Current Staff Arrangements

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Current Staff Arrangements

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:04 am

Here is our roster for now!!


Kirito Gekko- Basically do everything that can be done. Monitor everything that other staff is doing and keep things rolling while creating/editing functions.

Head of Mod Staff & Forum:

Tenjinsai Bushinji- Previously retired, but is active in Staff matters again. Handles general oversight of the forum in all matters.
Jobs: Randomized tests, created Stat system, controlled basic functions of the rp, oversight on stating abilities and custom techniques. (Senior moderator. Formerly Admin. Has been on staff with Kirito on past forums since 2012)

Lead Moderators:

1. Shinoji- Randomized Tests, Answer questions, and will be Handling most things Fairy Tail. (Been a staff member with Kirito since 2010)

Mod Staff:

Bleach Staff:
Mikoto Kurokei- Will answer questions but Will be overseeing Bleach. (First time being mod under Kirito)

Fairy Tail Staff:
currently vacant.

Dragon Ball (Z & Super) Staff:

Naruto Staff:

One Piece Staff:
Overseen by Kirito but the staff in general is Vacant

Former Staff:
Hitsuyona- Covered for other mods when busy and helped balance things. (First time serving as mod staff under Kirito. Former positions: Mod Staff)

Aria- Aided Tenjinsai with his duties and aided other staff as well with no specific duty (Former Positions: Admin)

Rensaku Hozukoku- Will be helping with creating things for the forum when available. (Past moderator for Kirito since 2013, Former position: Mod Staff)

Nanaomi Sugowara- Ability stating, Dragon Ball (Z & Super) Moderator, Answer member questions. (First time being mod under Kirito, Former Position: DBZ Mod)

Those Considered for Staff:
Ino Miyuraki- Will be taking over Tenjinsai's position in staff, will be handling stating, Stat system and basic functions of the rp. (Hasn't posted much here but has been a moderator for Kirito since 2011)
Kirito Gekko

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