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Nanaomi's second ultimate: Wakusei no Kohai

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Nanaomi's second ultimate: Wakusei no Kohai

Post by Nanaomi Sugowara on Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:54 pm

Name: Wakusei no Kohai
Classification: Blast
Sub-Type: Blended-type(Basic/Guided)
Requirements: 1,000 wc
Description: The second pinnacle of Nanaomi's strength. Her Devastation of Planet Technique. This technique forces every last shred of energy Nanaomi has out of her body at rapid speed. As she expels this energy into the air she begins the charging of this technique. She pours all of her energy, including what was expelled into one gigantic orb. The size of the initial orb depends on strength of energy as well as strength of the attack. She then points the orb towards her opponent where she forcibly begins to harness this massive amount of energy into an orb that's size is roughly just smaller than the palm of her hand. There, she'll fire it off towards her opponent where it'll explode on contact in a violent, massive explosion. Using this technique will force Nanaomi out of her Saiyan transformations. At the same time, it will deplete her energy completely, and be unable to preform energy based attacks, leaving her with anything else she can do that isn't energy based.

Full damage of attack is registered at 1.5x energy stat at max power. Speed is based on energy speed of the 1.5x energy attack. This attack takes 1 post to charge.

Techniques & Releases
Cut pieces: 0
Senzu Beans 16
other's words
Nanaomi Sugowara
Nanaomi Sugowara

Race : Saiyan
Class : Genius
Rank : General
Power : 92000
Strength : 67
Stamina : 126
Speed : 131
Energy : 180
Perception : 131
Energy Speed : 171
Reputation : 0

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