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Holder Magic

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Holder Magic Empty Holder Magic

Post by Shinoji on Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:47 pm

Holder Magic:

Basically as most people know already as there is a lot of different magic in the universe of Fairy Tail. Well here I am going to list off the many different Holder Magic types that you may chose from for 1 of your 6 types of magic. Here we go. To learn the magic 1,500wc to master then each individual spell you must do 500wc.

Air Magic:

-Aerial: The user creates a dome, lowering the oxygen within the affected area and as a result, suffocating all inside due to the lack of oxygen in the environment; as the pressure has been altered inside the dome, those within it experience a sharp pain in their ears.

- Aerial Shot: The user swipes their hand and levitates nearby rocks, which are then shot at the target in question.

- Aerial Levitation: The user creates a soft whirlwind under the target, which allows them to descend slowly. In the anime, the spell is portrayed differently with the user creating an air bubble around the target, allowing them to descend slowly.

- Aerial Phose: After swinging both of their hands in a circular motion around their body, the user pulls their target towards them, before enveloping them in a sphere like cyclone to inflict damage as well as destroy any surrounding obstacles.

- Mist Body: The user transforms their body into mist allowing them to roam around freely at high speed and teleport. While in this state, all physical and magical attacks are negated.

Angel Magic:
- Barakiel: Through the use of three Angel Coins, a cost of 30, the user summons forth Barakiel, a white angel that possesses three heads, two large wings and two large arms. Barakiel seems to have the ability to fill the area with destructive light.

- Hammer Angel: Through the use of two Angel Coins, a cost of 20, the user summons forth an angel with the appearance of a tall, muscular, four-armed man with a beard and a pair of wings. It wears a fur-like toga and holds a huge golden hammer, wielded in its two right arms.

- Shamsiel: Through the use of four Angel Coins, a cost of 40, the user summons forth Shamsiel, the angel of sunlight, a giant stone-like, winged cherub with a pompadour hair-style that contains two mysterious pigs in pink lamb suits that shoot light energy. The angel has hairy legs, a hairy chest, broken-lined eyebrows, no pupils or irises, and a pig's tail.

- Raguel: Through the use of 10 Angel Coins, a cost of 100, the user summons forth Raguel, "The Angel who Blows the Horn at the End of the World." Raguel is a white angel that possesses two giant pairs of wings, and four long, four-fingered arms. Raguel's legs are similar to the legs of a hooved animal, and it possesses one large, eel-like tail and two longer, thinner tails on either side, with what appear to be small oval fins at the end. Raguel also has two wing tattoos on its collar bone, like Barakiel and Angel. Raguel has many heads, five in front, two in back, each holding a veined horn with an arm of its own. Two large columns of hair rise upwards from between the top two heads and then curl downward. An additional curl at the top loops in the shape of a halo, just like the one on Angel's head.

- Angel's Messenger: The user summons a group of small angels that has a round appearance with wing-like tails and a mouth full of sharp teeth that charges towards the target in order to devour them by lumping on each other to form their selves in round shape that acts as a prison, trapping the target inside.

- Punching Angel: The user summons a gargantuan-sized angel that has a muscular mass, which doesn't have a face and a lower body and is seemingly composed of feathers, that punches the target with a great force. In the anime, the summoned angel is larger-sized Angel's Messenger that tackles the target.


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