Potential Yet Unexplored

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Potential Yet Unexplored

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:20 pm

Tenjinsai strode forward through the hall, his eyes darkened with a serious look as he approached his zanpaktou spirit. "No need to look so sullen Tenjinsai. I look forward to these meetings we have, I certainly hope that you do as well." The young shinigami stopped several meters from the large throne that sat front and center at the end of the hall. His gaze slowly traced upwards and met with the eyes of Seijin, his demeanor not particularly changing. "It has nothing to do with looking for to it or not. I am here because it is a serious matter that needs to be addressed." He paused, his eyes softening for a moment as he thought about what had actually concerned, a twinge of worry streaking through his mind. "Something happened during the battle with my father. My powers apparently, went out of control. That is the best they could make out of it from what I was told."

His arms that had once hung at his side raised up, his left held close to his abdomen and his right extended outward in a tightened fist. "I could have destroyed the Seireitei, Seijin!! What is the meaning of this!!" His body surged with a sudden electrical current as Tenjinsai's anger rose, his body practically shaking as he attempted to maintain some form of composure. He did not want to be angry with his zanpaktou, but this was serious, and he felt very strongly about it. For him to lose control of his own power and have had the potential to destroy everything, it was nothing to take lightly. As he stood, eyes wide and pupils narrow, Seijin slowly stood up and sighed lightly. The giant form of his zanpaktou spirit began to shrink down with every step he took until he stood before Tenjinsai, still standing a foot taller then him.

Seijin's arms extended forward, grabbing hold of the shinigami's shoulders tightly, and dragging him in close. Tenjinsai became very relaxed, very quickly after the fairly unusual and awkward interaction he had just been involved in. "Tenjinsai you have to relax, now is not the time for anger. All will be revealed, but first we must drink and celebrate!" Seijin's form increase slightly in size, now reaching just over seven feet and now towering over Tenjinsai. The young shinigami looked up to meet his gaze, as he felt two firm hands move down to his hips and then lift him up into the air. His perspective quickly began to change as he now found himself slumped over Seijin's right shoulder; some distance farther from the ground then he was used to. "Now let us go take a load off. You have been so tense recently with everything happening. It isn't good for your health."

Seijin then began to march off toward the back of the manor into a room shrouded with curtains. "Umm, I can walk on my own Seijin. I am no longer a child, so you can put me down. This is...slightly awkward." As if to answer his pleas, Tenjinsai found himself dropped down onto the floor; though the fall was much softer then would have been expected. Taking in his surroundings, he found himself to have fallen on a pile of pillows, a psuedo chair as it was. The room itself was somewhat small, with many more pillows strewn about and a low table sat in the midst of them. There was another light thud as Seijin plopped himself down next to Tenjinsai, the pillows absorbing most of the force but a light tremor could still be felt from the spirits large form. Even while laying down, Seijin's arms could still reach out to the table in front of them and grab hold of one of the various bottles that sat on it and two small saucers.

Pouring out the clear liquid into one of the small objects, he then offered it to Tenjinsai. "Here, have a drink. It will help to ease some of that mental tension." The young shinigami was dumbfounded about what was unfolding before him. He of course knew that his zanpaktou was attached to him, protective, and of course loyal. But this, this was a little bit beyond what he was used to from their interactions. Tenjinsai shook his head for a moment, clearing his thoughts and placed his hands out in front of him, his index finger extended in each one. "wait, wait, wait just a moment here. What...what is even happening right now." Seijin pulled the small saucer back slightly as he leaned on his elbow, slightly confused at his masters response. "I am just trying to help you relax Tenjinsai. My first priority is to of course support you in any way that I am able to. You are so tight right now that if you move the wrong way you would just snap in half."

Tenjinsai stood up quickly, his left hand placing itself on his hip and the right continuing to gesture as he spoke, his index finger prominently displayed. "No, this is....this is not why I came here! I need answers Seijin, I need you to take this seriously! This is not something that I can joke around with, people could have lost their lives!!" Tenjinsai's eyes widened as he spoke, his voice slowly rising bordering on that of yelling as his previous emotions surfaced again. He had been worried this whole time about what had happened. It was only due to the fact he was stumbling through the events of the day that he could suppress those feelings until now. When he was finally face to face with the person that could give him these answers, and being met with schmoozing and a lack of concern, it did not sit right in his conscience.

He continued to glare down at the spirit of his zanpaktou, who returned a look of disappointment coupled with a deep frown. "Tenjinsai, you have to breath and relax every once in a while. I have seen all that you have seen, your mind is muddled and stressed. The battle is won, you can take a breath and see what comes next. But before you can do any of that, you must take care of yourself first." Seijin extended his right arm forward, offering the small saucer of liquid to the young shinigami again. "Now sit down and have a drink with me." Tenjinsai stared questionably for a moment before taking hold of the small saucer and downing the liquid inside of it. He had not even thought to ask what was in it, though he assumed some type of alcohol. What he tasted immediately registered as Sake, and quite a strong brew of it as well.

His eyes went wide for a moment as his body acclimated to the warmth that vibrated through it. Taking a shallow breath, he sat back down next to Seijin and extended the cup out for another helping. "I must apologize Seijin, I know you mean well. You have never steered me wrong before and I should have more faith in you." The spirit happily poured him another cup of the clear liquid and then poured one for himself in another small saucer. "It is quite alright Tenjinsai, it is just your stress getting to you. I know there is a lot you wish to address but first you must get your mind in order. What better way to do that then relaxing and having a drink with a friend." Tenjinsai downed his second helping of sake and paused for a moment, thinking about what Seijin had said. It was strange, but he had never actually thought of Seijin as a friend.

That was not to say they were not close, that much was unavoidable given the situation. He had just never used that word to describe their relationship. Seijin was his partner, the other half of his being and power, but Tenjinsai had never thought of just, having a conversation and relaxing with him. It was somewhat refreshing, but at the same time carried a connotation of introvertion to him. He was essentially escaping into his own mind, something that was not always a healthy practice. For this visit, it was of course necessary for him to do so. In the future though, would it really be alright for him to just recede into his own mind for relaxation. It would have to be something for him to decide on his own, when it was or was not appropriate. For now though, he would enjoy his first opportunity to relax in quite some time, letting the warmth of the liquor flow through him.

"I suppose you are right Seijin, as always. Since our last conversation my life has been filled with non stop conflict that nearly killed me on several occasions. But still, it worries me..." Tenjinsai extended his arm out once more, accepting his third helping of the alcohol. Once filled, he moved the small saucer to his lips and drank, then placed it down at his side; abstaining from any further drink. Seijin continued to drink, listening and observing Tenjinsai as he spoke further. "I know I am supposed to ease my mind, but I can not when what happened is plaguing my thoughts. It would certainly bring me peace if you could tell me what you know Seijin." After swallowing down another cup of sake, Seijin placed his saucer and the bottle back on the table and slumped backwards, laying on the pillows. His head turned to the right, gazing at Tenjinsai whilst imparting wisdom unto him.

"You have just recently learned the secrets of Bankai. Tenjinsai, is it truly startling that you have not mastered it and learned its secrets in and out?" The spirit slowly pulled himself upward, his right arm extending outward and landing atop the young shinigami's head, ruffling his hair. "You have a great wealth of power inside of you, but you need to further cultivate it. It is exactly because of the fact that you have amassed such enormous power in a short time that you do not know how to properly wield it. You are still young Tenjinsai, a fledgling shinigami that has been gifted with incredulous potential." Seijin removed his hand from his masters head, reaching out for the bottle of liquor once more while smiling warmly. He held the bottle up, gesturing to Tenjinsai to offer him another drink. Tenjinsai sighed lightly and then shrugged, picking up his cup and reaching outward for it to be filled.

Once filled, the young shinigami went to drink it but was stopped prematurely by Seijin. "One moment." The spirit filled up his own cup shortly after, placed the bottle back on the table, and then extended his cup out toward Tenjinsai. "I suggest a toast to the future. The future that you have created for yourself, and the Soul Society. I am more proud of you then you can ever imagine Tenjinsai. I know there is much more to come in the future for you and am simply happy to be able to assist you on the way." Tenjinsai held his own cup up, and tapped it lightly against Seijin's cup. "To the future." The pair then downed the sake and released exasperated breaths after finishing the drink. He then placed his saucer back down at his side before collapsing on the pile of pillows himself. "I only now think about how little we have actually known one another for.

Though I realize you have always been there, we had not spoken until recently. Despite that, you have supported me at every turn and given me your all when I needed it. I am truly fortunate to have been granted a companion such as you."

Tenjinsai Bushinji

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