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Regarding Skills In Combat

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Regarding Skills In Combat

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:10 pm

So, with the addition of the Skill system there has been some some confusion regarding how to incorporate or recognize some of these abilities in combat. Namely, if an individual is fighting against someone of a different race, how they would gauge their own ability against the opponents. In general, if you possess a greater ability in a particular art versus your opponent, you will be superior against them in that particular type of fighting.

E.G: If you have a 3 in Weapons - Swords, and you are fighting against someone who has a 2 in Weapons - Swords, you are clearly the more proficient swordsman. In battle you will be more able in combating the enemy. This can even assist you in overcoming a stat difference. Of course this does not mean if there is a 30 point strength gap between you and an enemy you will just magically be as strong as them, no. This will assist you in bridging the gap, not always overcoming it.

Now, lets say you are fighting against someone who uses a different weapon or fighting style then you, same rule applies. Between two perfectly matched individual in the stats, the one with the greater mastery over their art is always going to come out on top. That very principle is evident even in real life when you see these giant, muscle bound fighters try to take on an actual master of their respective martial art that may be smaller, older, etc etc. They tend to get their ass kicked.

Now there are specific martial arts that are attributed to racial abilities. For Shinigami, Hakuda is their hand to hand martial art and their techniques revolve around it. Some races have multiple martial arts like One Piece. They have Black Leg, Diable Jambe(An offshoot of Black Leg), Rokushiki, etc etc. The important thing here is though, these skills counteract each other in combat. So if someone using Rokushiki is fighting someone using Hakuda, they are both using hand to hand combat. The difference there in is going to be how talented they are in its application. Again, the more proficient user is going to have an edge if they are equal in Strength and Speed.

Put simply, Weapons correlate to Weapons, Martial Arts correlate to Martial Arts, etc etc. Street Fighting is the only real exception to the rule, in a way. It still correlates against Martial Arts, but someone who has mastered an art will be more able to fight against someone who uses Street Fighting.

Now a lot of this, specifically in the combat department, puts a lot of power into your hands as being Roleplayers. These skills are present to primarily take the weight of the entire combat system from the Stats and shift some of it into the actual abilities and talents of your character. It is still obviously heavily focused on Stats, I would say a 70/30 cut between the two, but it gives you some room to breath. Now with that being said, approach what you can do reasonably. If you have a 4 in Footwork and your opponent has a 1, but they have 50 more speed then you, they are still going to be a lot faster. It doesn't automatically mean that you can just dance your way around their speed, it just helps to bridge the gap a bit.

So as I always say, be realistic and reasonable so that the system does not get abused. This lets you do more then just a single number dictating what you are capable of. I do not want to have to take it away or change it.
Tenjinsai Bushinji
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