Crash landing, Into the Red Hair territory

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Crash landing, Into the Red Hair territory

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:52 pm

After finishing the escape from the government guy, Kirito drifted in the air for a short while before losing speed over some winter island. Losing his strength completely he then fell to the ground from a short height and landed in a snow pile. Losing consciousness, Kirito laid there for a short while until some strange people grabbed him and pulled him somewhere that felt warm. He knew that he wasn't dead yet, just he had no strength left to spare. People were talking around him, sounded like five to six people. However he could not make out what they were talking about. Everything sounded muffled to him. All he could do was lay there without being able to move.

Suddenly some foot steps got closer and he was able to understand the two that were near him. "So this guy is the current King of Prodence and captain of Motion 66? Seems like he would be strong." "Don't under estimate him. He's ranked the same as our former captain Shanks. We should be careful not to anger him. Without our power houses we need to find someone to team up with." From the sounds they were making, they were checking some medical things before they left the room.

All Kirito could think about was the name they mentioned of their captain, Shanks. He was one of the Yonko and Captain of the Red Hair Pirates. It should be spoken the other way around, Kirito should be careful not to anger them. With his thoughts drifting Kirito went to sleep, not knowing of what his injuries were or his situation.

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