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Work Assignments

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Work Assignments

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:37 pm

As the title suggests, this particular topic is to establish who is working, or should be working, on what. This is so everyone is informed on what they should be doing, and what everyone else is doing so nobody is blindsided by something that is implemented, etc etc.

Assignments for the most part will be in regard to content that is already currently implemented. Tweaking it, perfecting it, and anything else that may be deemed to be done. These assignments will typically be assigned by myself as I am in charge of the entirety of the Roleplay. Just look out for a private message here or on the discord.

In addition to this I will also eventually be setting up some google docs for the forum so everyone will have access to it if they don't want to log onto the forum as it is somewhat more convenient, especially in the case of mobile devices.

Kirito Gekko/Tenjinsai Bushinji: Adding and improving on forum functionality.(Widgets, expansion, communication.)

Tenjinsai Bushinji/Kumo: Tweaking and adding Legendary Items.

No assignments at this time.

One Piece:
No assignments at this time.

Aria: General tweaking and unification of information in the Naruto-verse. Making sure all relevant content conforms with the current system and does not abuse standard of roleplay.

Koga Senju: Increasing content in the form of racial techniques and abilities.

Fairy Tail:
Tenjinsai Bushinji: Increasing content in the form of magic for Fairy Tail-verse users.

Kumo: Expanding upon Slayer magics to provide additional content.
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