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Thomas' Arsenal

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Thomas' Arsenal

Post by Hitsuyona on Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:19 pm

Tech name: Giga Rifle
Function: Holsters Empty 9 round clips that are enhanced to draw in reiatsu from the surrounding environment; however, its clip is drained after firing 9 shots and must be 'refilled' with his reiryoku over the course of one post.
Has additional uses stated in app using ability slots
How many will be made: 1

Tech name:Giga Gun(s)
Function:Same as rifle
Creator: Thomas
How many will be made: 2

Tech name: Holographic Lenses
Function: Allows the user to enhance their vision of the supernatural, and better distinguish all things related to energy/reiatsu, even from a distance. (Flavor for explaining perception)
Creator: me
How many will be made: 1


Race : Human [Variant]
Class : Genius
Rank : Rev. Capt.
Power : 37
Strength : 24
Stamina : 59
Speed : 62
Energy : 103
Perception : 62
Reputation : 0
Location : Rev. HQ

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