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Character Skills

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Character Skills

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:29 am

Below is a list of many different abilities or traits your character can pick up and improve on over time. They will help in defining your character in their development and determining where their true talents lie in addition to their statistical strengths. Many of these abilities will give your character a natural advantage in terms of observation, critical thinking, and strategy on and off the battlefield. Some of these will even assist your character in the more direct area of combats as far as how efficient they may be with a weapon, how dexterous their movements are, as well as how adept they are at wielding their energy. Build your character properly and do not squander the potential they can have; there are only some many things that you can learn.

Practitioner- 10,000 Power - Tier 1
Combatant- 30,000 Power - Tier 2
Expert- 55,000 Power - Tier 3
Master- 85,000 Power - Tier 4

70 Skill Points Maximum
Start with 10 SP (Skill Points) and gain additional as your power increases.
Skill Point Distribution:
These are the number of points you get once you reach a threshold for your power. You obviously start with 10 as previously stated and will earn more as you progress. At your peak, at 130k, you will have a total of 70 Skill Points. Use them wisely.
5k- 10
10k- 12
15k- 14
20k- 16
25k- 20
30k- 22
35k- 24
40k- 26
45k- 28
50k- 32
55k- 34
60k- 36
65k- 38
70k- 40
75k- 44
80k- 46
85k- 48
90k- 50
95k- 52
100k- 56
105k- 58
110k- 60
115k- 62
120k- 64
125k- 66
130k- 70
Maximum of 3 Level 4 Skills.
Tier 1 Skills - 1 Point Spent
Tier 2 Skills - 1 Point Spent
Tier 3 Skills - 2 Points Spent
Tier 4 Skills - 3 Points Spent

To simplify, to get an ability all the way to Tier 4 one must spend 7 skill points total.

Weapons, Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Energy Proficiency, and Footwork abilities are the most direct combat aides. They can help individuals overcome a gap in stats with raw talent and ability.

E.G: If two people fight and it is 150 Strength vs 120 Strength, they are fighting with, lets say swords, and the person with 150 Strength has a 1 in Weapons - Swords and the other has a 3 in Weapons - Sword, it will even the odds up a bit because while weaker, the other combatant is better with a blade and will be able to execute better technique in battle.

Of course other stats and abilities will come into play, but this is an example of how these stats can aid you if you find yourself at a stat deficit.

Last but not least, you have the ability to learn as many, abilities, as you desire providing you have the Skill Points for them. If you want to learn every single ability and have a 2 in all of them, that is something you can do. If you want to be more specialized and have only a handful of skills but very proficient in them, you can also do that. It is entirely up to you what you do with these points.


Memory - This is how well your character can remember things. They can recall events in their lives or bits of information they have amassed across their lifetime, but they do so more quickly and accurately. Higher points in this Skill allow you to recover faster from abilities that tamper with the memory and mind. At 1, you're considered slightly above average. A 2 means you can remember things with little effort. A 3 means you can recover quickly from mental abilities. A 4 means you can recover from mental abilities and have an eidetic memory.

Analyzing - This is how well your character can analyze. This is a strategic Skill used for the analysis of events, history, circumstance, and certain aspects of combat. Your character can moderately or quickly analyze things they see, information they read, and data. They notice patterns and decipher codes and puzzles. Motives and people can also be analyzed, as well as opponents' weaknesses. At 1 point, you're considered slightly above average. A 2 means you're highly observant and have an easier time reading others. A 3 means you're similar to a strategist for the army and can read people like an open book. A 4 is comparable to Sherlock Holmes.

Lack of Fear - Your character can either ignore fear or does not feel it at all depending on how many points are given. A 1 means you can ignore things that are mildly scary, like thriller movies. A 2 means you may be able to resist fear, but if you are exposed to it repeatedly, it may overwhelm you. A 3 means you can completely ignore any fears, including your own. A 4 means you feel no fear at all, no matter what.

Imitation - Your character is able to copy others' mannerisms, penmanship, general movements, and practically anything else. A 1 means you can copy someone with mild accuracy. A 2 means you're fairly skilled at copying people. A 3 means you can copy even their voice. A 4 means you can copy anything they do with full accuracy. To temporarily copy a fighting style, you must have a matching value in a battle skill. For example, you cannot copy someone's sword abilities if they have a 3 in that Skill when you do not.

Learning - You are quick to figure out problems, such as how to solve puzzles and tricks. You are able to retain information you have gained over long periods of time and use it to make new progress with your knowledge. You also typically know more about which spells do what and which abilities belong to certain races. A 1 means you're slightly above average. A 2 means you're at the level of a doctoral student. A 3 means you can learn spells and abilities very easily. A 4 means you can learn how to do anything without fail, provided it belongs to your respective race. (Gives 5, 10, 15, or 20% reduction in WC based on level of skill. This applies to all WC requirements with the exception of weekly power gains.)

Illusion Resist - You can identify illusions and hallucinations that you are subjected to and resist the effects or see through them. A 1 means you can identify illusions and make guesstimations about what reality is. A 2 allows you to identify illusions and see through weaker ones. A 3 means you can see through average illusions and break weaker ones. You can also identify the meaning to illusions and how to reach their end. A 4 means you are immune to all weaker and average illusions, but stronger ones still affect you. You cannot break those.

Strength of Will - This is used to resist giving in. You can overpower illusions, drugs, and overcome aversions to pain, hardship, trauma, and fear. You can basically just scream and power through to reach your goal. A 1 allows you to resist temptations. A 2 means you can resist drug and alcohol effects and overcome mild pain. A 3 means you can resist torture and power through pain. A 4 means you become somewhat of a mindless person who ignores everything around them if it means accomplishing their goal, but you will suffer from your wounds afterwards.


Weapons - Most weapon-related non-Release techniques may require a certain Skill Point amount, as well as different fighting styles. Ones proficiency would be determined as "Weapons - Swords (Number)" and it would effect that specific weapon type. Having more specificity can provide an advantage over a broad ability. Someone with a 4 in "Swords" fighting against someone with a 4 in "Katana" would have more versatility but is also at a disadvantage fighting an opponent with a specific weapon talent. A 1 would mean you can use them adequately, as if you've been training for a year or so. A 2 means you've trained for about five years. A 3 means you've achieved a great mastery and have been training for decades. A 4 means you can do almost impossible movements with your weapons with great success.

Martial Arts - This Skill works the same way as Weapons. Its point values apply the same way as Weapons. This Skill can also be used for the already existing fighting types. If you put points in this Skill, you must specify what kind of martial art. You cannot put it as a general thing and have it apply to all types.

Battle Analysis - This is used to analyze combat specifics. When someone has this Skill, they can quickly evaluate what is happening and respond accordingly. This includes gauging what kind of technique was used and how to best avoid it logically. A 1 means you're standard. A 2 means you have a good grasp on battle analytics and can hold your own exceptionally well. A 3 means you are familiar with virtually any technique. A 4 means you are familiar with every technique and can come up with unique ways to avoid them, so long as your Stats allow for it.

War Strategy - Support Types would benefit the most from this Skill. It is a super enhanced version of Battle Analysis, and it allows the user to figure out the best course of action simply from vague clues. Despite being more powerful than Battle Analysis, it can only be used from an objective, standstill point of view. It cannot be used in the middle of combat, so you can't be fighting if you wish to use it.

Street Fighting - This works in the same way that Weapons and Martial Arts do. It does not need any specification since it is its own subject. The same point values are applied. This kind of fighting is strictly improvisation and has basic, untrained movements. Due to that fact, a 3 in Martial Arts versus a 3 in Street Fighting would have the Martial Artist at a slight advantage.

Pain Tolerance - This is how well you tolerate pain. It only applies to physical pain, not emotional. A 1 means you can tolerate it enough to keep fighting despite minor wounds like cuts or second degree burns. A 2 means third degree burns and basic slash wounds can be fought through. A 3 means you can ignore the pain of many attacks completely, including strong ones. You can even resist severe torture methods, but extreme ones will break this Skill. A 4 means you can power through any kind of pain so long as they are not extreme torture methods. This does not mean the wounds don't affect you, but simply that the pain they come with can be ignored.

Bleeding Tolerance - You can fight despite heavy bleeding. You are able to stay in combat longer with less dizziness and continued sharpness regardless of profuse bleeding. A 1 means you can withstand bleeding from minor scrapes and deep cuts. A 2 means you can withstand bleeding from deeper gashes to the arms and torso. A 3 means you can withstand losing a limb, but only one. A 4 means you can withstand losing two limbs and power through it. You will eventually succumb to your injuries, though.

Battle Focus - This allows the user to hone in on their enemy for advanced focusing. In a chaotic situation, those with this Skill can still recognize their enemy, actions they take, and how to combat them. Little distractions do not confuse the user. A 1 means you can resist small distractions and remain focused. A 2 means you can focus on every aspect of your enemy, such as steps and breathing. A 3 means you can find your enemies through illusions, invisibility, cloaking, and anything similar. A 4 means you are immune to weaker illusions so long as you remain focused on your enemy.


Poison Resist - This Skill is not a poison immunity, but rather, a resistance to poison and its effects. Some poison techniques may specify how they are affected by Poison Resist, and it may apply differently than this Skill describes. A 1 means poison effects take double the length of time to kill you, but symptoms will appear normally. A 2 means it takes three times as long to kill you and twice as long for symptoms to appear. A 3 means it will take five times as long for you to die, but you will know you've been poisoned. No symptoms will appear. A 4 means it will take eight times as long to kill you, and no symptoms will appear.

Energy Proficiency- This skill determines an individuals ability to effectively wield learned energy techniques. It does not set the strength of the technique, but simply the skill of which it is wielded and the proficiency of the person using it. A 1 would allow an individual to learn most basic energy based racial techniques. A 2 means most moderate energy based racial techniques can be learned. A 3 means all energy based racial techniques can be learned by the user. A 4 means all energy based racial techniques can be learned at an accelerated rate. (10% reduction in WC requirement.)

Damage Recovery - You will be able to recover from pain, wounds, and damage more easily. You heal faster and regain composure more quickly, and your overall resilience is higher. A 1 means you can recover from minor damages faster. A 2 means you can recover from mild damage, such as gashes and stab wounds, more quickly. A 3 means you can heal from deep cuts and gashes more quickly and recover from minor bodily trauma. A 4 means you can recover from extreme damages (not including limb loss) quickly and push through the pain. (This is for post battle recovery, not during battle.)

Sports - You are inherently good at sports. You pick up the motions and are good at learning them quickly. You can also apply them to many different situations. A 1 means you have the skills of an athlete. A 2 means you have the skills of an Olympian. A 3 means you can use these skills in battle rather diversely. A 4 means you can use them in battle without much trouble and can intertwine these skills with your fighting abilities.

Heat/Cold Tolerance - You can tolerate different extremes of weather. You are able to deal with obnoxiously low temperatures and entirely-too-high temperatures. They are still felt, but you can cope. You can only have one Skill or the other, never both. A 1 means you can mildly deal with extreme temperatures for a short time. A 2 means you can handle them twice as long. A 3 means you can handle them five times as long. A 4 means you can handle them ten times as long.

Focused Eye - You can visualize and focus on a single entity with flawless perfection. No other distractions will bother you. You can ignore all other stimulus and only focus on your target. You can still be clumsy since you ignore everything else around you, so bumping into things or missing out on other attacks is possible. A 1 means you can focus on your target fairly easily, but large explosions or loud things may distract you. A 2 means you can block out most other stimuli, such as loud noises. A 3 means you can focus on your target perfectly and ignore every other stimuli around you without fail, but you'll be horribly clumsy. A 4 grants all of this and makes you totally immune to illusions as long as you are focused on your target.

Stealth - You are good at being stealthy, escaping, disappearing, and remaining unnoticed so long as you are not Released or charging your power. A 1 means you're quiet and can sneak around well. A 2 means you can blend into shadows and crowds with ease and disappear without a trace. A 3 means you can be virtually unnoticeable and seemingly materialize out of the shadows. A 4 means you are completely unfindable unless you Release or charge Energy. You cannot use Stealth randomly. You must be able to hide within reason. If those with high ES wish to detect you, they must have the appropriate Skills needed to do so. (Can be sensed by those with ES equal to level of Stealth. A level 4 can be detected by a 4 in ES if they also have a 2 in Anti-Stealth. To be physically found one must also possess a level of Anti-Stealth equal to the persons stealth.)

Anti-Stealth - This Skill allows you to notice those with Stealth regardless of precautions. Cloaking does not work against this Skill. So long as the points match up to the person who has Stealth, you will be able to find them. For example, a 3 in Anti-Stealth can find someone with a 3 in Stealth. The only exception is that a 4 in Anti-Stealth can only find a 4 in Stealth if they also have at least a 2 in Energy Focus.

Footwork - You are good at moving well, showing a high dexterity in your movements. A 1 means you move well, being more dexterous then your average person. A 2 is someone who has trained for several years and can move on their feet similar to a trained fighter. A 3 would mean you are able to dance circles around other people that lack the proper footwork or speed. A 4 would be the pinnacle of a fighter or dancer, their moves being precise, swift, and incredibly nimble.

Energy Sensing- The ability to sense the different varieties of energy and discern their specific strength and the specific type they are. It will also allow one to even pinpoint a location of the individual releasing the energy anywhere from a few hundred feet up to the exact location at the higher levels. A 1 means you can sense energy from a small distance away and recognize energy that is the same type as your own. A 2 allows you to sense energy at a medium distance and discern the different types of energy from your own. A 3 will allow one to sense energy from a large distance, locate the target to a one hundred meter radius, discern the type of energy, and broadly determine the quality/quantity of said energy if they are not of your race. A 4 will allow one to sense energy at a large distance, locate the target to a few feet, discern the type of energy, and closely determine the quality/quantity of said energy if they are not of your race. The only exception to this is if the person being located is engaged in stealth while being sensed. It will disrupt the degree of accuracy and require higher levels of anti-stealth to physically find the individual after locating their general location.


Lock Picking - You can pick physical locks and disarm locking mechanisms. It does not apply to combinations dials or anything similar. The more points you have, the less time it takes to pick the lock.

Crafting/Forging - You are good at building, creating, fixing, and crafting things. A 1 means you can smelt weapons or craft armor. A 2 means you can make structures. A 3 means you can engineer machines. A 4 means you can create anything so long as you have the materials and means to do so. This Skill is a requirement for crafting custom weapons.

Charisma/Leadership - You are good at leading and getting people to like you by using your boundless energy. You can inspire others and gain their trust. The more points you have, the wider a range of people you can affect. A 4 means you can even convince evil people or those of other factions to join you without much of an issue.

Hacking - You can hack into electronics, such as breaking into databases, opening electronic locks, disabling devices, or anything similar. You can even mess with wires. The more points you have, the less time it takes for you to hack.

Stealing - You can steal without being noticed. You can pick-pocket and take objects easy, but your escape is not easier. If you plan on stealing, another Skill like Stealth or Disguise would be necessary. The higher the points, the less likely you are to be noticed.

Acting - You can act or lie very well. You can fool others either through pretending to be something or someone else, or even alter your tone. A liar can be convincing. A 1 means they are on par with a movie actor. A 2 means their lies are highly believable. A 3 means they are almost completely believable without much issue or doubt. Anyone can see through someone with up to a 3 in Acting so long as they have a 4 in Analyzing. If you have a 4 in Acting, a 4 in Analyzing will not help you unless you have at least a 1 in Focused Eye.

Disguise - You can quickly change and disguise yourself very convincingly. You can change your appearance any way you want. The more points you have, the more convincing it is. The same rules apply for this Skill as they do for Acting, meaning some cases require additional Skills.

Interrogation - You are able to interrogate people. A 1 means you can usually get enough information to make educated guesses. A 2 means you can gather even more information, but they won't tell you everything. A 3 means they will likely tell you almost every detail. A 4 means they will tell you everything you need to know provided you have at least a 1 in Charisma/Leadership.
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