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Chris Stowe

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Chris Stowe

Post by Kite on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:22 am

Chris Stowe

Not much to say about Chris. He spends more time in an imaginary land than he does in reality. His character wields a staff with the blade from short sword fixed to the base. He built the character over the course of a week, spending every waking moment tweaking the finer details until he was confident that Chrisanthos was the best character he could be.

Weapons - Great Swords 3
Footwork 3
Strength of Will 3
Charisma/Leadership 3
Energy Proficiency 3
Energy Sensing 2
Analysis 2
Focused Eye 2

Power - 41,000:

Strength - 65:
These guys are pretty damn strong. They are able to take apart weak trees with a few swings. To those who cannot block them they get basically thrown away. You give them an arm, and it's basically snapped in half with much ease. Though that's assuming they literally grab it. They can big up large boulder and hurl them over moderate distances. One and a half inch steel with a little time will be thrown away as they destroy it. Their hits are blisteringly powerful. A good punch will throw someone a good distance, their swings are now enough to take your head basically clean off.

Stamina - 44:
Now your becoming to get superhuman, completely ridiculous to regular humans what you can take. A steel beam fell on your head and your getting back up with a little blood. Someone stabbed you in the chest? It hurts a lot, impedes you a bit, but you are still fighting. Someone without the strength can pound on you for a little bit you'll still be fine.

Speed - 82:
Around this time, you are now reaching the speed of low jets or planes flying in the sky. Now skimming the speed at the very tip of this tier at at least 300 mph,Early on your still hovering in the lower hundreds. Military jets flying at cruising speed in the sky are basically what your keeping up with and it's shocking them.

Energy - 65 ☆ Energy Speed - 68:
Becoming somewhat more on the advanced level these guys are able to cause craters when they hit. They are the ones that are looked at as the more advanced set of stronger fighters in the reiryoku area. Capable of plowing through up to 3 people without the possilble stam or strength. Their attacks rip through the ground and there would be signs of their fighting on the landscape.

Perception - 82:
These people can stand around for what seems like forever, picking out the best route to move. Those two benchmarks behind them in speed seem like their standing still when they focus. Their aim is truly something to watch out for as they will rarely ever miss a target no matter what they aim for. If they want to pin you too a wall from a distance, you can trust they won't accidentally eviscerate you.Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

Power : 0
Strength : 0
Stamina : 0
Speed : 0
Energy : 0
Perception : 0
Energy Speed : 0
Reputation : 0

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