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Chris Stowe

Post by Kite on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:22 am

Chris Stowe

Not much to say about Chris. He spends more time in an imaginary land than he does in reality. His character wields a staff with the blade from short sword fixed to the base. He built the character over the course of a week, spending every waking moment tweaking the finer details until he was confident that Chrisanthos was the best character he could be.

Battle Analysis 2
Battle Focus 2
Weapons 3
Footwork 3
Energy Proficiency 3
Energy Sensing 2
War Strategy 2
Strength of Will 2


Race : Human
Class : Agile
Rank : Lieutenant
Power : 30000
Strength : 48
Stamina : 33
Speed : 62
Energy : 48
Perception : 62
Energy Speed : 51
Age : 25
Location : Karakura Island

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