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Devil, God & Dragon Slayer Magic

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Devil, God & Dragon Slayer Magic

Post by Shinoji on Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:28 pm

Slayer Magic:

The many forms of slayer magic are powerful magic that is useful and sometimes dangerous. All three types of slayer magic are capable of being learned, but some are harder to acquire then others. Only one can be chosen, and if the requirements are gained, their power will be at your finger tips.

Just as magic has an elemental attributed to it, your slayer magic will also have a magic attached to it. This magic type will be, in essence, your specialty or favored element. In that light, that element will be unlocked for your character upon creation. You will still have to expend the WC to learn the individual spells, but the 1,500 to learn how to use that type of magic will not be required.

Element Quality:

In the Fairy Tail Universe you will see a large variety of magics, several of which have to do with the natural elements. Element Quality is a concept that relates heavily to Slayer Mages as each one has an element which exceeds the norm, and can devour the same element type of their magic to refuel their energy. Generally, most magic belong to the same level of quality and only exceed that in rare cases. Slayer magic on the other hand is at least one level higher than normal. One step above the standard level are the Dragon and Devil Slayer Magic Users. These two can be considered equal, and if by chance they encounter one another and battle they will be equally matched. A step above them, and generally the peak of quality exists the God Slayers. Under normal circumstances it is basically impossible for a Dragon or Devil Slayer to match up against a God Slayer element wise. They essentially achieve total immunity against all variety of their element.

A unique way that has been displayed for a Dragon Slayer to devour a God Slayer's element is to empty their energy and make a vessel for the higher quality flame to be devoured and used. Anyone who uses this method, be aware that the amount you devour is the amount that you get. If you devour one attack, then you will only be able to return one attack as well.

Despite the near immunity the higher element quality grants Slayers, if an attack is two tiers of energy higher it will exceed the tolerance of the Slayer making them unable to devour it. Against another RP'er from a separate universe the quality of the elements unless stated otherwise should be considered equal.

Devil Slayer

What is it:

Devil Slayer Magic originates from the desire to destroy the Demons created by Zeref the Black Mage. The exact origin of the magic remain unknown, however it is speculated to take the concepts of Dragon Slaying magic which turn the user into something similar to that which they wish to slay. This led to the decision to introduce the Demon factor into the human body. This gave birth to Devil Slayers, also known as Exorcist Mages, are people who utilize Devil Slayer Magic. A common trait among Slayers is that they have almost total immunity to their own element, and devour it to replenish strength. Due to the volatile nature of the Demon factor Markings and other changes appear on the mages who wield this type of magic, however they are known to be able to manipulate their appear to hide these features. In certain cases these markings provide the Devil Slayer with a heightened resistance to a large variety of curses. A fact worth noting is that after becoming a Devil Slayer the mage will then be able to almost instantaneously analyze the body composition of Demons by merely looking at them. This magic is considered a lost magic due to the fact that under normal circumstances the Demon Factor eats away at the sanity of the user due to the source of the magic is corrupted.

How can we become a Devil Slayer and gain their magic?:

It can be chosen at the creation of your character and will essentially be the primary projection of your character's power, or you can choose to earn this power later on. You will continue to develop and grow your powers as you build your character in the world through their experiences.

Demon Factor: This is the most important aspect of a Devil Slayer as it is what transforms their body and magic. The origin of the Demon Factor is naturally the Demons which Zeref created. By forcefully adding this to the body a Devil Slayer is born. It is possible for one to actively seek the Demon Factor to become a Devil Slayer.

Path 1 - Defeat a Demon or Devil Slayer in battle and claim the Demon Factor for yourself. Requires 4,500 WC dedicated to the fight and must be judged by a Mod. Strength of Demon will be decided by a Mod.

Path 2 - Pass a 25% Randomizer for the chance that the Devil Slayer will simply pass on his Demon Factor to you. Requires 1,250 WC obtaining/understanding the changes if this test is passed. If it is failed combat will be required as stated above.  

The Stages of Strength:

1st Phase Devil Slayer: Requires 10,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 500 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +3,000 and +3 to all stats.

2nd Phase Devil Slayer: Requires 30,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 1,000 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +5,000 and +5 to all stats.

3rd Phase Devil Slayer: Requires 45,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 1,500 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +8,000 and +8 to all stats.

Final Phase Devil Slayer: Requires 60,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 2,000 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +12,000 and +12 to all stats.


Exorcist: Through sheer willpower you tame the Demon Factor within your body and a unique method to channel it to achieve a heightened state to face stronger foes. By achieving this state you are able to maintain your sanity, as well as perfectly control the demon factor throughout your body.
-Unlocks after Final Phase Devil Slayer. Requires 3,000 WC to learn. +5,000 Magic Power and +5 to all stats for a duration of 5 posts.  

Randomized Test(s):

Curse Resistance (15% chance to pass randomized test.): Passing this test grants those who use Devil Slayer Magic a resistance against curses and their debilitating effects.
- Benefits: Reduces effects of any debuffs on your character by 50%. Reduction does not effect debuff from power difference between combatants.

True Devil (15% chance to pass randomized test.): By allowing the Demon factor to spread through your body freely, giving into it entirely, you have walked the dangerous path towards becoming that which you wished to slay. There are only two options left to you at this point. Do you become the nightmare of all Demons, a true devil? Or, will you lose yourself and become a demon that thrives on destruction and power?
-Requires Final Phase Devil Slayer. Requires 3,500 WC to learn. Replaces previous releases +18,000 Magic Power and +18 to all stats. Grants 2 additional technique slots.
-Failure: Failure means that you are now that which you intended to slay. You will lose your past self and become a demon which lives for a dead man. Your nature will be controlled by desire, and your strength will have degraded. In this state your release will give you 6 technique slots, +8,000 Curse Power, and +8 to all stats. All magic besides your Devil Slayer magic will be forgotten, while the Devil Slayer magic will become a curse.

God Slayer:

What is it:

God Slayers are humans that utilize God Slayer Magic. This type of magic was uniquely created by humans in an attempt to overcome the gods. Due to the exclusive intent it is speculated that the origin of the blackened color of their element is meant to be in direct opposition of "Divinity" generally associated with the color white. They, like Dragon Slayers and Devil Slayers, have the ability to eat their own element; doing so rejuvenates them. Unlike Dragon Slayers and Devil Slayers, a God Slayer isn't able to directly change their physique into something similar to that which their magic is intended to slay. Their physique is naturally strengthened, but they remain entirely human. In return they obtain a higher quality version of their element that under normal circumstances exceeds all others.

How can we become a God Slayer and gain their magic?:

One can choose to become a god slayer at the creation of their character after passing the required randomized test. Once successfully passing the test your character will use their god slayer magic as the main projection of their power as they develop through their experiences.

The Stages of Strength:

Beginner God Slayer: Requires 10,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 500 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +4,000 and +4 to all stats.

Apprentice God Slayer: Requires 35,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 1,000 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +9,000 and +9 to all stats.

Master God Slayer: Requires 60,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 3,000 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +16,000 and +16 to all stats.


Will of The Defier: This is a state that all who utilize God Slayer magic can attempt to touch upon, and eventually master. This can be considered the pinnacle state that is entered solely by an overwhelming will to defy your fellow men, the world, and even the gods. The reason such a state came into existence was due to the desire to challenge and slay the gods, which also means that one must be willing to defy to truly harness the essence of God Slaying magic.

Unskilled: Unlocks at 35,000 Magic Power. 1,500 WC to achieve this state. +3,000 Magic Power and +3 to all stats for a duration of 4 posts.

Mastered: Unlocks at 70,000 Magic Power. 3,000 WC to achieve this state. + 6,000 Magic Power and +6 to all stats for a duration of 8 posts.

What if I kill a God?:

The appearance of a god in any of the universes is rare, almost to the point of impossibility, however if you do manage to somehow kill a God (Another RP’er or Mod controlled only.) at that point you will have achieved the Will of The Defier earning the temporary release as a permanent boost to the God Slayer release. For those brave God Slayers, keep in mind that even if a God appears that God won’t be weak.

Randomized Test(s):

Transcendent (5% chance to pass randomized test.): In this world exist unique people who seem to be born to wield a specific magic, and that’s precisely what it means to be transcendent. You are a rare individual born with an affinity for God Slaying magic. Your element is uniquely powerful, surpassing what is normally seen among God Slayers.
-Benefits: Unique quality to element which not even another God Slayer of the same element could devour. An additional 4 technique Slots. Half cost to learn Will of The Defier.

Dragon Slayer

What is it:

This magic was created and passed down by Dragons for the sake of allowing humans to overcome other Dragons. This created Dragon Slayers which are a unique type of people who utilize Dragon Slayer Magic. Each Dragon Slayer has their own form of Magic, just like each Dragon is a master of their own element. In addition, they also have the ability to consume the element which they wield, just as long as it is not created from their own Magic. Doing so rejuvenates them and enhances their abilities. Dragon Slayers are known to possess keener senses than those of normal humans such as in smell, sight and hearing, as well as distinctive characteristics and features such as slitted pupils and noticeably sharper teeth.

Due to the great drawback of forced Dragonification most of the Dragon Slayers of the past were lost, however as time progressed this was naturally overcome by humans as well as the Dragons who created the magic. It is still possible to proceed down that path, however it is in the control of the user. One unique aspect of this magic is that by devouring a Dragon the user will be able to strength his magic. One strange drawback of this magic is that under normal circumstances most Dragon Slayers begin to experience severe motion sickness as they get stronger.


Which Generation you choose will permanently decide some aspects of your character growth, so choose wisely.

First Generation Dragon Slayer: These are the original Dragon Slayers directly taught by dragons, and their techniques are the ones that most closely resemble a Dragon’s. Their primary weapon is their body which is enhanced by their magic over a long period of time generally having been taught during their early childhood.
-5% higher chance of passing Dragonification randomizer.
-Can master Dragon Force

Second Generation Dragon Slayer: These Dragon Slayers are the product of later attempts to recreate the lost Dragon Slayer techniques. The key component is utilizing a rare Dragon Lacrima implanted into the body of a person. This allows the person implanted to actively use Dragon Slayer Magic. Between the first and third generation it seems slightly lackluster, however the second generation has the most unique freedom to grow their power.
-Gains access to basic Dragon Slayer magic. No Dragon Force or Dragonification.
-Able to still create custom Lost Magic of the same element.

Third Generation Dragon Slayer: These are Dragon Slayers who are a hybrid between the the first two generations. They are taught similar to a First Generation, but also have a Dragon Lacrima implanted. As a result of the combination the unique state of Elemental Drive is available only to this generation of Dragon Slayer, while among all of the generations the Third can most easily enter and master Dragon Force.
-Elemental Drive: Due to the Dragon Lacrima complimenting the Dragon Slayer magic it is possible to gain heightened powers for a period of time. Stacks with Dragon Slayer Release, does not stack with Dragon Force or Dragonification. Increases +3,000 Magic and +3 to all stats for a duration of eight posts.
-Can master Dragon Force With 2,500 WC as a Beginner Dragon Slayer.

Fourth Generation Dragon Slayer: These are unique Dragon Slayers that can be called humanoid puppets created for the sole purpose of killing Dragons. Rather than focus on Dragon Slayer magic, they are a dragon slaying weapon controlled by puppeteers. The drawback is that despite being able to kill a dragon the strength of the puppet heavily relies on the user being weaker than the user despite able to be effective against dragons.
-Grants magic channeled through it the Dragon Slaying Property.
-Serves as a ‘second’ character that can be controlled in one post at 80% of the controlling character’s strength.
- Able to still create a Lost Magic to accompany the puppet.

Fifth Generation Dragon Slayer: The strength of Dragon Slayers grow as they kill Dragons, this is a commonly known fact. The Fifth Generation take that a step further, devouring the dragon that they kill. Similar to the First and Third Generation they were taught by Dragons, however once they finished learning their magic they turned on the Dragon which taught them. After defeating the Dragon this generation would devour it earning the title “Dragon Eater”.
- 5% lower chance to pass Dragonification Randomizers
- Can Master Dragon Force with 3,750 WC
- Due to Devouring a Dragon, Dragon Force for Dragon Eaters is strengthened slightly. +8,000 Magic and +8 to all stats for five posts.

Dragon Eater: This is the nickname of the Fifth Generation, but in general it refers to the fact that a Dragon Slayer has devoured a Dragon. The Fifth Generation are Dragon Slayers who devoured the Dragon who trained them, this leads to a greater difficulty in controlling their Dragonification. If another Generation of Dragon Slayer was to devour a Dragon then they would obtain some benefits. (Dragons are naturally very strong, so aside from the naturally starting as a Dragon Eater you won’t be able to devour a Dragon until you are much Stronger in a battle of 3,000 WC judged by a Mod.)

- Dragon Eaters: Devouring a Dragon of a different element will unlock that element for the Dragon Slayer Magic.

- Results of other Generations Devouring their first Dragon
First Generation: Strengthens Dragon Force
Second Generation: Unlocks Dragon Force
Third Generation: Strengthens Elemental Drive and Dragon Force
Fourth Generation: Can’t Devour due to being a puppet

How can we become a Dragon Slayer and gain their magic?:

One can become a dragon slayer by choosing that route upon the creation of their character or earning a Dragon Lacrima afterwards. The magic will be the primary form of your character projecting their powers and can be develop through your experiences.

Dragon Lacrima: In the world exist rare lacrima that are heavily affected by the energy released by dragons. These lacrima possess a unique dragon factor that allows someone implanted with it to forcefully change their body and element into that of a Dragon Slayer. It can also be used to strengthen a Dragon Slayer.
- Can be gained through story progression. Requires 12,500 Story Arc (Judged by a Moderator) to gain.

The Stages of Strength:

Beginner Dragon Slayer: 10,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 500 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +3,000 and +3 to all stats.

Apprentice Dragon Slayer: Requires 35,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 1,000 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +7,000 and +7 to all stats.

Master Dragon Slayer: Requires 60,000 Magic to Acquire. Requires 3,000 WC to learn. Increases Magic by +12,000 and +12 to all stats.


Dragon Force: This is the peak state of a Dragon Slayer. It allows the one which enters this state to greatly enhance their body and magic damage to the point which is closest to a dragon for them yet still human. For the various generations there will be some variation between their state of Dragon Force and the ease at which they can enter it if they can enter it at all.
-Requires Apprentice Dragon Slayer. Requires 5,000 WC to learn. Stacks with Dragon Slayer Release, does not stack with Dragonification. Increases +6,000 Magic and +6 to all stats for a duration of five posts.  

Randomized test(s):

Those who follow the path of the Dragon Slayer are prone to bouts of dragonification, or transforming their physical body into a more draconic form. As one continues to grow and master their power they can gain greater control over these transformations as well as controlling a more draconic form until one can fully transform into a dragon. This process however has its own risks and one can lose hold of their sanity and humanity. One can potentially permanently become a dragon if they fail to properly control their form and lose hold of their mind. Great power awaits to those who master it, but great risk lies within as well.

Dragon Seed: The greatest drawback of Dragon Slayer magic is the seed that is created by continuous and long term usage of the Magic. As the seed takes root and sprouts in the body of the user the body will gradually change and transform into a Dragon. The generations with the greatest control over this fact are the first and third due to interference of the Dragon which taught them creating antibodies to control it.

Time Lapse: Between each level of dragonification the individual has to wait one IRL (In Real Life) week or seven days in addition to the Magic requirements to get the next form level.

1st Form: Requires 35,000 Magic. Requires 1,000 WC to learn. Stacks with Dragon Slayer release and increases Magic by +3,000 and +3 to all stats. Lasts for 3 posts. Grants 2 additional technique slots total. 65% chance to pass test.

2nd Form: Requires 55,000 Magic. Requires 1,500 WC to learn. Stacks with Dragon Slayer release and increases Magic by +5,000 and +5 to all stats. Lasts for 5 posts. Grants 2 additional technique slots total. 40% chance to pass test.

Full Form: Requires 75,000 Magic. Requires 3,000 WC to learn. Stacks with Dragon Slayer release and increases Magic by +8,000 and +8 to all stats. Lasts for 8 posts. Grants 2 additional technique slots total. 20% chance to pass test.

Failure: Those who fail to retain control of their form will permanently be transformed into a dragon. Their humanity will be gone forever and they will be reduced to a semi-intelligent beast that is a shadow of their former selves. They will lose access to their form Dragon Slayer magic and be reduced to using a broken and incomplete form of their previous power. This release will give you 6 technique slots, +8,000 to Magic, and +8 to all stats when in use. It requires 45,000 Magic to use and 2,500 WC to achieve.

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