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Chris Stowe

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Chris Stowe

Post by Kite on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:22 am

Chris Stowe

Not much to say about Chris. He spends more time in an imaginary land than he does in reality. His character wields a staff with the blade from short sword fixed to the base. He built the character over the course of a week, spending every waking moment tweaking the finer details until he was confident that Chrisanthos was the best character he could be.

Battle Analysis 2
Battle Focus 2
Weapons - Spears 2
Footwork 3
Energy Proficiency 2
Energy Sensing 2
War Strategy 2
Analysis 2
Strength of Will 2
Stealth 2
Heat Resistance 2

Power - 37,000

Strength - 60:
These people are beginning to enter the scope of superhuman strength. They are able to lift several hundred pounds. Their punches obliterate wood, cause some damage to trees. 1 inch thick metal, while breaking through it would be still on the slightly impossible, they could put quite a few nice dents in it. There is no point, to trying to use a baseball bat on them. A couple knee goes and it will stab, like a twig. Their punches are like 15 pound weights smashing against your body. Their slashes cause some good damage if you can't "take" it. Trees? Not instantly cut down, might take them a while still, but it's within their scope now.

Stamina - 44:
Now your becoming to get superhuman, completely ridiculous to regular humans what you can take. A steel beam fell on your head and your getting back up with a little blood. Someone stabbed you in the chest? It hurts a lot, impedes you a bit, but you are still fighting. Someone without the strength can pound on you for a little bit you'll still be fine.

Speed - 76:
Now you are getting to get just a tad bit ridiculous in your speed. You have beyond exited the human spectrum of speed and entered something akin to a machine. Early in the tier your speed could be around 70mph but by the time you hit the tip you are moving at a blistering 100mph.

Energy - 60 ☆ Energy Speed - 63:
Still an intermediate user you, have by now mastered basic energy attacks. You are blasts are much stronger and can cause serious damage to a skyscraper. Ripping through several walls, and regular humans gone. Other attacks cause similar damage. But all of this damage is still manageable, and on some extent while noticeable sort of easily ignored by those to similar strength or with enough stamina.

Perception - 76:
People two benchmarks away in terms of speed now seem like their moving in slow motion. Your aim is supreme in both close and distances combat. You can pinpoint hard to hit locations and aim with little to no error. Those inside their benchmark speed wise are easily followed. While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.

Lesser Elemental:
Strength - 12
Stamina - 9
Speed - 15
Energy - 12
Perception - 15

Race : Human
Class : Agile
Rank : Lieutenant
Power : 39000
Strength : 65
Stamina : 44
Speed : 76
Energy : 65
Perception : 76
Energy Speed : 67
Age : 25

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