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Tenjinsai Bushinji Character Sheet

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Tenjinsai Bushinji Character Sheet

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:47 pm

Character Name: Tenjinsai Bushinji
Nickname/Alias: Protector Of The People, Vigilante Of Rukongai, Peacemaker, Ten-Ten, Little Sai.
Division: First
Rank: Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen, Captain of the 1st Division.

Stat Information:

Race: Vaizard
Class: Genius
Power: 150,000
-Strength: 60(70)
-Stamina: 154(164)
-Speed: 188(198)
-Energy: 212(222)
-Perception: 188(198)
-Energy Speed: 217

Reiryoku-Immense Spiritual Power:
This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

Strength Tier 5-Combatant:
61-80: These guys are pretty damn strong. They are able to take apart weak trees with a few swings. To those who cannot block them they get basically thrown away. You give them an arm, and it's basically snapped in half with much ease. Though that's assuming they literally grab it. They can pick up large boulders and hurl them over moderate distances. One and a half inch steel with a little time will be thrown away as they destroy it. Their hits are blisteringly powerful. A good punch will throw someone a good distance, their swings are now enough to take your head basically clean off.
Speed Tier 8-Expert:
161-200: People at the tip of this tier are beginning to enter a speed of well above the sound barrier though they don't quite double it's speed to Mach 2 as of yet. Monsters of speed they are blurs moving through the sky, closing massive distances in a few short incredibly quick steps.

Stamina Tier 8-Expert:
161-200: They are people who can take a good hit from someone with mass strength and shake it off with ignorable damage. They can take hit after hit after hit and keep on moving. Broken bones can be ignored, and they have to lose a lot of blood. Taking damage left and right they are the tanks of the fighting world. Plowing through and taking stabs and hits and attacks and throwing them off.

Energy Tier 9-Master:
201-250: This is the absolute highest level for Energy available to people. These people will destroy cities mountains and other things. Their attacks and other parts cause some ridiculous damage. the area is totally changed when they are done fighting. Sometimes if they go all out enough it is impossible to tell the difference between a war zone and where they just got back from fighting. A true place to fear, being at the height of this tier your presence alone cause small rocks and dust to kick up and be near them.

Perception Tier 8-Expert:
161-200: It's getting sort of redundant here with the descriptions. Your aim is just getting on ridiculous levels. It takes quite a bit to make you miss a target, and following things is quite amazing.Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

Character Information:

Appearance: Tenjinsai is your average looking young man. He stands at five foot eleven (5'11) and weighs one hundred and eighty three pounds (183 Lbs). He has short brown hair that comes down around his head at about cheek length. His bangs stretch down in front of his face to the left and right of his eyes as well as a single grouping of hair that comes down over the bridge of his nose and swirls to the left. His eyes are a light brown, just a slightly lighter shade then his hair and are hawk-like in shape as well. He has somewhat thick upturned eyebrows that give him a fierce facial expression. His face is clean shaven and completely unblemished as opposed to the rest of his body. Moving down from his face his body is well defined and muscular while not being overly buff. He has what would be called an athletic physique giving him a strong and healthy appearance. Along his chest, back, and arms he has many scars that span the length of his body from abuse he suffered during his youth. Beyond that he wears the standard uniform for an academy student and eventually the shihakushou of the shinigami once he graduates the academy.

Personality: Tenjinsai has a great similarity in personality to his father, Tenkai. While there are some key differences due to the difference in age and experience, their opinions and outlook on the world is pretty much the same. He is a kind individual and rather selfless to a flaw being more then willing to sacrifice something of his own to help someone else. Along with that he also carries a great sense of moral justice enforcing the laws based upon what he sees as right and wrong. He also has the ability to see things in shades of gray so as to not be overly absolute in his views of right and wrong. However, despite being as kind and compassionate as he is, Tenjinsai is not very open with others. While he is capable of helping them and speaking about others issues he has a very hard time letting others in. Due to his upbringing he has a hard time actually making friends and is even estranged from his family.

-Playing the Biwa
-Animals (Scorpion, Snakes, Lizards.)
-Drinking (Occasionally)


Human: Tenjinsai was born in the year eighteen eighty four (1884) to his father Tenkai Bushinji and mother Retsu 'Yachiru' Unohana. His life started as a tragic one immediately upon his birth. During childbirth his mother passed away due to the stress of labor. It was due to this single fact that the rest of his life would be full of turmoil and tribulation. Due to the loss of his mother during birth his father found it hard to speak or even look at Tenjinsai. He was treated with disdain in the household by his father. Even his older siblings had a hard time being around him since he was the direct cause of their mothers death. He had earned the disdain of his family from something he had no control over. At the age of nineteen he was forced to leave the household by his father and was told to never return.

Though he did not wish to he had no other choice as his father was the head of the clan and the others would back his orders. Taking up what belongings he had the boy left the household of a noble family and went to wander the rukongai to try and build a life for himself. He suffered for many years being unaware of how the world worked outside of his household. He lived by stealing what supplies he needed and staying in dilapidated shacks day by day. As time went on he found himself constantly fighting to keep living against the various bandits, thugs, and robbers that would see him as easy prey. His body was battered and wounded but he would continue to live on with conviction. His life had been deemed unworthy from his birth by society but he would not bend to their will. He could never bring himself to hate the others not being able to know the pain he had put his family through.

But he promised himself one day he would become a shinigami, and a great one at that just like his father. He wanted to prove to them that he could be something and that they could see him as something other then the murderer of their wife and mother. He wanted to redeem himself for something he should have never been blamed for. That was how Tenjinsai now found himself at the door of the shinigami academy prepared to redeem himself in the eyes of the world.

Zanpaktou Information:

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona: Seijin Enma is exactly as his name reflects, a saintly demon. His ideals are very much so just and can sometimes be overly zealous. He sees in a very plain black and white and those that he sees as evil are unforgiveable. Despite his over zealous nature he does have a very kind demeanor especially when conversing with Tenjinsai. He sympathizes with him due to the boys upbringing and the tragic circumstances of his life. He is very protective towards him and is quick to anger if his master is threatened. He is always willing to lend Tenjinsai his strength to protect him or those he wishes to protect.

Inner World: Tenjinsai's inner world is that of a large estate that would belong to a wealthy family. It is a home that would be expected of one of the four great noble clans. The house is pristine and perfect, adorned with the finest furnishing, clothing, and foods. The home is quite empty though despite its vast amenities and space. It is a reflection of his youth as he was an outcast of a noble family and his home was always 'empty' for him.

Spirit Appearance: Seijin Enma appears as a massive demon that is cloaked in white flames. He stands at twenty five feet (25') and weighs eight hundred and twenty three pounds (823 Lbs). His skin is a sickly green and he has long spiky hair that runs to the lower curve in his back. Upon his head he is adorned with two horns that curve upwards and are each roughly two feet long. His other features are very much so humanoid having similar facial and body structure to that of a human. He wears a tattered gi that is open at the chest while in Tenjinsai's inner world that is red in color.  


Name of Shikai: Seijin Enma (Saintly Devil)

Release Command: Kiyomeru (Cleanse)

Zanpakutō Element: Fire

Zanpakutō Type: Unclassified

Zanpakutō Appearance

Sealed Appearance: Looks like the typical zanpaktou. The handle is a snow white and the guard a simple circle. The sheath is a dark green with white obi ties. Length from pommel to guard, 14 Inches. Length of blade, 35 Inches. Total length, 49 Inches.

Shikai Appearance:  Seijin Enma upon release makes its blade lose its physical form. Everything from the guard down to the pommel remains in its original form but the blade itself is transformed into a massive flame. The length of the flame blade increases slightly as does the length of the handle. Length from pommel to guard, 16 Inches. Length of blade, 38 Inches. Total length, 54 Inches.

Shikai Ability- Honooita (Flame Eater): The flames themselves, if one comes into contact with them, can cause severe burns to an individual singeing their flesh. Absorbing the flames in the surrounding area caused by the zanpaktou, its abilities, or Tenjinsai's reiryoku itself, he can increase the power of his abilities and his attacks but can backfire if too much fire is absorbed causing him to instead damage himself instead of strengthen his attacks.

(The only flames themselves that are constant are the flames that envelop the zanpaktou, they will remain as long as the release is in effect. Tenjinsai's reiryoku is made into the blazing inferno as a result of the release but once his reserves are depleted so will the flames be. Ideally four posts of absorbing the surrounding flames with each additional absorb increasing the damage output of a used attack or technique. Going beyond that four post limit causes the built up flames to burst out causing burn damage to Tenjinsai instead and releasing the gathered flames. Seijin Enma can not directly absorb its own flames created by Tenjinsai's reiryoku but can absorb any type of fire based technique or ability used by an opponent or anything in the surrounding area that has caught fire (25 Meters).)

-Cooldown: 1 Post (3-4 Absorbs)

Shikai Secondary Ability- Enkouhara (Fire Field): Sending out a wave of flames (150 Meters) to the surrounding area it turns the battlefield into a blazing inferno. The intense flames that are now spread about the field serve to not only burn and harm the opponent if they stay within it for a prolonged amount of time but also enhance the strength of Tenjinsai's techniques and offensive abilities. The technique also quickly devours the oxygen in the effected area feeding the flames of Tenjinsai's shikai form and enhancing his abilities. The longer an opponent stays within the area the greater the effects of the oxygen deprivation until they eventually lose consciousness.


Bankai Name
Command (Optional)

Name of Bankai: Kagayakashii Seijin Enma (Glorious Saintly Demon)

Release Command (Optional): Just the typical BAN-KAI yell.


Bankai Appearance

Bankai Appearance: Manifesting itself in a much grander and daunting way, Seijin Enma's bankai is much more incredulous. Tenjinsai's reiatsu turns into a blazing inferno that slowly manifests itself into a giant devil like creature made of flame. In the midst of the devil the blazing inferno had become is Tenjinsai hovering amidst the beast controlling it and being protected by its flaming body. The creature itself stands at about one hundred feet and it wields two massive flame blades that are roughly seventy feet in length a piece. The flames are capable of erasing anything they touch out of existence as they possess the same heat as that of the sun. Due to this intense heat the use of the Bankai also causes all moisture in the atmosphere to evaporate with this effect extending for miles beyond the location of Tenjinsai the longer it is active. Over a significant period of time the effects of Seijin Enma's Bankai can be incredibly detrimental to the eco-structure of the Soul Society resulting in irreversible damage. This intense heat also tends to cripple the abilities of those who wield Water or Ice type zanpaktou resulting sometimes in the loss of even their releases and abilities.

Bankai Ability- Honooita (Flame Eater): Identical to the shikai ability but with increased absorbing limits exponentially increasing the potential power of his abilities beyond shikai. The flames from the blade itself become even hotter that it is almost unbearable to be around them without risking injury. They are by far some of the hottest flames to ever be created and have incredible destructive power.

(As with the shikai ability being four posts, the use of bankai increases the limit to eight posts before the gathered flames will erupt damaging Tenjinsai. The range of absorption also increases from 25 meters to 50 meters. With the increase of post limit allowing an exponential growth to potential strength it similarly increases the danger and damage of over absorbing and harming himself exponentially further as well.)

-1 Post (4-5 Absorbs)
-2 Posts (6-7 Absorbs)
-3 Posts (8 Absorbs)

Bankai Secondary Ability- Enkouhara (Fire Field): When in Bankai, Seijin Enma's fire field effect intensifies and increases its range of effect (250 Meters). Though the raging flames of his shikai can no longer be seen, the condensed flames around his body burn exponentially hotter increasing the rate of oxygen deprivation and further increasing the strength of his natural abilities and techniques.

Zanpakutō Techniques

#1 Shikai
Name - Nenshou Dageki (Burning Strike)
Class: Support
Attributes: Attack, Augmentation, Instant
'The technique in essence augments the users ability to inflict damage on their opponent. It increases the density of the flames around the blade allowing it to increase the actual damage as well as burn effects upon strike. The increased burning effect allows to singe the flesh negating the bodies natural regenerative processes beyond what a normal wound would inflict. Depending on how long the technique is active their are various effects that inflict the user as well. Can stack with Sugikasho for increased damage.'

Four Posts*- No effects other then cooldown.
Five Posts*- Decreases Shikai absorbing ability to only three posts whilst active. Increased post cooldown.
Six Posts*- Decreases Shikai absorbing ability to only two post whilst active. Increased post cooldown.
Seven Posts*- Decreases Shikai absorbing ability to only one post whilst active. Increased post cooldown.

Range: Melee, Self
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: Four, Five, Six, Or Seven Posts
Cooldown*: One, Two, Three, Or Five Posts
*If Sugikasho is active decrease absorbing ability by one and increase cooldown by one.

#2 Shikai
Name - Sugikasho (Afterburn)
Class: Support
Attributes: Attack, Augmentation, Instant
'Sugikasho increases the latent offensive abilities and burn damage of Seijin Enma. It is used in conjuction with Nenshou Dageki and further increases the damage that is caused by Tenjinsai's attacks and techniques. 

Range: Melee
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: Used in Conjunction with Nenshou Dageki
Cooldown: N/A

#3 Shikai 
Name - Kizuato No Hono (Scarring Blaze)
Class: Offensive
Attributes: Attack, Spiritual
'The wild flames that make up the blade condense and gather more so along the edge of where the blade would be. Once prepared, when the zanpaktou is swung a rippling wave of flames is propelled from the blade in the direction it is aimed. The wave itself is composed of flames which will burn anything they touch but will also erupt into a fiery explosion when they make solid contact with another being or object. The burns caused by the flames and explosion  cause wounds to heal much slower even with healing kidou as well as damage the nerves in those areas in question making them difficult to use further in combat. If used when Nenshou Dageki and/or Sugikasho are active damage is significantly increased.'

Range: Melee
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: One Post
Cooldown: Two Posts

#1 Bankai
Name - Taiyō Fureakāten (Solar Flare Curtain)
Class: Defensive
Attributes: Augmentation, Instant
'This technique, though a passive one, is one of Tenjinsai's most powerful. Upon activating his bankai the massive flame construct that it formed around him possesses heat close to that of the suns core. It is next to impossible to breach this shield without injuring oneself or being significantly more powerful then Tenjinsai.

Range: Melee
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: As long as Bankai is activated
Cooldown: N/A

#2 Bankai
Name - Jigoku Hi no Iwa(Hellfire Crag)
Class: Offensive
Attributes: Attack, Spiritual
'The technique is similar to Ketatamashii Haretsu in preparation. The flames condense and gather around the sword preparing for the strike. Then, swinging the blade downwards with great force into the ground a large fissure opens up stretching for a maximum of fifteen meters. From out of the fissure flames erupt up burning and greatly harming any that are caught in its wake or in the general vicinity of the technique. The flames shoot up fifty meters and have an immediate range of one hundred meters in either direction that the flames will have maximum effect and spread outwards from there. Beyond the initial thirty five meter range the further one is away from the attack the less harm will come to them.'

Length: 100 M
Width: 65 M
Height: 200 M
Immediate Damage Range: 100M
Moderate Damage Range: 101M -135M
Low Damage Range: 136 -170M
No Damage Range: 171M+

Range: Long
Preparation: One Post
Post Durations: One Post
Cooldown: Two Posts

#3 Bankai
Name - Seishin-Tekina Honshitsu - Shin no Katachi: Chōshinsei (Spiritual Essence - True Form: Supernova)
Class: Offensive
Attributes: Attack, Augmentation, Instant
'This is the ultimate technique in Tenjinsai's arsenal. The massive flaming body that Tenjinsai controls condenses itself down, while also absorbing all of the flames in the surrounding area (150 Meters), to a controlled blaze around his body. It essentially super condenses all of the flames to massively increase Tenjinsai's fighting potential to immense levels. It also increases the density and intensity of the flames making a single wound easily cause sixth degree burns on the opponent with momentary contact or perhaps even incinerate the wounded area. However, due to the immense power this form affords him he can only maintain it for a short period of time before he is forced to revert into his shikai form. For the duration of the battle his bankai form will be unusable from the extreme exertion.'

Range: Melee
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: 6 Posts
Cooldown: N/A[/color]

Vaizard Information:

Inner Hollow: Tenjinsai's inner hollow, like any other Vaizard's, is a manifestation of himself if perfectly reflected. They embody the darker parts of Tenjinsai's mind and soul and put a physical manifestation to it. Tenshiro, as he has been coined being a stark white 'negative' of Tenjinsai, while malicious also has a form of bond with his 'master'. He understand the same pain and torment that Tenjinsai had gone through in his youth and refers to him as his friend or brother. This trivial relationship is of no substance though as he still attempted in earnest to steal the throne from Tenjinsai and subject him to an eternity as a slave within his own mind.

Mask Appearance: Tenjinsai's mask is similar to what one would see of a historical Oni or Demon mask from medieval Japan. The mask itself is stark white as is typical of a hollow; two horns are adorned at the left and right temple, both a jet black in color. A variety of markings that look similar to loose thread or hair can be seen on the top of the mask which run down to the upper forehead regions. It has a large nose as well as accented brow and cheekbones. The mouth portion is held open, four large black fangs pointing out from the corners and more standard sized sharp canines are placed in between them.
Mask Image:
Teeth and horns would be a jet black as opposed to the gold shown.

Vaizard Techniques:

#1 Vaizard
Name - Seija no Shukufuku Honō (Blessed Flame Of The Saint)
Class: Defensive
Attributes: Augmentation, Instant
'As opposed to most Vaizard, Tenjinsai possesses only one additional Technique while donning his mask. It grants an inherent boost to the strength and intensity of his flames which boosts his innate abilities while his mask is active. The flames that he utilizes in his release turn from red to blue while this ability is active signifying the distinct change.'

Range: Melee
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: As long as Mask is worn.
Cooldown: N/A

Ability Information:

Abilities: 70/70 Points
Energy Proficiency - Tier 4 | Extremely proficient in the usage and manipulation of energy and can do so in ways that seem otherworldly. Can learn all racial techniques with a 10% WC Reduction.
Damage Recovery - Tier 2 | Recovery from light to moderate damage at an accelerated rate. EG: gashes and stab wounds.
Heat/Cold Tolerance - Tier 3 | High resistance to both Heat and Cold for extended periods of time.
Anti-Stealth - Tier 4 | Truly a master of uncovering that which is hidden. None can hide from their keen eye which observes all surroundings without exception.
Poison Resistance - Tier 2 | Resistant to the effects of poison and the symptoms caused by exposure.
Pain Tolerance - Tier 3 | Highly resistant to pain and can ignore damage aside from the most severe.
Bleeding Tolerance - Tier 3 | Can withstand significant bloodloss for extended periods of time and with little to no effect.
Martial Arts - Hakuda - Tier 2 | Has a moderate understanding of the art and is a competent practitioner of the art.
Footwork - Tier 3 | Moves swift and with great dexterity, can dance circles around all but the most maneuverable combatants.
Weapons - Tier 3 - Zanpaktou | Highly skilled in the use of the weaponry and art that revolves around it. Among the most talented of practitioners.
Energy Sensing - Tier 4 | Can pinpoint energy signatures to a confined area from large distances. Capable of discerning specific types of energy and accurately reading the quantity and quality.
Focused Eye - Tier 2 | Strong ability to focus both in and out of combat and ignore most outside stimulation.
Battle Analysis - Tier 3 | Strong comprehension and perceptive abilities used to understand what is occurring and how to overcome or manipulate it.
Learning - Tier 3 | Extremely accelerated learning process being able to comprehend and grasp concepts or ideas in a fraction of the standard time. 15% WC Reduction on all requirements.
Memory - Tier 3 | Highly resistant to mind altering techniques and capable of recalling information quickly and descriptively.
Lack Of Fear - Tier 3 | Highly resistant to being stricken with fear even under consistent exposure and strenuous circumstance.
Illusion Resist - Tier 2 | Capable of recognizing when under the effect of an illusion and shaking off the effects of mild ones.
War Strategy - Tier 2 | Able to overlook a situation, recognize the variables, and put in place a plan that will generally follow the correct course of action.

-Shikai (Seijin Enma)
-Bankai (Kagayakashii Seijin Enma)
-Vaizard Mask (Master)




-Hadou #1 Sho
-Hadou #4 Byakurai
-Hadou #31 Shakkahou
-Hadou #32 Oukasen
-Hadou #54 Haien
-Hadou #63 Raikouhou
-Hadou #73 Soren Soukatsui
-Hadou #88 Hiryugekizokushintenraihou
-Hadou #90 Kurohitsugi
-Hadou #93 Tsuinhiryugekizokushintenraihou

-Bakudou #4 Hainawa
-Bakudou #8 Seki
-Bakudou #30 Shitotsu Sansen
-Bakudou #39 Enkosen
-Bakudou #61 Rikujoukoro
-Bakudou #63 Sajo Sabaku


-Overwhelming Aura
-High Speed Regeneration
Tenjinsai Bushinji
Tenjinsai Bushinji

Race : Vaizard
Class : Genius
Rank : Captain Commander
Power : 150000
Strength : 70
Stamina : 164
Speed : 198
Energy : 222
Perception : 198
Energy Speed : 217
Reputation : 0

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